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Verizon’s Big Brother DVR Patent

spied on by tv

Remember that book 1984, the one you read in elementary school that talked about the future and how to prepare for a dystopian world that was bound to happen in the 1980s? Then you remember it was the 90s when you read it, and you probably have nothing to worry about … at least for


Google Confirms Big Brother on the Rise


The email accounts of Generals David Petraeus and John Allen aren’t the only ones being targeted by the feds. Google has released its bi-annual transparency report and says that the government’s demands for personal data is at an all-time high.

Internet giant Google published statistics from their latest analysis of requests from


Surveillance Technology Gone Wild

Most of us don’t think much about it, but the truth is that people are being watched, tracked and monitored more today than at any other time in human history. The explosive growth of technology in recent years has given governments, spy agencies and big corporations monitoring tools that the despots and dictators of


Wall Street’s Secret Spy Center, Run for the 1% by NYPD


On September 25, 2011, just eight days after the Occupy Wall Street protests began in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, the much acclaimed CBS News program, 60 Minutes, aired a fawning look at the thousands of surveillance cameras affixed to buildings and lampposts throughout New York City. The cameras feed live images


U.K. Adopting Stasi Like Tactics

Police are asking motorists to spy (Tattle Tale) on each other for examples of poor driving in an alarming new extension of the ‘Big Brother’ state.

Drivers are told to be on the look out for inconsiderate driving or anybody making ‘excessive noise’ with their car.

Detailed reports – which critics warn could easily


FDA Stops Consumer Available Genomics Testing

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A few weeks ago, Pathway Genomics, a consumer genomics company, had planned to have its saliva kits at all US Walgreen’s drug stores. The FDA put a stop to it. Congress is now investigating the matter. What is going on here?

This segment is about the whole flap regarding consumer


Scientists Recording Video of your Thoughts

Scientists have discovered how to “read” minds by scanning brain activity and reproducing images of what people are seeing — or even remembering.

Researchers have been able to convert into crude video footage the brain activity stimulated by what a person is watching or recalling.

The breakthrough raises the prospect of significant benefits,


UK Gets a Taste of American Eavesdropping

Plans for a massive expansion of ‘Big Brother’ state surveillance to cover every phone call, email, text message and internet visit in Britain were unveiled yesterday.

UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed that storing details of individuals’ communications was vital to prevent further terrorist atrocities.

Activities which will be subject to snooping for


Big Brother Extends Reach in U.K.

A new generation of speed cameras that can track drivers for up to 30 miles and cannot be dodged are being tested by police.

The devices stop motorists evading a ticket by braking suddenly before a camera and then speeding up immediately afterwards. The new cameras could cover whole areas of cities or suburban housing


RFID Fears and Myths

In an effort to dispel some of the privacy concerns surrounding radio frequency identification technology (RFID), the Information Technology Association of America has issued a white paper covering what the technology is and is not capable of.

The report “RFID Myths and Urban Legends,” available from the ITAA Web site, cites some of the


Spy Camera Numbers Skyrocket

There has been a revolution in the surveillance industry with new manufacturers supplying the market with spy cameras and surveillance equipment that has lower production costs and increased technological advances. But at what point does the legal act of surveillance become a sinister breach of privacy or illegal spying?

Shenzhen, China, — There is no


Is Government Monitoring Becoming Too Extreme

Monitoring and surveillance of employees and customers by big business is now commonplace.

Some German shoppers already have their purchases tracked

It’s increasingly a feature of our daily lives, because businesses have found that it makes good business sense. But is corporate snooping out of control?

In Britain, we are


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