Knife Can Freeze Organs

It looks like an ordinary knife but this blade can explode and instantly freeze a victim’s organs.

Wasp Knife With High Pressure Cartridges

Wasp Knife With High Pressure Cartridges

The Wasp knife ejects a high-pressure gas through a needle in the blade at the touch of a button and the Met Police now fear it could end up on the streets.

‘This knife will almost certainly kill and the Met must have intelligence that they are in circulation,’ said a police source.

The £200, US-made weapon is designed to kill sharks and bears and is normally sold to hunters and pilots. However, the internet has made such weapons much easier to find and buy over in the U.K.

This weapon injects a frozen ball of compressed gas approximately the size of a basketball at 800psi nearly instantly. The effects of this injection will drop many of the world’s largest land predators. The effects of the compressed gas not only cause over-inflation during ascent when used underwater, but also freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection on land or at sea. When used underwater, the injected gas carries the predator to the surface BEFORE blood is released into the water. Thus giving the diver added protection by diverting other potential predators to the surface.

wasp knife cutaway

wasp knife cutaway

Wasp Company Site

103 comments to Knife Can Freeze Organs

  • Anon


    It's a CO2 canister held within the handle of the blade, you can buy the damn things at walmart. And the blade… of course! When pressure is applied it breaks the seal on the canister and causes an explosive reaction, but the only place for the pressurized gas to go is through the exhaust tube on the blade!

    I'm going to make one!

  • Anontoo

    You're a jackass. Why would you possibly need to make yourself one of these? Do you plan to KILL someone? That's probably what you will do. I hope you cut your stupid ass fingers trying to bore a hole through a fucking knifeblade… Dumbass.

  • Mark

    Actually in case you did not read the article the purpose of the knife and the most practical use is to kill underwater predators, i would imagine most notably sharks. As the article states the predator which is struck with this knife would rise to the surface of the water before bleeding thus not starting a feeding frenzy on top of you. Of course it could be used to kill people, but so can a spoon a fork and a pencil. This is definitely a dangerous weapon, but no more so than any given firearm, and perhaps less considering the required distance of a knife attack. If you are worried so by weapons you are probably the kind of person to think the government can somehow protect you from them. This has proven false in every single country in which firearms are banned. Making something illegal does nothing to prevent it in many cases, and in some increases the behavior. Also, hoping that someone cuts themselves is more immature than showing interest in this, or any other weapon. Seeking knowledge is not inherently evil, but wishing harm on someone is, perhaps you should reevaluate your ethics.

  • Will

    I agree with mark. Because someone understands how something works and wishes to recreate it, he is not automatically a sociopath. However, by your lack of understanding of this concept and your quick ability to make an unknown individual into an immoral being, you prove that you are, in fact, the sociopath.

    On another note, I think this knife is fucking awesome and incredibly simple, yet effective. Great design.

  • Nick

    Mark, you my friend, are my hero. I can add nothing to your argument.

  • Dr. Lol

    Nick lieks to buttsecks Mark

  • Nick

    Dr. Lol, you my friend, are my hero. I can add nothing to your argument.

  • peter

    I'd fuck a shark's day up without this wussy knif

  • dhr

    It's not a co2 canister tard, It's liquid nitrogen. And this is pretty awesome, but who has the skill not to panic when your being attacked by a ferocious animal. Better than nothing though.

    • Dr. Who


      It IS CO2. CO2 is what is producing the freezing action; it is a simple law of the expansion of gases, and the same principle is used in your home or auto A/C unit, as well as refrigerators. Liquid nitrogen isn't needed, as CO2 works even better, since it expands faster…"tard".

      This article is very poorly written. The knife does NOT inject "a frozen ball of compressed gas approximately the size of a basketball at 800psi"; a frozen "ball" wouldn't pass through the knife's needle area, and a gas will expand to fill the available space – whether a "basketball" size or not. Apparently the author is more concerned about the "wow!" factor than simple physics.

  • Prometheus

    Why is this knife such a concern? Yeah, it can kill a bit faster, but killing someone is killing someone. It's not some super weapon that can kill mass amounts of people.

    If someone wanted to stab someone and then inject them with compressed gas, but they didn't have this knife, they'd just end up stabbing them. it's still bad, and removing this knife from circulation wouldn't stop any amount of crime.

