Monsanto Crops Leading to Obesity, Diabetes

It seems that the good bacteria found in your gut may actually be destroyed with every bite of certain food that you eat.

While antibiotics typically hold first prize in depleting the body’s gut flora levels, there may be a new culprit looking to take the spotlight which you may know as genetically modified food.

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crops Leading to Decreased Gut Flora

A formula seems to have been made to not only ruin the agricultural system, but also compromise the health of millions of people worldwide.

With the advent of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops, resistant superweeds are taking over farmland and public health is being attacked. These genetically engineered crops are created to withstand large amounts of Monsanto’s top-selling herbicide, Roundup. As it turns out, glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is actually leaving behind its residue on Roundup Ready crops, causing further potential concern for public health.

According to Dr. Don Huber, an expert in certain science fields relating to genetically modified foods, the amount of good bacteria in the gut decreases with the consumption of GMO foods. But this outcome is actually due to the residual glyphosate in animal feed and food.

Dr. Huber states that glyphosate residues in genetically engineered plants are responsible for a significant reduction in mineral content, causing people to be highly susceptible to pathogens.

Although studies have previously found that the beneficial bacteria in animals is destroyed thanks to glyphosate, a stronger connection will need to be made regarding human health for this kind of information to stick.

Poor Gut Flora Means Poor Health

As awareness grows, more and more people are realizing that poor gut flora often means poor health. Without the proper ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria, overall health suffers and you could be left feeling depressed. In fact, poor gut health has been directly tied to mental illness,which may explain the influx of people being diagnosed with a mental illness. Not only that, but obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome have all been tied to poor gut health.

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  • Since glyphosate locks up metal nutrients, i would expect body functions requiring metal nutrients to be impaired. As an example, I understand that chromium and zirconium are needed to activate insulin to convert carbohydrates into energy. Can glyphosate therefore be a cause of insulin resistance [type 2 diabetes]?

    I know when my wife gave me two ears of cheap corn on the cob, my blood sugar went way up and took days to come back down. A few weeks later I bought organic corn on the cob from Jimbo's and ate two ears. My blood sugar did go up as expected, but it also started to come back down about four hours later. About ten hours later I was almost back to normal. Of course a single, uncontrolled experiment doesn't prove anything, but it does suggest that metal nutrient free food may be hard to metabolize.

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