Mainstream Media Ignores Changing Orbits

Huge earth changes are taking place at this time.  L.A. had a record cool summer and a few days after summer is over, they shoot up to a record high 113 degrees.  Parts of Brazil and Bolivia shattered record cold temps and were colder than Antarctica for much of July, killing millions of fish, and many alligators and fresh water dolphins!  Weather is going crazy around the world and all the mainstream media talks about is “climate change” “global warming”…etc.  But they won’t touch upon the True Cause, because for them it is too alarming.

An increasing number of people around the world have witnessed amazing changes in the location of Sun rise and set in summer and winter.  Apparently this is being caused by the earth moving below the old ecliptic plane in summer and above it in winter! The moon is also playing rodeo all over the sky….and the media says nothing.  I have read of reports (as yet unsubstantiated) that a “gag order” is in place and professionals dealing with the subject have had to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding these facts.  The Inuit peoples of the high arctic have published several stories regarding the changes in sun position at their locations and were told by a meteorologist that it is an “optical phenomenon unique to the extremely high horizon”.  Yet these changes are visible all over the world. Ordinary citizens from all over the world are reporting their observations regarding the sun and moon changing their positions in the sky.  And we’re not just talking inches here.  The changes are amazing to say the least!  The furthest north the sun traditionally appeared for thousands of years, was the tropic of cancer which passes through central mexico, yet now, at the beginning of summer, it can be witnessed to rise in the direction of maine and set in the direction of seattle.

And according to the universities, the highest latitude that the moon reaches, is 28.5 degrees, yet for the last couple years at least, it has transgressed that number by a significant margin!  One can watch the moon rise low in the south east and set in the southwest, at least from my position at 41 degrees north in the midwest U.S. and then, within two weeks time, it will rise high in the northeast and set in the northwest!

According to WIRED magazine and others, scientists are perplexed at the mysterious high tides, and reports of “giant rogue waves” coming out of the clear blue, and Tsunami are on the increase, as are earthquakes in populated areas around the world.  Changes in the sun are being documented at a dizzying pace these days as well, and on the same day that a large asteroid hit jupiter this summer, something impacted Venus.  These were observed on the same day!

One can easily observe the sun rising too far north in summer and too far south in winter and these changes are, themselves, in a state of change.

I have assembled a long list of reputable sources of information in support of my observations and those of others, that these events are indeed taking place.

Please Google – “Late Harvest Moon BHM” and wade through 5 pages of prolific evidence of these events now taking place.


6 comments to Mainstream Media Ignores Changing Orbits

  • Apparently, there are lots of changes afoot, but still the Global Warming Alarmists swear up and down it is mankind's CO2 causing it all? Baloney, humans account for barely 2.6% of all the CO2 "TRACE GAS" in the atmosphere. The changes that are occuring are not global warming – they are just cycles, normal to Earth, it does these things. It's our job to deal with it.

  • diane rizun

    Here in Canada my husband and I noiced a big change in where the sun rises in summer and winter, and last night the moon rose very fast- not its usual slower pace. After reading this article I wonder if it's to do with the earth changes.

  • diane

    Here in Canada my husband and I noticed a big change in where the sun rises in summer and winter, and last night the moon rose very fast- not its usual slower pace. After reading this article I wonder if it's to do with the earth changes.

  • andru

    I live in the southern part of australia and have lived in the same area all my life , i have been noticing the sun moving to the south west in summer time for years, it used to set due west but now it sets in the south west . It seems to be going further south every year. Something is defenaitly going on.

  • I have the once-in-recorded history eclipse of the moon while the sun was rising in the Grain Ghetto of Illiniois. That no Fire And Brimstone Preachers will even look up in the sky let alone talk about these events tells me that they must have a gag-order as well.

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