Multiple UFO Sightings Near Jupiter

MUFON: UFOs Near Jupiter – 4 Reports Nationwide

The planet Jupiter seen from Earth: Above: NASA – Below: Vanessa Strickler

This morning, there were four separate reports on the MUFON CMS of UFO sightings near or below the planet Jupiter as seen from Earth. I also received two emails from Indiana that stated that a craft with 2 lights would vanish then reappear near Jupiter. Since so many people are looking to the heavens in search of the giant planet lately, is there a possibility that we are receiving some sort of communication for these craft?

Illinois – 10/17/2010: I was outside lowering a flag. I glanced at Jupiter off to my left. It was visible in the southeast sky at about 70 degrees. I immediately noticed two stationery star like objects in the sky visible near Jupiter. I knew these had not been visible in the sky previously because I work outside in the evenings and had been watching Jupiter all summer. I looked away, thinking I would get out my astronomy app later to identify them. When I looked up again, one had disappeared and the second was fading as I watched. I watched it until it was no longer visible. Both lights were bright white, star-like and not moving. They did not reappear. I started to post this after that time but did not. I’m posting now because of similar reports on 10/18/2010 in Nevada and Oregon. Seeing these marks my fourth UFO sighting in 10 years living in east central Illinois. I am always curious about these and I was curious about this as well.

Nevada – 10/18/2010: I was outside with my dogs. I looked up at the moon, which was very bright and saw Jupiter below and to the left of the moon. I looked down at my cell phone and looked back up. Two new objects, or lights, appeared. I thought they may have been stars at first. Then I noticed they were moving. Thought they might be planes. Then one of the lights faded and vanished. The second object faded a few seconds afterwards. It was to bright for the objects to be satellites. They weren’t moving fast enough to be meteors. I’m not sure what exactly they were. It may have been the sun reflecting off something in space. But all I know is the objects were only visible for about a minute. I tried to take a picture but the camera on my phone was not good enough to capture these objects.

Michigan – 10/19/2010: I just dropped my dogs to run some coon and it was a clear night with a bright moon with Jupiter just below. I looked down to my GPS to see where my dogs were and than looked back up at the moon and noticed two bright objects appeared below Jupiter forming a triangle. I immediately knew this was strange as I have been watching the moon grow over the last week and have not seen these objects before. I stood there sorta puzzled and than the objects started moving down from Jupiter staying the same distance apart and fading away. I felt as though I was watching an X-files type show and as they dissapeared I got goosebumps. Very, very strange but its nice to know others saw this!

Washington – 10/19/2010: Last night at about 6:55 PM I was driving South up a hill in West Seattle to visit a friend. It was a beautiful, clear night with a bright moon. As I crested the hill I noticed, through my left (driver’s window), just below the moon in the SE sky, three very bright stars – what looked like jupiter at the top and two equally bright stars just below and to the right and left of Jupiter, forming a triangle with Jupiter at the top. I was amazed, but had to glance away to the road ahead and a stop sign. As I turned left, I looked back up through my windshield at the moon, and in the few seconds that had transpired the two bright stars under Jupiter had dimmed to half of their brightness and then were gone. I tried to rationalize – could they have been reflections through the window? Airplanes flyng in my direction that turned away in unison? I have no idea what these two bright lights were, and how long they were there before I saw them, but I checked this morning and was excited that someone else reported seeing the same thing, albeit from another part of the country (MI). Although that gentleman reports that the lights “dropped away” from Jupiter before disappearing, I didn’t notice them dropping, just fading, perhaps because I had turned away and was in a moving car. Anyone looking up at the sky around 6:55 PST would have seen this amazing sight, so I’m surprised that there aren’t more reports.



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  • Orionids Meteor Shower – come on people you can do better than this and don't tell me it's a coincidence that the peak of this meteor shower just happens to fall within the dates of these UFO sightings. And Jupiter, please, that's pretty far away, we are talking maximum resultions of 1-pixel per 30 meters or something like this. No way, not buying it. Sorry. In fact, I am quite upset, I want real conspiracy theories, surely you folks can do better than this. Ha ha ha, I challenge all of you.

  • Ryan Edwards

    I have some photos I took the other evening of Jupiter. And I have a strange blue ufo in them. Where do I post these. I also have video with time and date too I believe. It is harder to see on video but it is there. The photos are higher resolution. Also have photos my wife took from her phone of my phone attached to the telescope. Please respond.

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