NASA Releases Thousands of “New” Images

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 (UPI) — More than 8,400 high-resolution
images of the Apollo missions have been released to the public on
Flickr, a historian announced.

apollo moon buggy

NASA released over 8,000 images from the Apollo missions. Essentially every photo taken by the Apollo astronauts — including this one taken during Apollo 17 — is now available on Flickr.


Kipp Teague, creator of the Project Apollo Archive, recently
uploaded new and unprocessed images of the original NASA scans
of the 35mm photos taken by the astronauts.
The images include many already famous ones, but most are
random shots taken in Earth orbit, between the Earth and moon or
on the lunar surface. Every photograph taken by the Apollo
astronauts is now included in the repository, Teague said.
Beginning with Apollo 8, the astronauts wore a modified
Hasselblad camera strapped to their chests, allowing them to do
in the 1960s space race what many people now do with GoPro
Teague has been building the photo repository since he started it
in 1999.

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