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Newly Discovered 10,000 Year Old Rock Paintings Depicting Aliens and Ships


CHARAMA (Chhattisgarh): Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture plans to seek help from Nasa and Isro for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region.

According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings have depicted aliens like those shown


Laser Powered Underwater Propulsion

laser propulsion

For most people, lasers can either be awesome (Star Wars), boring (printers) or downright annoying (laser pointers to the face), but lasers have a plethora of uses, from measurement to missiles and drills to DVD players.


Another Study Citing Anti Tumor Properties of Marijuana

marijuana medicine

Scientists at the University of East Anglia have shown how the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis could reduce tumour growth in cancer patients.

Research published today reveals the existence of previously unknown signaling platforms which are responsible for the drug’s success in shrinking tumours.


Tiny Qatar Purchases $11 Billion in Patriot Missiles

patriot missile launch

Qatar is purchasing $11 billion in Patriot missile batteries and Apache attack helicopters from the United States, according to AFP. It’s the largest single sale of U.S. weaponry in 2014, and it’s to a country with only about a quarter-million citizens.


Chinese Businessman used hackers to steal warplane data


The US isn’t done throwing the book at alleged Chinese industrial spies. The Department of Justice has charged a Chinese executive living in Canada, Su Bin, with stealing sensitive info for Boeing and Lockheed Martin warplanes like the C-17 cargo hauler and F-22 fighter.



A Mass School Kidnapping You Didn´t Hear About


“Mustafa Hassan had only been in captivity for a few hours and was already planning his escape. After four days, he found his moment. While some of his fellow schoolboys distracted the religious teacher with questions, Hassan and a friend scaled a ladder on to the roof on the pretext of fetching water


Iraqi Security Forces Executing Prisoners Willy Nilly


Iraqi security forces and government affiliated militias appear to have unlawfully executed at least 255 prisoners over the past month in apparent revenge for killings by Islamic State fighters, according to a rights group on Saturday.

Iraqi security forces in Baghdad. Iraqi security forces close a bridge leading to the heavily guarded Green Zone


Fired for Buying Legal Marijuana

mike boyer

Mike Boyer, 30, was canned Tuesday after waiting 20 hours to buy pot and immediately going home to smoke. He was called up for urine analysis after he was spotted on TV buying the pot. Boyer told The News he ‘regrets nothing.’ Dan Pelle/AP Mike Boyer took the day off from work and


The Stuff of “Fantastic Voyage” Nanomotors Travel Through Blood

Ambarish Ghosh scientist

Ambarish Ghosh, a physicist at the Indian Institute of Science and leader of the team that developed the new nanomotor. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint

Ambarish Ghosh, a physicist at the Indian Institute of Science and leader of the team that developed the new nanomotor. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint Mission into the body of man! A


Israeli Knock on Roof Bombing Technique (Video)

Two Danish F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighters over the Sigonella Nato air base in Sicily on Saturday

This is what is called the knock on roof technique, they first hit the target with a relatively “mild” explosive (that’s the knock, basically a warning to get out) and then comes the munition intended to destroy the target shortly after. This is of course only used in situations where their main objective is


How the Legalization of Marijuana Has Proven Harder than it Looks

grand opening pot

SINCE late 2012, two states have voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use; licensed shops in Colorado and Washington now sell it to anyone who wants it.

Six states have legalised the drug for medicinal use, bringing the total to 23. Most Americans now say they favour legalisation (see chart 1). The House of


Ex-Police Captain and Alleged Murderer Released on Bail

curtis reeves

LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. — Curtis Reeves, the man accused of fatally shooting another man inside a movie theater in January, was released from jail on $150,000 bail Friday and will be allowed to await his trial at home.

Alleged Victim with Wife and Daughter

Flanked by his daughter and wife, the 71-year-old Reeves


China Declares iPhone National Security Threat

chinese apple

Chinese state media on Friday branded Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iPhone a threat to national security because of the smartphone’s ability to track and time-stamp user locations.

A report by broadcaster CCTV criticized the iPhone’s “Frequent Locations” function for allowing users to be tracked and information about them


CDC to close anthrax, flu labs over Potentially Fatal Conditions

cdc building

After potentially serious back-to-back laboratory accidents, health officials announced Friday that they had temporarily closed the flu and anthrax laboratories at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and halted shipments of all infectious agents from the agency’s highest-security labs.

“I’m just astonished that this could have happened here,” CDC


Study Concludes Monsanto Glyphosate Causing Kidney and Liver Issues



The health effects of a Roundup-tolerant NK603 genetically modified (GM) maize (from 11% in the diet), cultivated with or without Roundup application and Roundup alone (from 0.1 ppb of the full pesticide containing glyphosate and adjuvants) in drinking water, were evaluated for 2 years in rats. This study constitutes a follow-up investigation


Black plague infects Colorado patient and pet dog

black plague bacteria

A rare case of pneumonic plague has been diagnosed in a patient who is hospitalized in Colorado. Health officials say it is the first confirmed case in the state since 2004.

black plague bacteria

Plague was also confirmed in the family dog, after the dog died unexpectedly.


U.S. National Security Think Tanks Targeted by Chinese Military Hackers Deep Panda

deep panda

The Chinese cyberattack group Deep Panda has compromised national security think tanks using sophisticated techniques designed to steal confidential data concerning US foreign policy, according to security researchers at CrowdStrike.

The CrowdStrike team says that “several” national security-based think tanks


Concerns Loom as Marines Prepare for Women to Enter Combat Training

lady marines

The challenge for the Marines, and for the Army, is how to open up ground combat jobs to women in January 2016, without lowering standards.

Sgt. Jarrod Simmons speaks to his squad of Marines before they head out on a training march with 55-pound packs on Feb. 22, 2013, at Camp Lejeune,


Secret Service Arrests Russian Credit Card Scammer, Russia not Happy


The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday accused the US of abducting a Russian citizen, but Washington suspects the man, who also happens to be the son of a Moscow lawmaker, of large-scale cyber fraud.

Roman Seleznyov was arrested by US secret service agents at the airport of Male,


U.S. Teen Beaten and Held Prisoner by Israel

Tariq Khdeir

The American cousin of suspected Palestinian revenge attack victim was beaten and imprisoned by Israeli troops during protests before the funeral of the Jerusalem teen, Arab-American activists charged.

Tariq Khdeir

Tariq Khdeir, 15, who is a tenth-grader in Tampa, Fla., suffered serious injuries in the July 3 beating and is


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