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U.S. and Israel Plan How to Target Syria’s Arsenal

52 days after an Israeli general publicly declared that Syria has used chemical weapons against rebels, the Obama administration reached the same conclusion, and used the finding to justify announcing it would send small arms to the side of the victims.

A Free Syrian Army fighter wearing a gas mask, carries his weapons as


U.S. Proposes to Enact No Fly Zone Over Syria


The United States has conclusive evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime has used chemical weapons against rebel forces and is now proposing a no-fly zone in the country.

The use of weapons such as the nerve agent sarin crosses what President Barack Obama has called a ‘red line’ that would trigger greater American


Whitehouse: Red Line Crossed in Syria, Chemical Weapons Used

Syria has crossed a “red line” with its use of chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin gas, against rebels, a move that is prompting the United States to increase the “scale and scope” of its support for the opposition, the White House said Thursday.

Rebel fighters fire at government forces in the northern


France Claims Assad Has used Sarin Gas


Update: Britain also came into the fray, insisting that Assad has used chemical weapons, namely sarin gas.

There is no doubt Syria’s government has used sarin during the country’s crisis, says France’s foreign minister.

molecule of sarin nerve gas

Laurent Fabius said lab tests in Paris confirmed numerous uses of the nerve


Assad Confirms: Syria has Received Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles from Russia

BEIRUT, Lebanon — President Bashar al-Assad of Syria said in a television interview to be broadcast on Thursday that Russia has delivered S-300 air defense missiles to his country, weapons that Israel has said present a threat to its security and against which it is willing to use force.

S-300 Launch


Remember That Red Line? Israel Claims it has Finally Been Crossed

This past Tuesday, I attended the INSS (Institute of National Security Studies) conference on Israel’s strategic challenges; at 9 AM, Brigadier General Itai Brun was scheduled to speak. Brun is the head of the research and analysis division for the Israeli military intelligence (Aman); in other words, Brun knows nearly everything about


Reversal: U.S. Intelligence Now Believes Assad Used Chemical Weapons


They believed it, then they didn’t believe it, and now they do again…

In a remarkable reversal, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in Abdu Dhabi Thursday afternoon, April 25, that the US intelligence community believes the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against its own people, determining with “varying degrees of confidence” that


Syria Accused of Chemical Weapons Use


Israel’s senior military intelligence analyst said Tuesday that the Syrian government had repeatedly used chemical weapons in the last month, and criticized the international community for failing to respond, intensifying pressure on the Obama administration to intervene.

“The regime has increasingly used chemical weapons,” said Brig. Gen. Itai Brun, research commander


Bashar al-Assad says West will ‘pay price’ for Supporting al-Qaeda


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the West will pay a high price for what he described as its support for al-Qaeda in his country’s conflict.

In a TV interview, Mr Assad compared the situation to US support for Islamists in Afghanistan leading to the rise of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Syria’s rebel


Syrian Aircraft Purposely Targeting Civilians, 4300 Since July

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King of Jordan: Assad’s Days are Numbered

Jordan’s king warned Wednesday that a jihadist state could emerge on his northern border in Syria with Islamic extremists trying to establish a foothold in the neighboring country.

King Abdullah II told The Associated Press in an interview that in his view, Syrian President Bashar Assad was beyond rehabilitation and it was only a matter


Israel Vows Syrian Attack if Chemical Weapons are at Risk


Any sign that Syria’s grip on its chemical weapons is slipping as it battles armed rebels could trigger Israeli military strikes, Israel’s vice premier said on Sunday.

Silvan Shalom confirmed a media report that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had last week convened a meeting of security chiefs to discuss the civil war in Syria


Assad Fleeing Back and Forth to Russian Ship in Mediterranean


After nearly two years of conflict and 117,000 displaced Syrians UPI reports Syrian President Bashar Assad and his family have left the country and live aboard a warship manned with Russian security.


UPI cites an Al-Watan report claiming Assad’s family are somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea and that


Assad Fires Scud Missiles at Rebel Forces


Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad have fired Scud missiles at rebel fighters in recent days, Obama administration officials said on Wednesday.

The move represents a significant escalation in the fighting, which has already killed more than 40,000 civilians in a nearly two-year-old conflict that has threatened to destabilize the Middle East, and suggests


U.S. Covertly Arming Syrian Rebels


THE US is launching a covert operation to send weapons to Syrian rebels for the first time as it ramps up military efforts to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

Mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles will be sent through friendly Middle Eastern countries already supplying the rebels, according to well-placed diplomatic sources.

The US has


Sarin Nerve Gas Weapons Loaded and Awaiting Assad’s Order


THE Syrian military has loaded precursor chemicals for the deadly nerve gas sarin into aerial bombs and is awaiting final orders from Bashar al-Assad, according to US officials.


molecule of sarin nerve gas

The loaded aerial bombs could be dropped on to the Syrian people from dozens of fighter jets, the officials were


USS Eisenhower Sitting on Syrian Coast

uss dwight d eisenhower

The USS Eisenhower, an American aircraft carrier that holds eight fighter bomber squadrons and 8,000 men, arrived at the Syrian coast yesterday in the midst of a heavy storm, indicating US preparation for a potential ground intervention.

USS Eisenhower

While the Obama administration has not announced any sort of American-led military intervention in the


Syrian Rebels Issue Stern Warning over the “Zero Hour”

Syrian Rebel aim rifle through hole in wall

Unless you happen to understand the language this video is posted in, it will of course do you no good, which is what the accompanying article is for. With increased fighting in and around Damascus in recent weeks, Syrian activists have posted a video that calls on residents of the capital to prepare for what


Russia Warns: Stay out of Syrian Fight


MOSCOW – Russia told NATO and world powers on Tuesday they should not seek ways to intervene in the Syrian war or set up buffer zones between rebels and government forces.

The statements from Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov was one of Moscow’s most specific warnings yet to the West and Gulf Arab leaders


Rebels Attack Syrian “Pentagon”

With explosives and gunfire, rebels attacked a Syrian building akin to the Pentagon on Wednesday, the second such strike on a military facility in two days.

Four guards were killed and 14 people were injured, including civilians and soldiers, state television reported.

The attack came as a Syrian opposition advocacy group announced a stunning new


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