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Suspicious Powder Sent to Members of Congress

Several members of the Congress received mail threatening a biological attack and containing a suspicious powder later found to be harmless as law enforcement officials warned on Wednesday that more letters could be on their way.

A number of media organizations and TV shows, including the New York Times and The Daily Show with Jon


Biological Weapons Research in Full Swing

The dystopian British sci-fi film 28 Days Later opens with animal rights activists breaking into the Cambridge Primate Research facility to free chimpanzees used in a secret weapons program. Terrified by the intrusion, a scientist warns the raiders that the chimps are infected with a genetically-modified pathogen. Ignoring his admonition, the


Doubts Raised About Late Scientists Guilt

US Anthrax Scientist Bruce Ivins

Growing doubts from scientists about the strength of the government’s case against the late Bruce Ivins, the military researcher named as the anthrax killer, are forcing the Justice Department to begin disclosing more fully the scientific evidence it used to implicate him.

In the face of the


Soldiers Punished for Anthrax Vaccine Refusal

Anthrax Bacteria

US soldiers are threatened with punishment for refusing the mandatory military anthrax vaccine. Apparently this vaccine has been reported to have caused deaths and serious illness to an unacceptably high degree among certain soldiers in the past and no solution has been instituted.



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