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U.S. Locking up Undocumented Children with Adults

From 2008 to 2012, more than 1,300 children were detained in adult facilities—sometimes for more than a year.

Undocumented Mother and Child Spend time in Jail Before being returned to their country of origin

Over the past few years, record numbers of children, usually from Mexico or Central America and often traveling


What in the World do we Make of This?

X-Ray of “Sirius Being”

While the DNA reportedly found in this being has no framework to tie it to anything terrestrial does that mean it is from another world or dimension? or could it simply (but still astoundingly) be an undiscovered humanoid species from earth’s past?

The back story of this “being” was featured


Alien Life: Next Phase of Search

first alien earth

With more and more Earth-like alien planets being discovered around the galaxy, humanity should now start planning out the next steps in its hunt for far-flung alien life, researchers say.

On Thursday (April 18), scientists announced the discovery of three more potentially habitable exoplanets — Kepler-62e, Kepler-62f and Kepler-69c — further suggesting


Galaxy May Contain 4.5 Billion Alien Earths


Billions of Earth-like alien planets likely reside in our Milky Way galaxy, and the nearest such world may be just a stone’s throw away in the cosmic scheme of things, a new study reports.

Astronomers have calculated that 6 percent of the galaxy’s 75 billion or so red dwarfs — stars smaller and dimmer


Anomalies at area 51 and S-4

[flashvideo filename= /] Understand this information has just now hit the public because of me, so it will be a matter of about 3 months or less before Google sees this video and deletes the UFOs from their satellite mapping system. From the other UFOs revealed using Google map, that is my experience. They will


Likelihood of Exrtaterrestrial Life Higher Than Ever

This image, released Nov. 12, 1996, by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., shows Jupiter's ice-covered moon, Europa. Every new discovery makes it seem more likely that we are not alone. The case for some kind alien life somewhere else in the universe is steadily building. In the past few days, scientists


Assange Vows to Release Files on Aliens and UFO’s

Now my life is at risk, says WikiLeaks chief … and he promises to publish files on UFOs and aliens

4th December 2010

The founder of WikiLeaks last night claimed his life was at risk for exposing government secrets.

In an extraordinary rant, Julian Assange also revealed he would publish classified U.S. files


Alien Planet 500

The 500th alien world appears to have been discovered, according to extrasolar planet trackers.

Less than 20 years after confirming the first planet beyond our own solar system, astronomers have bagged exoplanet No. 500. The milestone was reached Friday (Nov. 19), according to the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia, a database compiled by astrobiologist Jean Schneider of


Vatican, U.N. Unite on Alien Contact

Seems to be a ton of new activity in high places in the regards to alien life and human contact with these beings from beyond our world.

Lets first look at the United Nations new appointed position to the “United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs” and the naming of Mazlan Othman to be Alien


Some Say Huge Ships Approaching Earth

object in space

Light has recently been shed on the reason that the SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project has been cancelled by the government. It seems that something was starting to happen. According to my sources the government black project boys have taken over some of the antennas and are now processing signals for the exclusive use


Scientist Claims Aliens Saved Earth From Tunguska

Apparently Extraterrestrials destroyed the Tunguska meteorite to protect our planet from devastation, stated Russian scientist Yuriy Lavbin about the 100 year old mystery surrounding the massive Siberian explosion. He showed 10 quartz crystals that he found at the place of the meteorite’s crash. Several of the crystals have holes in between, so they


Times Article Exposes Government UFO Involvement

This 1960 times article gives clues to government involvement and knowledge of UFO’s.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 1960—The Air Force has sent its commands a warning to treat sightings of unidentified flying objects as “serious business” directly related to the nation’s defense, it was learned today. An Air Force spokesman confirmed issuance of the


More Remarkable Astronaut UFO Audio

This is a short video of Buzz (is that his real name?) Aldrin on fox news basically admitting that he did see an alien craft while in route to the moon

[flashvideo filename= /]

Here is another of varied Astronaut audio which clearly relates that something odd is happening on their space mission, one of


Astronomers go Alien Hunting

The project, led by Japanese astronomers, will bring together a dozen or more observatories from all over the country to study one star that researchers see as a potential home to an extraterrestrial civilization.

“Everyone wonders at least once in their lifetime whether space is infinite and whether aliens really do exist,” said Shinya Narusawa,


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