Recent Civil Rights Violation

Editors Note:This garbage goes on many times all over the country and to all races of people.
I'm not sure if these sorts "stop and see" operations fall under the patriot act or not, 
but regardless, they are always humiliating and usually unnecessary.
The below story was sent in by the victim in the story, Merle T. Rutledge Jr.

CHATHAM Va.— A Chatham man filed a complaint against the town’s
police department Tuesday accusing an officer of violating his civil
rights when he stopped and detained him as he walked down the street.

Merle T. Rutledge Jr. said he was walking Tuesday along the sidewalk
up North Main Street in front of the Express station in Chatham when
officer Nathan Roach pulled his car over past him, got out of his
vehicle, told him to stop and asked for his identification because
“people want to know who I am,” Rutledge, who is black, states in
his complaint.
“(There) was no probable cause or reason of suspicion for this
incident,” Rutledge states. “This stop was (an)
unwarranted/illegal stop and (I was) detained illegally for (an)
unnecessary amount of time.”
Roach and Chatham Police Chief Marvin Wright declined to comment on
the complaint Friday.
Rutledge claims Roach ran a check on him for warrants, handed back
his license and asked him where he lived, where he was from, how long
he had been in the area and why he was in Chatham. Rutledge said he
asked Roach for his badge number but “He (Roach) says there’s no need
to go that far with it.”
“Officer Roach violated civil rights by carrying out a(n)
unwarranted and illegal stop, obtaining property without probable
cause or reason of suspicion,” Rutledge, who said he has lived in
Chatham for 12 years, states in the complaint.
Rutledge said he has filed complaints with the Chatham Police
Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department
of Justice, the Virginia governor’s office and the Virginia attorney
general’s office.
He claims the incident took place near the Express station and Old
Dutch Supermarket, and was humiliating, Rutledge said during an
interview at his Pine Street home Friday.
“People passed by in their cars and walked pass(ed) as this officer
stopped me illegally in front of a business area of Chatham, Va.,”
Rutledge wrote in his complaint. “This was humiliation and
embarrassment to someone that never cause a problem nor was involved
in any criminal activity.”
Rutledge also claims Roach was 30 minutes late to a scheduled meeting
Thursday among Rutledge, his mother, Roach and Wright regarding the
Rutledge said Friday he wants Roach fired and that the Chatham Police
Department needs an internal affairs department.
He also wants the state to pass a law that specifies requirements
police officers have to meet before they’re allowed to stop and ask
a person to identify themselves.


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