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Did “Anonymous” Hacking Uncover Bin Laden Revelation

An email hacking by the Anonymous group has rumors circulating that Osama bin Laden may not have been buried at sea. Reports suggest that private U.S. intelligence had the body sent to the states for examination.

Osama bin Laden had reportedly been buried at sea following his death, however, hacked emails by


Donilon in focus after Bin Laden raid

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Behind the Scenes: bin Laden Take-Down

Individual Describes JSOC Policy & Operations


From Ghazi Air Base in Pakistan, the modified MH-60 helicopters made their way to the garrison suburb of Abbottabad, about 70 miles from the center of Islamabad. Aboard were Navy SEALs, flown across the border from Afghanistan, along with tactical signals, intelligence collectors, and


Large Intelligence Cache Expected from Bin Laden Computers

The death of Osama bin Laden and the expectation of a trove of intelligence derived from his computers have caused the FBI to ramp up its efforts to prevent a terrorist attack.

The bureau is “back on a post-9/11 war footing,” said a senior counter-terrorism official who sought anonymity because they are not authorized to


Castro Believes Bin Laden is U.S. Spy

Fidel Castro claims Osama bin Laden is a US spy

Former Cuban president says the 9/11 mastermind is in the pay of the CIA and cites WikiLeaks as his source

Former Cuban president Fidel Castro meets Lithuanian author and conspiracy theorist Daniel Estulin in Havana today Photograph: Alex Castro/EPAFidel Castro has more reason than


U.S. Construction Worker Stalks Bin Laden

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — An American armed with a pistol and a 40-inch sword was detained in northern Pakistan and told investigators he was on a solo mission to kill Osama bin Laden, a police officer said Tuesday.

The man was identified as 52-year-old Californian construction worker Gary Brooks Faulkner, said officer Mumtaz Ahmad Khan.



Bin Laden’s Son Wants U.N. Job

In an interview with the New Statesman, the fourth eldest son of the world’s most wanted man said that he “passionately wants to try to stop violence”.

Asked whether he plans to enter politics or public life, Mr bin Laden said: “I do not believe that I would be a good politician –


Osama bin Laden Writes Book During war on Terrorism

Fighting terrorism necessitates a two-pronged approach: covert action by Special Forces and smart intelligence. Covert action is absolutely central to winning the war on terrorism just as it was the decisive instrument of the Cold War, said a senior U.S. intelligence official. Covert action remains a critical instrument in the war on terror.

And it


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