Swine Flu Hits WSU

More than 2,000 students at Washington State University have come down with swine flu symptoms in just the first week of classes, school officials said Friday.
Classes at the Pullman, Wash., campus began little over a week ago, demonstrating how quickly the H1N1 virus can spread.

At the time of this writing the University claims a phase orange alert ststus, which is defined below:

Phase Orange-Human-to-Human Transmission in Northwest Region: The current disease outbreak has confirmed cases in the Northwest Region-Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. (WHO phase 5) with varying degrees of impact to WSU and the University community.

Washington State University hosts Stanford at Martin Stadium this weekend. Special hand-washing stations will be set up to curb the spread of swine flu.
The university, where 18,500 students live and study, is advising those who manifest flu-like symptoms to skip class. “We’re telling them to follow the advice of the experts: Go to bed, drink fluids, take acetaminophen and monitor your temperature,” said spokesman James Tinney.
As yet, no classes or university functions have been canceled, including this weekend’s football game against conference rival Stanford. Hand-washing stations will be set up at stadium concession stands, and fliers have been posted discouraging anyone who is sick from attending the game.
Though the virus has been widespread, no one at the university has been hospitalized in this latest outbreak. “It seems to last for three to five days,” Tinney said.
A presidential panel estimates that upward of half of the U.S. population could come down with the H1N1 this year,… Yikes!!

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  • bgstrong

    The discredited CDC predicts over 30,000 deaths every year for the garden variety flu in the USA alone. For some unknown reason there is a lot of hype and mis-information about this Swine flu by politicians, bureaucrats & health authorities and it is coming from very high political levels. These "flu-like" symptoms are not actually being diagnosed and proven as swine flu and swine flu itself has actually caused very few deaths……..So what kind of Govt. scam do we have going on here ??


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