KGB Technology Detects Impending Disease

Technology developed by the Russian KGB is being used to help diagnose and predict impending illnesses, a scientist said today.

Russian-born consultant Alla Cranham has used the technique to develop the Health Detector, which measures impulses from the brain to pinpoint hidden weaknesses in other parts of the body.

It can then identify potential problems in internal organs, bones and muscles, she said.

Mrs Cranham’s Nottingham-based company In Vivo Health uses the technology to help patients across the country, and today she said she has successfully predicted ailments including skin cancer, sexually transmitted infections and cataracts.


Inspired: The Health Detector is built on Russian technology, originally funded by the KGB

She said the Health Detector can find potential problems when the symptoms may not be picked up by conventional medicine.

‘It is a successful early warning system for impending disease, which allows us to identify and treat ailments before symptoms become apparent,’ she said.

‘The Health Detector operates using the principles of Cybernetics, a scientific theory, which studies and maps control systems.

‘It focuses on the way a system functions and how it self-controls and regulates.

‘Cybernetic medicine assesses the function of body organs and can predict where problems are likely to occur.


Early warning system: The technology pinpoints weaknesses in the body by measuring impulses from the brain

‘The brain is the centre of the human control system and it knows where weaknesses lie.

‘The Health Detector picks up the signals from the brain and analyses them to produce a virtual scan of the whole body.

‘Patients can then take action with a course of medication – usually natural – which will boost the affected area and correct the imbalance.’

She said the Health Detector is portable and used in conjunction with a laptop.

Patients see a display of the areas being examined on the screen, with a report on the condition of organs and systems.

Mrs Cranham compared it to a ‘Virtual Bodytalk’ system – the ‘bodytalk’ technique, widely used in Russia, sees a practitioner place his hand on a patient’s body to ‘diagnose’ ailments.


Up and running: The portable Health Detector is used in conjunction with a laptop to treat patients nationwide

Mrs Cranham studied pharmaceutical chemistry in her native Russia and has since completed a Master’s Degree in biomolecular sciences at Nottingham University.

She also studied at the Academy of Homotoxicology and Bioregulatory Medicine, and is a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, a member of the Biochemical Society and a lecturer at the Biomedic Foundation in London.

She uses the Health Detector to treat patients across the country, including a clinic in London’s Wimpole Street.

Today she added: ‘Russians believe in treating the whole person – not just the areas which show symptoms and they are much more open to alternative therapies.

‘The Health Detector is built on Russian technology, originally funded by the KGB and which is now being refined for use by the medical profession.’

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