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The “Terrifying” AI System at the New World Trade Center

A military-grade surveillance system, with advanced artificial intelligence, will help keep the new World Trade Center safe from terrorist’s and other criminals. Here’s everything you need to know — and why you should be worried.

The site of the worst disaster in modern American history is being born anew. Right this


Artilects Terrans and Cyborgists oh my

If you haven’t heard of Hugo de Garis, AI researcher and Professor at China’s Xiamen University, then you’ve probably never heard of an Artilect either. A contraction of Artificial Intellect, the Artilects are future creations that, according to de Garis, will be immortal, godlike robotic beings that, due to being built on a substrate of


Risk and Reward of Artificial Intelligence

What could a criminal do with a speech synthesis system that could masquerade as a human being? What happens if artificial intelligence technology is used to mine personal information from smartphones?

AI is becoming the stuff of future scifi greats: A robot that can open doors and find electrical outlets to recharge itself.


Researchers Concerned Over Computer Advancement

A robot that can open doors and find electrical outlets to recharge itself. Computer viruses that no one can stop. Predator drones, which, though still controlled remotely by humans, come close to a machine that can kill autonomously.

Impressed and alarmed by advances in artificial intelligence, a group of computer scientists


DARPA, AI and Super Tanks

The U.S. Super Research arm of the Department of Defense is at it again with another psychotic addition to its maniacal wish list of super deadly and undefeatable weapons, namely the self-aware AI robot mega-tank.

Pentagon chiefs have announced that they would like some self-aware computer systems capable of “meta-reasoning” and “introspection”. The


Self Sufficient Military Robots

Military nerds believe that they have developed IT tech which can “regenerate” autonomously, allowing it to self-repair in the face of shutdown attempts – and even to learn and develop its capabilities. More terrifyingly still, plans are afoot to put this technology into the US forces’ next generation of robotic weaponry. Armed Robotic Vehicle, Assault,


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