  • J.Fatspliff

    Sharp… and stabby….

  • anon

    I almost agree with Mark accept for the utter bullshit about making something illegal increasing how many people use it? are you actually being serious? You just have to look at the percentage of population smoking cannabis in countries such as Holland compared to countries where it is illegal. And firearm deaths in America where you can legally own a firearm for no good reason are significantly higher than countries where it is illegal

  • Smoothesuede

    Dhr, you raise a good point about no one being able to fight a ferocious animal.

    This clearly demonstrates that this knife is made or one person, and one person only.


  • Two Dogs

    You should also take into consideration that it is very difficult to kill a person with a regular knife. Unless you stab a major blood vessel, or the base of the brain, usually all you will do is piss the victim off and make him very determined not to be killed by you. This is the reason for reports of "The victim was stabbed 126 times…". It was not because of a psychotic killing frenzy. It was because the killer realized too late how difficult a knife killing is. Knives don't kill people , people with shotguns kill people.

  • Blah

    Two Dogs is clearly an idiot.

  • Christ917

    A completely agree with Mark.

    @ anon (10:13am): First off he said, "in some cases" not all cases. Then, I want you to think about the drug you used as a counter argument. Cannabis…really? The drug is less harmful than alcohol, it should be legal. Next, look at something that really matters, hard drugs and the decriminalization of them in Portugal vs. the effects of the war on drugs in the United States. Portugal, which had the largest drug problem in all of Europe, has made resounding recovery with the loosened drug laws. While the drug use in the US continues to be driven up a wall.

    But, I digress. This is a sick weapon and would be a great device to have in a pinch. You say you can’t fight a ferocious animal, but look at shark attack survivors who resorted to punching the beast in the nose or gouging their eyes. Having this little device in hand would have let them keep a limb or two.

  • killslay

    i really want one of these after reading this, if its legal to buy in the UK you can bet your ass i'll be getting one! sold to pilots though? i wasn't aware that pilots faced greater risk of having to fend off underwater predators or bears. in fact surely they're at far less risk, you know what with being in the air and all

    • jeb

      the world is 2/3rd water, guess what an airplane will prolly land in if it goes down

    • PonyToast

      You would think so, but bears aboard airplanes are one of the worst problems facing the airlines today. They sneak aboard, pretending to be Hungarians or circus performers, and the next thing you know, they're stealing pic-a-nic baskets in First Class and getting their heads stuck in hunny pots back in Coach.

  • anon

    @ Killslay. One word: Megashark.

  • hoborowboat

    I would buy this knife to kill people.

  • HomeGrownN

    there ain't never be 'nuff ways to off bears. if i stab a can o' beer with it, gets the rest of the six pack chilled?

  • Anon

    It IS a CO2 canister. CO2 when released suddenly freezes whatever it touches. If you'd ever played paintball you'd know this. Liquid nitrogen would be too expensive and risky to handle.

    Recreating this knife as we speak. I drew up the plans last night, it's looking good.

  • Anon

    Also, thanks for support and Two Dogs is an idiot. 126 stabs is a crime of passion or vengeance. Not "Oh shit this is harder than I thought."

    As for pilots, think terrorists. They're kind of like bears, big and hairy.

    • anons mom

      random guy broke into my friends house and stabbed her 33 times when they found the house wasnt empty. some countries have laws for the death sentance if your caught breaking and entering. so yeah . anon . this shit goes down. lucky for you your not familiar with the truth..

  • Kaspa

    Knife Knerds! Just google and shell out the $250. I'm sure they will ship to the UK. If not make it I guess. But whoever is going to buy this can use it for whatever they want. People, bears, big hairy terrorist sharks on muthafudgin planes, it doesn't matter. All may need to be destroyed legally under the proper circumstances. It's not like it is a damn grenade launcher. Say someone is mugging you, you could pull it out and pop some kidneys.

    ::shakes head in disbelief:: knife knerds!

  • dhuuur

    Dhr are you absolutely retarded? liquid nitrogen? hahaha, you've been watching too many movies mate. But thanks for the laugh. Try not to call people tards for knowing things you dont in future.

  • Bob Crunkhouse

    Banning firearms has no effect?

    Population of USA: roughly 300 million

    Population of Germany: roughly 65 million

    Firearm homicide rate in Germany (highest in Western Europe, I believe): 0.47 per 100,000 of the population.

