Subatomic Particles may have free will

sub atomic particles

sub atomic particles

Sounds crazy right?, it’s almost like saying that your coffee table has free will, but two highly regarded Princeton mathematicians, John Conway and Simon Kochen, claim to have proven that if humans have even the tiniest amount of free will, then atoms themselves must also behave unpredictably” Standard interpretations of quantum mechanics, of course, embrace unpredictability. But many physicists aren’t comfortable with that, and are working to develop deterministic interpretations of quantum mechanics. Conway and Kochen’s proof argues that these efforts will be fruitless — unless one is willing to give up human free will, in a very strong sense. The article quotes Conway: “We can really prove that there’s no algorithm, no way that the particle can give an answer that is unique and can be specified ahead of time. I’m still amazed that we can actually manage to prove that.”

2 comments to Subatomic Particles may have free will

  • Gilgamesh

    It's not new, and it doesn't mean particles have free will, only that we are unable to predict their behaviour.

    Mmmmm was what Heisenberg told nearly one century ago.

    What is really astonishing is that such claims are seen as real and valuable science

  • Rik van Zuylekom

    All this means is that subatomic particles (as indeed everthing else) are most clearly explained by the theories of chaos and fractal mathematics. The limitations imposed on these particles and their domain are the same as any dynamic system and are determined by the seeking and achieving the most stable existence through equilibrium and stability of the system. This will always be the end point, even if we can not predict it, or even see it. The suggestion that there is a free will in these particles is absurd and smacks of religious undertones. The only constant here is equilibrium and that will be achieved any way possible, ie: chaos. In the event that no equilibrium is achieved, perhaps there is only one possible outcome, the next big bang!

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