Sister Accidently Shoots Brother Posing for Facebook “gang” Photo

A TEENAGE girl and her brother pose with a gun to his head for gangster-style photos, minutes before she accidentally shot him dead.

Savannah and manuel Ramirez

Savannah and Manuel Ramirez Munutes before fatal shooting

Manuel Ortiz died instantly from a bullet to the head at about 6am on New Year’s Day after partying all night.

Family and friends of the 22-year-old wept as his body was carried from his flat in Phoenix, Arizona after the shooting.

Police said Ortiz and sister Savannah Ramirez returned to the home they shared early on Monday after spending the night drinking.

They were with two other people when one person pulled out a gun and they started playing with it for Facebook photos.

As Savannah, 19, posed with the weapon it went off, according to US media reports.

It is not known if the group were aware that the handgun was loaded.

Police say Savannah has been questioned and released pending further investigations.

Sgt Steve Martos said she would likely be charged with manslaughter if tests conclude she had alcohol in her body.

He added: “Every New Year’s Eve, this particular sister is going to be thinking about this for the rest of her life on how…drinking overnight, playing with a gun and now shoots and kills her brother.”

Friends said the shooting was a terrible accident. One, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she wanted to remember Ortiz as the “kind, funny guy he was”.

They added: “He was a very close friend to everybody. He was just always there and it’s sad because one second he’s here and the other he’s not.

“Every time he saw somebody sad or down he would be right there making jokes so you could be happy. Even if he was just having a hard time he was always there for someone.”

Authorities are looking into who owns the gun.

On both Manuel and Savannah’s Facebook pages there are numerous photos of them making gang symbols and posing with guns.



3 comments to Sister Accidently Shoots Brother Posing for Facebook “gang” Photo

  • bart Simpsonson

    "As Savannah, 19, posed with the weapon it went off, according to US media reports." Should have read, "As Savannah, 19, posed with the weapon she pulled the trigger, while not assuring the muzzle was not pointed at something she wished to kill, according to US media reports." US media, however, does not get that guns don't go off, unless there is something horribly defective with them. The dope pointed the gun at her brother and pulled the trigger. END OF DISCUSSION. Winnowing out the stupid, cleaning up shallow end of the gene pool.

  • I am seriously debating and wondering just how many victims were saved here and, and I bet she stays in the gang banger club…19 & 22 year old adults acting like, well hell, acting like idiots…
    As brainless as these two are, it's possible that for the first time in our gun history, the gun just may have been the killer here????
    Stupid People Don't kill Stupid People, Guns Kill Stupid People?

  • Shangrila

    some defective dna removed from the gene pool …

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