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Gorbachev May be Charged for Soviet Union Collapse

Mikhail Gorbachev

MOSCOW, April 10 (RIA Novosti) – Members of Russia’s lower house of parliament have filed a request with the prosecutor general demanding the breakup of the Soviet Union be declared illegal and those responsible be prosecuted, including former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Russian media reported Thursday.

Mikhail Gorbachev

According to the Izvestia newspaper, the


Australian Health Authority Condemns Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies useless for human health ... Professor Warwick Anderson, National Health and Medical Research Council CEO.

AFTER a lengthy investigation the nation’s peak medical research body has delivered its verdict on homeopathic remedies — they are useless for human health.

Homeopathic remedies useless for human health … Professor Warwick Anderson, National Health and Medical Research Council CEO.

The judgement is likely to influence a crucial government review which is


You Can Now Carry a Gun in Tennessee with no Permit

concealed carry laws

The state Senate has passed a bill to allow Tennesseans to openly carry guns without a state-issued permit.

The chamber voted 25-2 in favor of the bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Mae Beavers of Mt. Juliet.

Beavers said the measure would keep the background checks and training requirements in order to carry concealed firearms,


Megaupload Facing Mega Lawsuit From Hollywood

kim dotcom

Two years ago, Kim Dotcom had just finished partying with some big musicians when New Zealand law enforcement raided his mansion. The Megaupload founder didn’t know what was happening at the time, but the U.S. government had just indicted him for criminal copyright infringement and racketeering.

Kim Dotcom of Megaupload

On Monday, as Dotcom


Skydiver Nearly Struck by Meteor in Midair


Video footage has emerged of what some people have claimed is a meteorite falling to Earth and narrowly missing a skydiver, Anders Helstrup.

Video contains captions for translation to englishOne specialist suggested the object might be in “dark flight” – the portion of descent when a meteorite stops glowing after it enters the atmosphere.


Snowden’s Testimony to the European Parliament

Edward Snowden

Independent Science News has decided to reprint in full the March 7th testimony of Edward Snowden to the European Parliament. Snowden’s testimony is vitally important for every citizen in every country to understand, yet it has barely been covered by the commercial or (non-commercial) global media.

Edward Snowden NSA Whistleblower

At stake


Poorly Built Apartments Collapse in China

made in china

It wasn’t the kind of real estate collapse that many China observers have been warning about—but for dozens of residents of an apartment building that disintegrated in the eastern province of Zheijiang on Friday, it was much scarier.

The collapse of a five-story building


Israel Repelling Cyber Attacks by Anonymous

cyber attack

Israel under cyber attack, but only few sites brought down

Technion calls attacks so far ‘unsophisticated’; Anonymous says day of targeting Israel in response to IDF strikes on Gaza.

The international hacking group Anonymous and other group of hackers have declared Monday a day of cyber attacks on Israel, but so far have


Female Commando Force in Palestine

Female Commando's in Palestine

Palestinian women in combat fatigues and headscarves rappelled down a six-story tower, fired assault rifles at imaginary terrorists and in a drill straight out of the movies bundled a would-be VIP into a car and sped off after a shooting.

Female Commando’s in Palestine

The 22 future commandos are trailblazers in a still largely


Ebola Treatment Center Attacked, Blamed for Outbreak


Angry crowd accuses medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières of bringing the disease to the town of Macenta

More than 90 people have so far died from Ebola in the region [AFP]

An angry crowd attacked a treatment centre in Guinea where staff from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) were working to contain an


Trail Camera Captures Unexplained Lights


A Mississippi couple has a possible close encounter of the third kind!

Rainer and Edith Shattles were shocked when their trail cameras caught images of a strange light appearing in the sky over their Jackson County home.

Strange lights caught on trail camera

The pictures show the bright light falling upon a


Buckingham Palace Guard Gets Involved in Police Tussle

buckingham palace guards

A member of the largely ceremonial Queen’s Guard pointed his bayonet-tipped rifle at a man who was haranguing a police officer outside Buckingham Palace.

buckingham palace guards

A Queen’s Guard pointed his bayonet-tipped rifle at a member of the public outside Buckingham Palace when an argument erupted with a police officer, it has emerged.


Introduction of Concealed Carry Credited for 50 Year Low in Chicago Murder Rates

concealed carry laws

Chicago police are reporting that the murder rate for the first quarter of the year is the lowest it’s been in more than 50 years, which gun advocates are attributing to a concealed carry law passed in Illinois last year.

The first three months of 2014 have seen the fewest number of homicides since


ATM Gives $37,000 to Homeless Man


$6 Billion Disappears from State Department

money drain

The State Department has no idea what happened to $6 billion used to pay its contractors.

In a special “management alert” made public Thursday, the State Department’s Inspector General Steve Linick warned “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of


Baby in Pakistan Accused of Attempted Murder


A nine-month-old who allegedly threw stones at workers removing his family’s gas meter cries as he appears in court.

A baby has appeared in court in Pakistan charged with attempted murder after allegedly throwing rocks at gas workers.

Nine-month-old Mohammad Musa cried as he sat on his grandfather’s shoulder in the dock in Lahore.



China Detects 37.5Khz Ping in Indian Ocean

MH 370 Malaysia

A Chinese patrol ship looking for signs of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean discovered Saturday a pulse signal with a frequency of 37.5 kHz, state news agency Xinhua reported. “That is the standard beacon frequency” for both so-called black boxes — the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder, said


Abortion Restrictions Take Effect in Arizona

abortion pill

Restrictions on some types of abortions in Arizona went into effect Tuesday morning after a federal judge upheld state changes limiting a woman’s access to an abortion-inducing drug.

morning after pill

U.S. District Judge David Bury issued an order Monday afternoon rejecting a bid to block the new abortion restrictions while the state’s


Assistant Principal Accused of Cyber-bullying Six Year Old Girl


An Upstate assistant principal has been placed on administrative leave after being accused of cyberbullying a 6-year-old girl.

The kindergartner’s family said it all started at the Seneca Walmart, when the young girl’s picture was snapped by another customer. They say the man then posted it online to social media as a joke.



The App That Tracks People you Want to Avoid

warrant cellphone-tracking

Trying to avoid an awkward encounter with an ex? Fearful of an embarrassing meeting after an argument? New apps can help people avoid bumping into others and provide escape routes if they do.

By logging on to Facebook and other social networking sites, users can choose people they do not want to see.



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