Mind Control Using Nanotechnology

Mind ControlAre we moving into a time when the extraordinary advances that have been made in the fields of nanotechnology, neurology, psychology, computer science, telecommunications and artificial intelligence will be used by governmental authorities to control the population?  Already, governments around the world are using the threat of “terror” as an excuse to watch us, track us, scan all of our electronic communications and force us to endure “security measures” that are so extreme that even George Orwell could have never dreamed them up.   So what is going to happen one day when some crazed individual actually does set off a weapon of mass destruction in a major city?  The temptation to use these emerging technologies to control the public will become almost irresistible.  At this point “mind control” is still a dirty word to many, but after the next couple of “9/11 style events” the general population will be crying out for something to be done to ensure their security.  When society experiences a complete and total meltdown in the years ahead, governments around the world will be tempted to do just about anything, including using mind control, to restore order.  That is why some of the most recent advances in the field on nanotechnology are so chilling.

In particular, what a team of researchers at the University at Buffalo have discovered is truly alarming.  The following is an excerpt from their recent news release….

Clusters of heated, magnetic nanoparticles targeted to cell membranes can remotely control ion channels, neurons and even animal behavior, according to a paper published by University at Buffalo physicists in Nature Nanotechnology.

Using nanoparticles to remotely control animal behavior?

It doesn’t take a doctorate to understand the implications of such a technology.

What if “nanobots” that had the capacity to control human minds were programmed to search out and attach themselves to key areas of the human brain?

Such “nanobots” would be far too small to even be seen by the human eye, and people could become “infected” with these creatures without even knowing it.

Hordes of these nanobots could be released into the atmosphere or in public areas and infect thousands (or even millions) and nobody might even realize it.

If governments could find a way to use nanobots to remotely control the minds of the general population, a mass mind control program could be implemented without the general public even realizing what is going on.

Yes, this is just how scary this technology is.

But it gets even worse.

You see, when it comes to nanotechnology we are dealing with something far more dangerous than we can even imagine.

For example, if something goes horribly wrong and we develop speed-breeding self-assembling nanobots that get out of control, they could theoretically devour all life on
Earth in fairly short order.

Think of the scene at the end of the recent Keanu Reeves movie entitled “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and multiply it by about a million.

But even if such a scenario never plays out, the mind control potential of nanotechnology is bad enough.

Not that other mind control technologies aren’t equally as dangerous.

The truth is that all kinds of mind control technologies are being developed.

Video game makers are busy developing games that you control not with a joystick or a gamepad but rather with your brain waves.  So could such a technology someday be used in reverse?

Of course most people by now have heard of  MK-ULTRA and other mind control programs that were developed by the CIA and other U.S. government agencies.

The U.S. government insists that all such programs have been discontinued.

But are they telling the truth?

And what are other governments around the world developing in secret?

There are other mind control technologies out there that are incredibly dangerous as well.

In fact, there are many who suggest that electromagnetic waves could potentially be used to control thoughts and influence behavior.  Think of what just one terrorist could do with such technology.

But one of the most disturbing developments of all is the increasingly rapid merger of men and machines that is now taking place.

People have been looking for ways to stay more “connected” to the Internet for a long time, and now some are actually suggesting that we should find a way to directly connect our brains to the Internet.  A recent article on the website of the Science Channel put it this way….

What if it were possible to connect your brain to the Internet, either wirelessly or through a cable, download digital information at high speed, and then translate it automatically into a chemical form that could be stored by your brain cells as memory?

The same article explained what some of the benefits from such a connection might be….

If you could pump data directly into your gray matter at, say, 50 mbps — the top speed offered by one major U.S. internet service provider — you’d be able to read a 500-page book in just under two-tenths of a second.

But what about the dangers?

What if the Internet could end up controlling you?

Or what if a really bad computer virus was downloaded into your brain?

Think it can’t happen?

Well, British researcher Mark Gasson infected an RFID chip in his hand with a computer virus and found that the virus-infected chip implanted in his hand was able to contaminate external systems.

Imagine if that started happening on a large scale.

And someday it might.

Especially as we approach the time that futurists refer to as “The Singularity”.

The Singularity is hard to define, but basically many futurists believe that the merging of man and technology is happening at such an increasingly rapid pace that at some point the new “transhumans” will become virtually incomprehensible to normal human beings.  The idea is that by merging man and machines, transhumans will become smarter, stronger, healthier and more powerful than we could have ever dreamed possible.

So will men and computers fully merge someday?

Let’s hope not.

But even now, an increasing number of people are developing ways to tag humans with RFID microchips.

In fact, one company called Somark has developed a breakthrough in chipless RFID ink.  Their “RFID tattoos” are applied using a geometric array of micro-needles and a reusable applicator with a one-time-use ink capsule.

So how easy is it to apply one of these RFID tattoos?

Well, it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to tattoo an animal or a human.  Once the tattoo has been applied, an RFID reader can read it from up to four feet away.

But who needs a tattoo?  IBM has actually announced that they have developed a “bar code reader” that can read your DNA.