    Firearm homicide rate in USA: 2.97 per 100,000 of the population.

    Even if you multiplied the statistic for Germany by how many times larger the USA's population is (i.e. 5), a multiplication that isn't necessary since the statistic is already effectively a percentage, you don't get the rate seen in the USA. That's sickening.

    The USA has a higher rate than Switzerland, where it is mandatory for every man from the age of 20 until he's 30 to possess a rifle and receive regular training in its use.

    Don't tell us Europeans that the USA's "right to bare arms" policy isn't detrimental to their society. It's not so much that the weapons are available, it's more that it encourages the use of them.

    • EMT from NC

      It's not that the US encourages the use of firearms it's the lack of proper training and the availability of criminals and stupid homeowners to get them. If you have no training beyond point and pull then the likelihood of accidental death by firearm is going to be high. And with gang members carting guns around to "bust some nigga's ass" and still can't shoot worth a damn then they end up putting more bullets into bystanders than their target. It's harder to hit a running target with a pistol (which is what most criminals carry) and it's much harder to hit a target when you can't hold the gun correctly. So the concealed carry permits in most states that require a minimum rage and instruction time reduces the rate of deaths. Education is key.

    • Dr. Who

      Hey, Europeans!

      Consider how many of our fellow Americans are buried within your countries. No, they weren't tourists – THEY WERE FIGHTING TO SAVE YOU FROM NAZIS and others whom you couldn't fight.

      Better check and see where so many of your weapons came from then, too. Ever heard of "Lend-Lease"? Look it up. We even had to supply weapons for your "soldiers"!

      Yes, if it wasn't for the Americans, you'd ALL be speaking German!

  • Bob Spunkhouse

    Oh, and using it to defend sharks? Highest number of shark attacks in recent years was 79 worldwide in 2009. 16 were fatal. You're more likely to paralyse yourself falling down the stairs. In which case you could pull a knife on those stairs and FUCKING FREEZE THE MUTHAFUCKER!

  • Greg

    I'm going to make one outa a sword, maybe make it shoot paintballs too.

  • Trod

    Old idea, read "Worlds of the Imperium".

    Also, the recoil could make the knife slide back through your fingers and leave a nasty reminder to hold on tighter, or put a bigger bolster.

  • anon

    Christ917 is stupid as well. Look at Bob Crunhouse's arguement which totally proves Mark to be wrong. Not only that but you criticised anon 10:13 for using cannabis as it is safer than alcohol, so what? what relevance does that have to the argument that making something illegal makes it more likely to be used.

    Also you cited Portugal. Last year there were 3758 drug related crimes per 100,000 committed in Portugal, compared to 560 per 100,000 in the USA. So explain how the war on drugs in the usa is failing? especially when you consider how much easier it is to smuggle drugs into the us then mainland europe

    • EMT from NC

      The War on drugs is failing, we may be putting more people behind bars but that's tax payer money going to hardened criminals who are getting people hooked and the 16 year old kid smoking a joint behind the convince store. It's also a felony to have more than an ounce of marijuana on your person. Plus my opinion is arrest for the crime, if some corporate jackass wants to do coke and doesn't hurt anyone else let them. They will be surprised when the roof of their mouth dissolves from the chemicals in the drug. If a meth addict breaks into a house to get cash so he can score then arrest them for that with mandatory rehab. All the money going into the "war on drugs" is a bottomless pit. Legalize the drugs, regulate if necessary, and tax it. That will help our economy and allows people to be more free. Which is what we are supposed to be in this country. That will also cut down on our jail costs to the criminals who need to be in there such as murderers and rapist.

  • Captain90s

    Killslay, I believe the knife is intended for fighter pilots, who if shot down over wild terrain or ocean may indeed have to face sharks or bears.

    Trod, the idea is indeed not a new one. I first saw an article about this knife more than a year ago, and I'm sure its been around longer than that. The recoil is not as much of an issue as you might think.

    Also, there is a video on their website showing the knife used on an average sized watermelon. The results are rather spectacular.

    Anon I applaud your ingenuity in trying to build your own replica, but I'd advise caution, as if you screw it up, you can hurt yourself rather badly. But you probably already know that. At least, I hope you do.

