Missing Vatican Money Mysteriously Reappears


The man responsible for the Vatican’s finances says he has found millions of Euros “tucked away” off balance sheets.

Cardinal Pell wants to make Vatican finances “boringly successful”

Cardinal George Pell, who heads the Vatican’s Secretariat for the Economy, said it meant the Holy See’s finances were better than expected.

He made the comments


Just Because: Iran Will Hold Post Journalist Another 2 Months

Jason Rezaian

Jason Rezaian, The Post journalist who has been held without trial in Iran since July, will be held for at least another 2 months. Steve Inskeep talks to Ali Rezaian, the journalist’s brother.

Jason Rezaian


Jason Rezaian will not get out of prison soon – that’s what Iranian authorities say.


Thousands of Low Wage Earners Walk Off Job


Thousands of low-wage employees in approximately 190 cities walked off the job Thursday in what organizers are calling the largest fast food worker strike to date.

Demanding $15-an-hour pay and the right to unionize without retaliation, fast food workers across the country hit the streets for the eighth time since the movement began two


Iranian Blogger Sentenced to Death


On Dec. 1, the deputy head of Iran’s judiciary, Gholam Ali Mohseni Ejei, responded to a reporter’s question about Soheil Arabi, who was sentenced to death for Facebook posts deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad. Ejei said, “Currently, there is no pardon, and he’s been convicted of ‘corruption on Earth,’ but there has been a


Did You Know: NASA Has a Warp Drive Concept Ship?


More on Warp Drive by Scientists…

Haha, Very Funny: UN Resolves That Israel Give up Its Nuclear Weapons


The U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-backed resolution Tuesday calling on Israel to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and put its nuclear facilities under international oversight.

The resolution, adopted in a 161-5 vote, noted that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that is not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of


Israel Steaming Over French Vote to Support Palestinian State


The vote was approved with 339 votes to 151, and is non-binding Instead the move is seen as a symbolic boost for the Palestinians Move has been condemned in a statement by the Israeli embassy in Paris It said ‘It will reduce possibility of a deal between Israel and Palestinians’

Israel has


How China Plans to Render American Stealth Useless

chinese fighter jets

A gang of advanced missiles and a bleeding-edge radar unveiled at a Chinese air show could mean big trouble for the Pentagon’s best fighters.

Chengdu J-10B, China’s most modern, in-production fighter

Once, no magic act was complete without the magician’s revealingly dressed assistant. Her job was not merely to be sawn in half but


FrankenMouse: Mouse Becomes Smarter With Half Human Brain

smart mouse

What would Stuart Little make of it? Mice have been created whose brains are half human. As a result, the animals are smarter than their siblings.

The idea is not to mimic fiction, but to advance our understanding of human brain diseases by studying them in whole mouse brains rather than in dishes.



Russia Fires up State of the ART War Room Facility

A mobile launcher with a Topol-M missile travels along the Red Square during a military parade in Moscow in this May 9, 2010 file photo. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

Russia is launching a new national defense facility, which is meant to monitor threats to national security in peacetime, but would take control of the entire country in case of war.

Russian National Defense Center

The new top-security, fortified facility in Moscow includes several large war rooms, a brand new supercomputer in the heart


Israel to Purchase Another 31 F-35 Jets


Israel will stagger the purchase of its second batch of 31 U.S.-made F-35 fighter jets over the next three years, an Israeli defense official said on Sunday after budget wrangling among Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top cabinet colleagues.

F-35 Approaching Carrier

Under a compromise plan approved by the ministerial committee, Israel will


UN Says Ebola Remains Huge Risk


The United Nations Ebola mission chief has said there is still a “huge risk” that the deadly virus could spread to other parts of the world.

UN Ebola mission chief Anthony Bradbury said the situation would have been worse without UN intervention

Anthony Banbury was speaking to the BBC in Freetown, the


France Refuses to Deliver Russia It´s Brand New Ships Over Ukraine


Hard drives among material reported missing on day president suspended delivery of the Vladivostok due to Ukraine concerns

The Vladivostok warship

French Built Warship Originally Destined for Russia Ransacked for Hi-Tech Classified Equipment

A Russian sailor stands infront of the Vladivostok in the port of Saint-Nazaire, France. The ship is one of


Chinese E-Cigarettes Blamed for Infecting Computers

E-Cigarette From China Blamed for infecting PC´s

Smoking will not only damage your health but also your computer, as e-cigarettes manufactured in China are reportedly being used to spread malicious software through the USB connection used to charge the device.

E-Cigarette From China Blamed for infecting PC´s

A recent post to social news site Reddit detailed how


Russia Sends Huge Unauthorized Convoy Into Ukraine

Russian Humanitarian Vehicles Seen Crossing into Ukraine

Ukraine said on Sunday that a convoy of 106 vehicles had entered its eastern territory from Russia without Kiev’s permission and accused Moscow of once again using humanitarian aid shipments to send weapons and ammunition to separatist rebels.

Russian Humanitarian Vehicles Seen Crossing into Ukraine

In the separatist-held city of


British Officials Say Facebook Has Complete Access to Your Cell

monitor social media

Facebook can gain direct access to your mobile and take pictures or make videos at any time, MPs warn The MPs on the Science and Technology select committee called for the Government to draw up new guidelines for websites and apps explaining clearly how they use personal data, warning that laws will be needed if


20 Metric Tons of Hash Seized

In this Nov. 4, 2010 file photo, bales of marijuana are wheeled out at a news conference in Jonesboro, Ga. Forty-five people were arrested 45 people along with cash, guns and more than two tons of drugs as part of an investigation by federal and local law enforcement into the Atlanta-area U.S. distribution hub of Mexico's La Familia drug cartel. Drug cartels have long been the nation’s No. 1 supplier of illegal drugs, but in the past, their operatives rarely ventured beyond the border.

LISBON, Portugal — Portuguese police say they seized around 20 metric tons of hashish from a fishing vessel at sea, despite the crew’s efforts to sink the ship by exploding a drum of gas as authorities approached.

A police statement Thursday said two crew members were seriously hurt in the explosion and evacuated from


Ferguson Missouri Video: Still Want to be a Cop?

fat cop

Cops in Ferguson Missouri are apparently the most hated people on earth from the perspective of the residents anyway. Take a look at the verbal abuse and potential physical harm these police currently face.

Cannabis Clearly Shown to Effectively Combat Cancer (Video)


Did you know that studies showed the effectiveness of cannabis at killing cancer cells as long ago as 1974?

In 1974, a study from The Washington Post said that THC effectively “slowed the growth of lung cancers, breast cancers and a virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by as


U.S. to Deploy Tanks in Eastern Europe


The US Army plans to deploy about 150 tanks and armoured vehicles to NATO countries next year and some of the heavy armour may be stationed in Eastern Europe, a top American general said on Tuesday.

M1A1 Abrams

The move is part of a US effort dubbed Operation Atlantic Resolve in the Baltic states


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