Very frightening stuff.

The truth is that the vast majority of people do not want their DNA scanned and they do not want RFID chips implanted into them.

But RFID chips are being implanted into people more than ever before.

The reality is that microchipping of humans is becoming quite commonplace in the United States.  For example, RFID implants are being implanted in thousands of elderly Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease who are at risk of wandering off and getting lost.  In addition, RFID chips are being implanted into many people who are chronically ill so that doctors can access their medical information quickly in an emergency.

The truth is that there are some people who are quite eager to be chipped.  One columnist named Don Tennant recently published an article entitled “Chip Me – Please!” in which he expressed his excitement that Barack Obama’s new health law may include coverage for RFID chip implants that contain patient identification and health information.  In fact, Tennant makes the following stunning admission in his article….

All I can say is I’d be the first person in line for an implant.

So is this our future?

Is everyone going to be taking lots of microchips and implants?

Will there come a day when microchips and implants are made mandatory?

After all, what better way to truly identify someone?  Identification cards and papers can be forged or can get lost.  But if you implant someone with a microchip how are they going to lose that?

However, we all know that the potential for abuse of all of the technologies mentioned in this article is just too great.  If someday a tyrannical regime gets a hold of these kinds of ultra-powerful technologies the results could be absolutely nightmarish.


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  • between GWEN towers, ELF waves, psychotronics, synthetic telepathy, tv, etc. what chance do we have to waking up the public. they control people’s thoughts, dumb them down, people are like cattle. this is insane. for those of us that can’t be hypnotized – it’s like living in invasion of the body snatchers. when i go hiking i actually feel my brain relax try it sometime – sasha

    • Vincent George

      Dear Sir,

      My Name is VincentGeorge, an engineering graduate from Bangalore, aged 45 years, I am married and have a 14 year old son. I have something to share with you which i am experiencing, I was in the united states during 1997-98, during this time some group of people used to follow me where ever I go infact the same group of people used to stay in the same hotel which i used to stay. my work involved too much of travelling depending about the project. i was working as a consultant for a software firm called Sahana Enterprise INC, which is a indian firm Located at Dallas(Texas), they have a company in Bangalore the name is Novell Team and the owners name is MalliSubbiah, who is now operating from bangalore.

      During this time at one instant when i was in the hotel i had slept for nearly 24 hours during this time i dont know what happened, from the next day onwards I started listening to voices in my ears, some group of people conversing with me, they could sense my thoughts and converse with me, it was really surprising to me. infact i told so many of my friends about this but no one believed me. but i was mentally and physically alright. I was scared and returned back to india for a 15 day vacation. while i was travelling in the flight the same group followed me uptil bangalore and after i reached bangalore i went to my house and i dont know where they went, i was infact scared to ask them why they were following. but sensing my thoughts and conversing with me was still there.

      during my stay in bangalore there was a continous phone call to my residence as to come to virginia MCI metro as there is some urgent work. i was not prepared to go back but then the middle agent was forcing me to come urgently. after i went there the same group of people was there in that new project, i was not dare enough to ask them who they were.

      Later I realised that they have implanted a bio chip into my body and sensing my thoughts and conversing with me, I was not given any work at the work spot but they were conversing with me remotely and also they started controlling every part of my organ both voluntary and involuntary organs, i became too scared and i wanted to return back to bangalore(India), with in one month i returned back to india even while coming the same group followed me in the flight i came to india on july17th july 1998 after which i did not go to any country.

      but till today that same conversing and torturing my body did not stop i have been suffering from 13 years from this problem, they are controlling every part of my body right from head till the toe, giving me severe pains and they threaten me of dire consequences if i tell this to anybody. I am basically a courageous guy just because of that i am still surviving, if any body were to be in my place they would have either become mentally retarded or committed suicide. they are not letting to do my normal work and interfering in all my activities and torturing, they can torture any part of my body by giving severe pains in any part of my body, they can blind eyes, make the ear deaf, severe pain in the head, they can pierce, poke and give pain to any part of the body, including sexual organs, they can control sleep and read dreams, they can brain wash and make lose memory, they can control metabolic activities in a body, they can paralyse hands and limbs, they say they can even see what I see through my eyes, I myself cant believe it, but I am experiencing this torture since 13 long years, they threaten me,they say they have invested lot of money in this research , and they expect me not to tell this out to anybody, all which I mentioned is a fact which is happening to me they have spoilt my whole life by torturing me and used me as a tool for their research and test. I am very sure these group is in bangalore and operating from here remotely, they talk to me in my ears clearly from a remote source, they threaten me that they will kidnap me and my family members if i dont heed to their request, they say they have very big network all over india and world so that they can perform any illegal activity, they also tap my telephone both my mobile and landline, they are able to interrupt and disconnect the calls, at one instant they interrupted and disconnected my outgoing and incoming calls 12 times continously after speaking in my ears, they say their network is so strong in india that they can do anything here in india,they say they can tap any telephone network with the device they have, all that they need is the telephone Number of the person. They say they can interrupt any electronic network remotely which is connected via satellite. They say they have placed a bio chip in my body and they are able to read my mind remotely and control my whole body remotely. I have lots of supporting documents which I have downloaded from the Net, where such things are existing in the U.S .which i can produce when required where such illegal activities are still happening in the U.S. they target the Asian community for their research purpose, this is a serious matter which has to be investigated, otherwise there will be lot of such cases will happen in india by the Americans. they take indians for granted. the group of people who converse from a remote source are americans and two of them are indians one lady and one guy. they say mallisubiah is the person who act as a agent to supply candidates to them in the pretext of giving employment to them in the united states. and also i was given to understand that mallisubiah who is the owner of NovellTeam located on BTMlayout Bangalore has provided the infrastructure and all the requirements in Bangalore.