  • MG

    Well this article is 2 years old

  • Steven

    If you're wondering about why it would be great for pilots and how the hell a shark or bear can attack a flying plane, think about this… Tons of bush pilots have to land in remote areas to deliver goods/people as there are no suitable roads in or out. Many pilots have had their planes attacked by bears because they left food in it, leaving them 'stranded' with the bears.

    Just to add my two cents, a knife attack is only fatal if:

    1. It is in the neck or torso(organs)

    2. The blade is removed (so they bleed out) and

    3. The person is unable to get medical attention

    You need all three of these things to die from a knife in most all cases. However, with this new knife all that is needed is one stab to an organ or artery and they are more than likely dead… Needless to say, a gun is easier to use and much much more lethal, and if someone wants you dead, they would probably just use a gun or any weapon that doesn't require close combat.

  • Simon

    Steven, when you stab someone 20 times, you usually have the knife pulled out of the victim at least 19 times already.

    look at that knife cut. i dont tihnk youre gonna go long without first aid form one of those


  • billy the bear/shark

    just get a k-bar instead. k-bar is actually shorthand for killed a bear. thats how it got its name way back in the day dipshits.

  • willy wonkas' w

    billy the slayer….. its KA-BAR. looks like your the dipshit… but you were totally in your element by calling everyone else a dipshit. kudos biotch's uno par que iglesia muchos gracias. mi caca es mucho grande en el cantana.

    -wild willy.

  • Simon

    to billy the bear/shark slayer,

    If you stab a shark with a ka-bar, more sharks will come, even if you kill like, 50. because sharks smell blood.

  • HomeGrownN

    wonder, if you can take this idea of freezing bears, sharks, and all sorts of SOB's with this knife even further. wait for it: a damn molotov cocktail with a bubble of freezin' shit in the middle: like those beers where you sink a shot of schnapps incl glass into it … so all the while the damn bear catches fire, his balls are freezing at the same time: awesome

  • homeless bum

    this would be a good knife to have when i'm competing for a bench to sleep on. my arch nemesis Rufis wouldn't know what hit him.


    I would rather waste my money on cheap porn.

  • Fag

    You all suck donkey bollocks.

  • delilah

    I'm pretty sure I am madly in love with all of you

  • Trevor

    The majority of you are fucking retarded. Let me explain to you why this weapon is in no way comparable to regular knives or guns. First of all, its silent, second of all ONE stab and the victim is dead. Ever played assassin's creed? Remember how easy it is to stab someone without being noticed? Well take that and imagine that you don't need any skill, just a little poke in the stomach and BOOM toast. How is this not the scariest thing you've ever heard of? Fucking, this should not exist. Also, pilots need it because of 9/11 dumbfuck. You can't shoot off a gun in a plane, and a knife, as stated before, requires an amount of skill and determination.

  • nyk

    psh. wait till they make an x-bow bolt that can do same thing. oh yeah. the canister should be the shaft, or at least part of it,and it should have a pressure activation switch, with the folding heads it would be simple to modify.the bolt would be heavier but oh man! what mess it would make!!!

  • harry t

    Look I want to give my two cents. The only thing I have to say is if you stabbed and injected someone in the torso with this knife they are down for sure! That is not necessarily true for a normal knife, although they are more lethal than some other posters would have you think. It is a good idea to slice the inside of the legs as well as the armpits with a (normal)knife otherwise its going to have to be a selective stab.

  • Trevor. "Ever played assassin’s creed? Remember how easy it is to stab someone without being noticed?" Please tell me this is a joke. Please please please.

  • Let's all quit wasting time here and get into an argument about something stupid with people we know in person.


    i just stumbled upon this article and i felt compelled to comment.

    Seriously, get a fucking life dudes. it seems like you're all getting bones over who can trump each other in a bullshit internet fight. go take a shower, brush your teeth, paint a picture, donate to charity, do SOMETHING. for the love of fuck.

    at LEAST take your hand out of your pants. haha.

    it's just kind of pathetic, that's all. i'm sure i'm not the only one who agrees.

  • Alicia

    @Killslay: Pilots have to fear godzilla and king kong. MUCH WORSE.

    Also, what the hell with these lame arguments. Men are so catty. You're not going to change each others minds, you're just fueling their ego by replying. This knife is neat. I plan on shooting underwater fashion photography. Since models frequently get bitten by sharks, this could prove handy while I'm trying to save them and my career. A bear would probably tear me limb from limb but a shark I can handle. With a knife. Does the handle come in pink?

