Purpose of Embassy in Iraq Questioned

US plans to fortify its embassy in Iraq have raised new suspicion about the diplomatic outpost’s purpose in the politically-gridlocked country.

us embassy baghdadThe White House has reduced the number of its troops in Iraq to around 50,000 and said it would take all its forces out of the country by the next year. But Washington has also announced plans to increase the number of American security contractors, tasked with securing American diplomats and diplomatic facilities.

In an interview with Press TV, Entifadh Qanbar from the Shia parliamentary front Iraqi National Alliance (INA) referred to the nationwide misgivings fueled by the planned security buildup.

“I think having 20,000 or 10,000 security personnel on the Iraqi ground is a serious violation of the Iraqi sovereignty,” he said.

“…it will give the impression and the perception that the US embassy is acting beyond its capacity as a diplomatic embassy rather than interference in the Iraqi politics or, as some people would like to call it, acting as a shadow government…”

The contractors would be authorized to run surveillance missions in search for alleged roadside bombs, fly spy planes and man radar facilities. The number of the US-deployed aircraft, helicopters, mine-resistant vehicles and armor-plated cars will also go up to match the reinforcement.

The most infamous among contractors is private security contractor Blackwater, currently known as Xe Services, LLC. In one incident, Blackwater employees killed 17 civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour Square during a shooting spree in 2007.

Frank Wisner, former US ambassador to Egypt and India said, “We paid a terrible price…for what we did with our intervention and it should give us great great pause. Before the United States commits force and changes the regime, we need to take through very carefully what it takes to do that, what the follow-up is and what our responsibility is over the years to come and do a careful cost-benefit analysis. Just to go in because we have the capability is not a good idea.”

The comments came at a time of political vulnerability in Iraq resulting from the March 7 parliamentary polls that did not produce a clear winner to form a new government.

Editors Note:

The Baghdad embassy—the largest of any nation on planet earth and ten times bigger than any other US embassy—is striking evidence indicating a continued US presence in the country for many years to come. The structure cost more than $700 million and is the size of 80 football fields. It is bigger than the Vatican, six times larger than the United Nations compound in New York and is about two thirds the size of the National Mall in Washington. It has space for 1,000 employees who are guarded by scores of paramilitary mercenary forces. In other words it is the perfect structure for a nation that claims to be leaving Iraq very soon.

[Via: Press TV]


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  • possum

    i think its a great idea. securing a foot hold in the resource rich middle east gives us a strategic advantage over any enemyes we may have in the future.china, north korea, russia. its alla big game of risk and who holds the high ground will win the wars of the future. more puppet governments should be set up to ensure our foot hold there incase of any rising problems in the futue from teh surrounding regions

    • Mr Moloc

      As of right now, with the UK and US taking massive loans out at the beginning of each fiscal year, + the addition of the fact that most of which of what is made in China, the US purchases. IMHO they will be the last to attack us out of the rest of their allies. It is Russia that puts up the standing point to the US. Sure, china could put up a fight against the U.S with its 600 million total troops fit for battle (men & women) but, they have no way of getting here quickly and efficiently on their own. Russia on the other hand, has told the US to stop putting bases up so close to its borders with out risking provoking an attack on their behalf, and then at that case if they decided to call China into the game it would be game over. 

      In my opinion, civilization as we know it needs to give up the differences between beliefs, and let them be what they are until proven otherwise, because until then, or until proven other wise in an irrefutable manor, they are nothing but ideals and stories to guide humanity to the better. I am sure if Moses, Buddhist, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, etc. etc  looked forward today, they would be ashamed of our accomplishments. In all aspects in some minuscule amount or another. We will never truly be able to explore space, this galaxy, nor this universe as long as all of these regional and cultural aspects are clashing against one another on our own world, let alone the rest of the universe.  

      Granted the amount of oil in the ME, at the current rate of expansion, such deposits should be exhausted in 20 years at the maximum. It is about time humanity gave up it's ignorance for profits and began finishing technology they stumbled upon years ago. Such as fusion power. 

      For all those who would like to argue,  http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2011/04/11/1575
      698 billion in 2011. Times that by 10, with some slight discrepancies over the years and that should tell you that the next 3 generations of children are not going to be able to pay this loan off. It is about time we realize monitory systems controlled by banks and governments are a flawed system. 

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