      Dear Sir, this has to be really taken seriously if left unnoticed there will be lot of such cases and illegal activities which will happen in our country by americans and foriegners, please do not take it lightly, I would like to meet you in person as soon as possible to explain you in detail.I will be grateful if you can provide me your valuable time to avoid such crime in the future.

      Thanks and Regards

      Vincent George

      Mob: 9844110637/9243716192

      No. 22 "E" Street,

      Coles Road Cross,

      Cleveland Town,


      • Adam Kelley

        This is the most AMAZING story I have ever heard in my 10+ years of research into MK-ultra and government black projects! Has anyone contacted you and gotten a proper interview with you your story is VERY INTERESTING!

      • James Tomaschke

        I have a similar experience. Developed "schizophrenia" last year at the age of 32 which seems odd to me.

        Computer generated conversations (see Mark V Shaney). Nanoparticles inside liposomes, crossing the blood-brain-barrier, attach to individual neurons in the brain. Possible quantum-entanglement of nanoparticles could be used to read/write neuron activity. An entangled electron could be transfered to the neuron and any evidence of the nanoparticles could then be flushed.

        I have also had pain induced via a synthetic heart-attack. I also had people follow me around.

        The trick is to look for "external" thoughts that do not originate from your own memories.

      • sam

        Im just a noob about this stuff but the chip in you would have metal or something or a circuit board you could you a big electric magnet to erase the programming on the chip if that does not work take a x-ray and find out where the chip is and get it out of you asap

  • Jacob

    To Vince George. It is a very hard to tell, if what you are experiencing is a mental illness or an actual work of mind control. A lot of times when subject is being controlled he/she is not even being aware of any external manipulation. A person can live their whole live being
    controled from what they eat for breakfast to where and how they live without knowing that they are being controled. There is many shadow groups around the world whos research and technology are light years ahead of what todays universities are discovering. In fact they contol how much time will take and what will be discovered by universities and research groups.
    There is no way to stop this.

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  • Guest

    From "James Tomaschke" alias mk619 on Mind Control using quantum entanglement. http://www.pastie.org/4024101http://www.pastie.or

  • I have been dealing for the same problems, where people talk about my thoughts and try to tell others what Im going to do the next day based on my thoughts, yet i changemy mind just so that there proved wrong…
    it seems to me like im being entangled by some type of brain wave tracking device, that has to reentangle me when my body capacitance gets too low, I have had to buy 3 multimeters and each of them the capacitance mesurment stops working, so now I have to buy another … I narrowed it down to “L3 Communications” they have contracts with many corporations they have hacked in to all the places where I do business and I am verbally assulted even in front of my mother, at the bank, when going to a job interview, … its like there mind controling people to attack me… they have entangled me with the most irritating people in the whole world
    they are constantly distracting me from my work, … I think there trying to blueprint devices connected to the power lines and its causeing people to become entangled physically, I found out that I can block them by discharging my body capacitance, and using a magnet to repel part of the signals being shot at me to entangle me, as well to I know that they are targeting the resonet part of a heart vain and I feel I allmost died last week from a attack … here is a video proof that they attack me at night …


    there is some type of evil in the government that is doing this, they try to entrap you with mind control and if that dont work they try to assassinate you with high tech weaponry that you can afford to messure with out putting a powerfull magnet on your eye to decect and block the signals, other wise you wouldnt know that there using such cleaver means to kill people, religious minoritys, im a Jehovah Wittness, and when I go to the doctor I hear “You cant do that to him cause he’s a religious minority ” and I think what where they going to do !! how many other people are getting killed just because they have the power to do it ???

    They are trying to drive me crazy, I feel like the Catholic’s know I can prove life was created. And are trying to stop me from proving it, cause then they would have to realize that Jesus didnt die on a cross, and all Christian religions that claim to worship God through Jesus, and that have a cross on there buildings will lose there tax free status because of its connection to pagan satanic origins AND THAT VERY REAL Discrepancy, this in no minor typo in there belief, there are thousands of years of proof!!!, those people (pagans) would sacrifice there childeren in the fire to satan.. which is why China is trying to take down all crosses on the churches in there country .. cause there really worshiping satan and they dont know it !!!

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