  • Jordan

    I would love to have a knife like this, Woith the recent reports of bear sightings (and one or two attacks) in my area, I'd like one when i walk. (I tend to walk around at night. my regular pocket knife won't do much to defend me from a bear.)

    The Reports say sightings in my area, there was even a confirmed sighting in a school yard near/in my town, DURING school hours, that's scary stuff. there's also been reported sightings of bears on paths, a couple ATVers had to flee when a bear charged at them. one guy has to get a skin graft because a bear chewed most of the meat off his calf. I've also heard reports of bears walking along roads in small towns with their cubs, which is extremely dangerous.

    Having a knife like this might save my life, or my Girlfriend's life, if we're walking and encounter a bear.

  • Cl33mo


    of course you see them walking thier cubs during school hours, dropping them at school? bears have to learn to.

    @everyone else

    it is a fucking knife christ, i spend alot of time walking round hunting here in australia, and if you are in the position you need to use a knife you should now how to use it, and then you wouldn't have to worry about havin friggin co2 in it, christ a sharpened stick will kill shit if you do it right.

  • Capt Planet

    I'd say they should create so much media hype about this that the muppets who wouldn't normally read about such things get wind of it. Let's cause a right old stir

  • I wouldn't mind buying one of these myself.

    You never know when a crackhead will want to steal your car.

  • dave

    When "The Governator" wears one in his next movie we'll ALL have to get one..

  • This knife is useless, obviously when the megashark sees you have the knife it will know you are a threat and come eat you…no one can hide from the megashark.

  • bgstrong

    This knife / device has been around for decades in the SCUBA world.
    This is nothing more than an advertisement being presented as “FAKE”

  • AmusedNotImpressed

    The design is …cute. Great concept of freezing whilst stabbing but it is just a concept. The knife has recoil and if you were to use it in the hypothetical situation of “underwater predators” you would loose control of your own movement underwater after the first impact. That would make it almost impossible to make a second attack if needed. Seems cute but useless. This is why spear guns were made and still used to this day.

  • Anonymous

    @two dogs

    killing someone with a knife is exceptionally easy

    I have been shown the effects of various blades on carcasses

    and obviously it would not take more than a few good slashes to

    take someone's life.

    a friend of mine was stabbed at a train station and the damage was horrific

    he is lucky to be alive

    as for this wasp knife, I say license it and fuck anyone up who illegally obtains one.

    For hunting it is fine.

  • itzmenukkah

    Anyone know wat the video is on top right its about How money isnt real and stuff like dat

  • Icarus

    It certainly has impressive lethal potential. Rapidly decompressing gas of any sort becomes very cold, but yes these appear to be co2 cartridges you can pick up at just about any store that sells things for bb guns or paintball. To tell the truth I'd probably rather be shot than be stabbed and injected with something like this, not only is it going to displace and or explode any organs near the injection site, but you can be fairly certain anything near there is going to be dead because of the tissue destruction from the extreme cold.

  • middle man

    why doesn’t everyone just stop being stubborn trying to prove yourself to other people…….

  • iveseenshopsb4

    this knife is fake, its totally been shopped, and I've seen a few shops in my time, you can see the pixels don't match.

    was well worth reading all the stupidity created from this knife, decided to add my 2 cents worth, although down here in Australia we don't have 2c coins so it will have to be 5c

  • Dr. Mantis Tobagan

    Gary Busey once petitioned Congress to outlaw Sasquatches.

  • Name

    I want to see what this thing would do to a human being.

  • Mike

    One thing you are all skirting round is the fact that this knife costs probably £300+ in England. Most people spending that on a knife arent going stab someone with it. You can kill someone pretty effectively with a fivers worth of supermarket steel

    If you buy a tool like this, you are probably going to be using it for its designed purpose. You wont be leaving it lying around for any light fingered chav to liberate either.

  • Terry Wagar

    I was being poisoned by my family! my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a man named Eric Carlson at East Port Walmart and they decided they wanted me dead!

    They both have relatives in law enforcement and those relatives gave them permission to poison me to death and those officers covered it up at the hospital!

