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Snowden Releases Info Implicating Britain in Pervasive Spying

Detail of a top secret briefing to GCHQ intelligence analysts about Tempora program.

According to new documents provided by Edward Snowden to The Guardian newspaper (but not, as yet, published in full), the British signals intelligence organization, known as the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has the “ability to


British Media Threatened with Prosecution for Revealing NSA Leak

A British Defense Ministry press advisory committee, reacting to a flurry of revelations in the American press about massive warrantless US government electronic surveillance programs, quietly warned UK organizations Friday not to publish British national security information.

Defiance of the advisory could make British journalists vulnerable to prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

The June


Iran accuses Britain of operating spy ring to undermine elections

The Iranian government claims it has captured a “spy ring” working for Israel and Britain which had planned to carry out “sabotage and assassinations” to undermine the impending national elections in the country.

Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei: Iran’s prosecutor general said it was ‘ready to foil the enemies’ plots’

Secret documents connected the 12


Data Leak: Massive Offshore Wealth Revealed

Leak of two million emails and documents from Britain’s offshore financial industry expose offshore accounts The identities of thousands of holders of hidden wealth have been revealed after more than two million emails and documents were leaked from Britain’s offshore financial industry.

A number of high profile names were linked with offshore trusts and


Saudi prince jailed in Britain for murder FLIES HOME

Grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Bin Nas,to continue jail term back home for sexual abuse and murdering of male servant in London

Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud (in white) is seen with his servant Bandar Abdulaziz in an elevator in London’s Landmark hotel on January 22, 2010,


British Grandmother Sentenced to Death in Indonesia


An Indonesian court sentenced a British grandmother to death on Tuesday for smuggling cocaine worth $2.5 million in her suitcase onto the resort island of Bali — even though prosecutors had sought only a 15-year sentence.

Lindsay June Sandiford, 56, wept when judges handed down the sentence and declined to speak


Petition Created by Brits to Keep Piers Morgan in U.S.

piers morgan

A petition calling to deport pro-gun control CNN host Piers Morgan back to England has easily surpassed the 25,000 that requires a response from the White House. Started on Friday in Texas a few days after Morgan called gun advocate Larry Pratt “an unbelievably stupid man”, the petition accuses Morgan of engaging “in a


Britain’s “Lord of War” Found Guilty and Awaits Sentencing on Huge Weapons Deal

Gary Hyde 1995

Gary Hyde was seen as a pillar of his Yorkshire community. Now he awaits sentencing over a 10Million dollar arms shipment.

Gary Hyde 1995

To his neighbors in the Yorkshire village of Newton upon Derwent, Gary Hyde, 43, was a respectable figure. A former special constable, he lived with his wife and two children


British Study Finds Drug Decriminalization Prudent


A six-year study of Britain’s drug laws by leading scientists, police officers, academics and experts has concluded it is time to introduce decriminalisation.

The report by the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC), an independent advisory body, says possession of small amounts of controlled drugs should no longer be a criminal offence and concludes the move


Naval Armada Gathering in Gulf as Israel Prepares Iran Strike

IRAN strait of hormuz

An armada of US and British naval power is massing in the Persian Gulf in the belief that Israel is considering a preemptive strike against Iran’s covert nuclear weapons program.

The Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf beyond it, as seen from the International Space Station in 2003. Iran is to the


Britain’s Hidden Toxoplasma Problem



A parasite spread by cats is infecting 1,000 new people every day in Britain – about 350,000 a year – according to an official assessment of the risks posed by toxoplasma, which can cause serious illness and has been tentatively linked with schizophrenia and other psychotic disturbances.

In news that will challenge public


Brits Threaten to Raid Ecuadorean Embassy to get Assange

assange worried

Mr. Wikileaks (Julian Assange) Really worried.

The diplomatic battle in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has taken a dramatic turn today: In an angry press conference streamed live on the Internet, Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño said Britain threatened to storm their embassy in London if Assange was not handed over to


British Bank Accused of Laundering Iranian Funds

A major British bank, using its New York operations, “schemed” with the Iranian government for nearly a decade to launder $250 billion, exposing the United States financial system to terrorist entities, drug traffickers and corrupt regimes, New York’s top banking regulator charged on Monday.

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) accused


Economy: Britain Beginning to Waver into Deep Recession

The economic crisis that is sweeping Europe is starting to hit Britain really hard. Over the last couple of years economists have been warning that we can’t let the “contagion” spread from troubled nations such as Greece and Portugal to the rest of Europe. Well, it is too late for that now. Spain and


Unrecoverable Tailspin: Democracy in Britain

British democracy in “terminal decline,” report finds By Chris Marsden

Democracy in decline

The latest annual study by Democratic Audit, a research organization based at the University of Liverpool, accurately depicts important aspects of the decay of democratic rule in Britain under the impact of a growing divide between rich and poor.

The academic


Britain Allegedly Attacks Syrian Presidential Palace

Reports from Israel’s Debkafile website say that a British offensive may be taking place in Syria targeting the presidential palace and the compound of the presidential guard.

Unconfirmed first reports from British, French and Turkish sources say British special operations forces crossed from Turkey into northern Syria Tuesday, May 26, and advanced


Brit Faces Death Penalty For Dealing Marijuana in UAE

A British man is facing the death penalty in the United Arab Emirates, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

A local news report claimed the unnamed Briton is a 21-year-old.

He was sentenced in Abu Dhabi alongside a 19-year-old Syrian man for selling an undercover police officer 20g of cannabis worth 1,500 UAE Dirhams (£262).


British Intelligence Recruits Al Qaeda Mole

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

A mole recruited by British intelligence is the deep-cover operative who penetrated al Qaeda’s most recent bomb plot, intelligence sources told ABC News.

The infiltrator, who entered Yemen on a British passport, had been in place for several months, and intelligence agencies had wanted


Brits Creating War Plans Against Iran

Britain is reportedly drawing up a battle plan for a war with Iran as top defence officials believe London will be “sucked into” any new conflict with Tehran.

Plans are being made to send hundreds of troops and an nuclear submarine to the Gulf region, The Sun reported.

Defence officials believe it is just


The U.K. Spy Rock

London – A former British official has admitted for the first time that Britain was responsible for a James Bond-style spy plot involving a fake rock in Moscow that contained electronic equipment.

Russia accused British diplomats six years ago of using the bizarre scheme to send and receive electronic messages, a charge London had until


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