Sept. 11, Church Plans to Burn Quran

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In protest of what it calls a religion “of the devil,” a nondenominational church in Gainesville, Florida, plans to host an “International Burn a Quran Day” on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

The Dove World Outreach Center says it is hosting the event to remember 9/11 victims and take a stand against Islam. With promotions on its website and Facebook page, it invites Christians to burn the Muslim holy book at the church from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“We believe that Islam is of the devil, that it’s causing billions of people to go to hell, it is a deceptive religion, it is a violent religion and that is proven many, many times,” Pastor Terry Jones told CNN’s Rick Sanchez earlier this week.

Jones wrote a book titled “Islam is of the Devil,” and the church sells coffee mugs and shirts featuring the phrase.

Muslims and many other Christians — including some evangelicals — are fighting the initiative.

The church launched a YouTube channel to disseminate its messages.

“I mean ask yourself, have you ever really seen a really happy Muslim? As they’re on the way to Mecca? As they gather together in the mosque on the floor? Does it look like a real religion of joy?” Jones asks in one of his YouTube posts.

“No, to me it looks like a religion of the devil.”

The Islamic advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations called on Muslims and others to host “Share the Quran” dinners to educate the public during the monthlong fast of Ramadan beginning in August. In a news release, the group announced a campaign to give out 100,000 copies of the Quran to local, state and national leaders.

“American Muslims and other people of conscience should support positive educational efforts to prevent the spread of Islamophobia,” said CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper in the release.

The National Association of Evangelicals, the nation’s largest umbrella evangelical group, issued a statement urging the church to cancel the event, warning it could cause worldwide tension between the two religions.

“The NAE calls on its members to cultivate relationships of trust and respect with our neighbors of other faiths. God created human beings in his image, and therefore all should be treated with dignity and respect,” it said in the statement.

Dove’s Facebook page, set up for the September event, has more than 1,600 fans.

“Eternal fire is the only destination the Quran can lead people to, so we want to put the Quran in it’s [sic] place — the fire!” the page says.


7 comments to Sept. 11, Church Plans to Burn Quran

  • The last time I checked you could burn books on PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!! Whether right or wrong they have a RIGHT!!!!! LET'EM burn.

  • although i dont think a mosque at the twin. towers site. i dont belive in the burning of the quran. i wuld not like it if the burned the bible, so i can not agree with this. this country was built on religious freedoms.not religious segregation .

  • As much as I adore the Holy Bible if someone wanted to burn it it’s their prerogative. My point is FREEDOM to allow burning of whatever book anyone owns they can burn it. As for religious freedom a country with so many mixed religions is a country of controversy. A strong country is a people of one mind and faith.

  • I think this whole thing will Blow Over, as long as no one makes a “CARTOON” about it! Ha ha ha. I suppose they will shut him down for no burn permit, or for releasing CO2 without paying for the CO2 credits first. Ha ha ha.

    We all ought to laugh at this stupid stunt. It’s just humans commoting with all their sound and fury, it’s funny really, and it has everyone in a tizzy.

    Who really cares, he has the right to burn those books, any books which he legally paid for, just like we had the right to dump out expensive French Wine, this is the United States of America, NO Double Standards, and no one has to condone his philosophy, but we all should support his right to do it.

    Someday maybe all religions will just go away, and folks won’t be fighting over nonsense.

  • Indeed this absurdity isn’t about Islam, my perspective is our Constitutional Rights or
    whats left of our Freedom. The pastor in Gaines ville Fl. just might need to vent . And yes if anyone owns books they should ALWAYS!!! have the CHOICE to decide their fate, America needs reminding of her roots when it comes to OUR RIGHTS & OUR FREEDOMS!!!!!!!!



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