    I caught them all on a audio recorder admitting to this murder conspiracy and they were framing me for their crimes as well, and you can tell by listening to it that they had a lot of fun molesting children and giving me blame behind my back!

    I was very ill at the time, stuck at home, too ill to go anywhere and my family pretended nothing's wrong while my wife poisoned me!

    everyone in my family knew of my wife's affair, they knew Eric Carlson was almost a twin to me, and they all kept it a secret from me while my wife poisoned me and Eric Carlson framed me, my family knew they were doing this to me!

    I was surrounded by people that conspired with my wife to pretend nothing's wrong and those relatives in law enforcement just covered it up at the hospital!

    I was a plasma donor and everyone in the family knew it and they did not care that my wife Joan Wagar was guilty even when I found her hidden poison in the fucking kitchen!

    I am badly crippled from being poisoned and I am currently being blackmailed at the threat of death by these people in law enforcement and by family members while they continue to harm others!

    They already confessed to the murder of a missing runaway, last name Hunter, I caught them admitting to that on a audio recorder, I don't remember the first name but I secured that audio!

    In 2008 they murdered Donna Minor, Joan Wagar's mother, while Eric Carlson's brother who is in law enforcement were above my apartment and they were trying to hide it!

    They later bragged on a audio death threat they will kill more if I don't do what they want and that I will "See it!" if I don't!

    Ever since I caught them on a audio recorder they brag on audio recordings!

  • Nutcases seem to do alright with a Kitchen Knife just had one here in LA kill 4 people. So we need knife control?

    Removing this device from the market will probably result in more dead people. Dead diver won't have needed tool, nutcase kills anyway with kitchen knife.

    This device is not to make it easier to kill things but to prevent blood leakage that would attract other predators.

    • Refta

      Canadian here, you guys have an insanely higher homicide rate per capita. We have no guns on the market, and LESS dead people. I'll leave the causation analysis up to you

      • Drew

        You don't know our own countries laws? I can get a restricted weapon license here in Canada and purchase say, a semi-automatic rifle, or a semi  automatic pistol such as the media's favourite glock, or James Bond's Walther PPK. Or I can get a normal license and purchase a .50 caliber rifle such as the Canadian made PGW LRT-3, capable of shooting something from extreme long distances. In terms of homicide rate per capita, Chile has the lowest gun deaths per capita in the world yet has laws less stringent then Canada and almost as "loose" as the US. 

  • DJ

    I would like to take the time to point out what aforementioned knife did to a simple watermelon. It split it in half with just compressed air. Watermelon husks are harder than human skin. You don't have to be a genius to put 2 and 2 together and understand this small weapon is very deadly. As for people taking to the streets with a weapon like this, the chances of that happening are very high. But spending all that money on this knife, or shelling out maybe 100+ dollars at your local pawn shop. The latter seems more fitting to you common criminal's liking.

  • patrick

    im gonna go kill some sharks

  • Little Chuck

    Could you imagine this knife in the hands of Chuck Norris?

  • GuestAssNigga

    im scared of this shit.. im gonna get jumped one day walking around the hood and high tech ass nigga is gonna stab me with that shitz and ima explode from inside out!

  • fuzzywuzzy44

    Here’s some more good ideas for the Wasp knife:

    1. Mini-scuba tank hooked up to the knife – instant 3000 psi instead of just 400 psi.
    2. Gasoline injection knife!!! Ooooh yeah!
    3. Mercury injection Knife!!! Whoooooo Hooooooo!
    4. Meth-injection knife – Git that critter all jazzzzzzzzed up!!! That's gonna be one hip-hoppity-happy shark.

  • Anon

    Definitely getting one of these in the future.

  • ara

    will need a much larger gas cylinder than that to kill my mother in law

  • been there

    The knife is real and legit. Around $400+ I imagine by now. You won’t load it with store biught co2 cylinders, the blade is about 5.5″ (too short for it to physically reach all vital targets of the human anatomy from all angles itself- a moot point here), 440A I believe, originally designed for divers. If I still was around the ocean, or rather in it as when I was younger I would purchase one. Easier to carry than a bang stick. Unless you’re a specwar type,I don’t see the point to carrying it. It is nifty, if someone wants to own one and can afford it that’s their right. Doesn’t bother me a bit unless they’re running around the neighborhood playing westside story with it. I just don’t trust dancers. No sir, not at all.

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