Israels Undeclared Nuclear Arsenal

Much attention has been placed on Iran and their supposed nuclear weapons program by the United States and Israel.

What isn’t talked about on a regular basis in the corporate controlled media is the fact that Israel has an illegal, undeclared nuclear arsenal.

While many are already aware of the facts regarding the Israeli Nuclear Program, there is an absurd amount of people who still pretend Israel is a sitting duck surrounded by powerful enemies.

The reality is that our government knew, as far back as 1974, that Israel most likely possessed nuclear weapons.

In 2008 the National Security Archive released a once classified CIA document that indicated that Israel already had a stockpile of nuclear weapons in 1974.

“The Central Intelligence Agency, backed by bodies including the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research and the Defense Intelligence Agency, determined in August 1974 that Israel had nuclear “weapons in being,” a “small number” of which it “produced and stockpiled,” reported Haaretz in 2008.

The document lays out the fact that the United States gave nuclear information to France who in turn gave it to Israel. Not only that, there is also strong evidence that Israel stole nuclear secrets directly from the United States.

The 1974 document describes the Jericho project, from its inception in France through its migration to Israel to the replacement of the original inertial guidance system by an Israeli design “based on components produced in Israel under licenses from U.S. companies.”

Israel Aircraft Industries is responsible for the development of the missile and has constructed a number of facilities for production and testing north of Tel Aviv, near Haifa, at Ramle and nearby it “a missile assembly and checkout plant.”

Why is Israel hiding their nuclear arsenal?

Not only are they hiding their not so secret nuclear program, they have also kidnapped and imprisoned their own nuclear scientists who have leaked information to the press.

Global Research

On June 19, 1981, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution which urgently called upon Israel to put its nuclear facilities under the comprehensive safeguards of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); however, Israel never heeded the calls of the UNSC and following that resolution, no significant decision was ever made to domesticate Israel and bring its dangerous nuclear facilities under control.

According to Nuclear Weapons Archive website, “the most specific and detailed information to be made public about Israel’s nuclear program came from a former mid-level nuclear technician named Mordechai Vanunu. Vanunu had worked at the Machon 2 facility, where plutonium is produced and bomb components fabricated, for 9 years before his increasing involvement in left wing pro-Palestinian politics led to his dismissal in 1986. Due to lax internal security, prior to his departure he managed to take about 60 photographs covering nearly every part of Machon 2.”

He made contact with the London Sunday Times and began to write an exclusive story about the details of Israel’s nuclear program. Unfortunately for Vanunu, “the Israeli government had found out about his activities and the Mossad arranged to kidnap him and bring him back to Israel for trial,” the report added.

There is so much evidence of Israeli espionage and illegal activity that i could easily fill twenty pages and not even scratch the surface.

The next time someone tells you that Israel is just defending themselves from hostile Arab neighbors, remember Israel is NOT an innocent victim in the middle east, in fact most evidence points to them being the aggressor.

Via:The Intel HubBy Alex Thomas


3 comments to Israels Undeclared Nuclear Arsenal

  • Gene

    "Illegal" nuclear arsenal ??? I suspect that it is the muslims & anti-Semites that are claiming it is "illegal"..

    Israel needs the most modern ,advanced & capable strategic & tactical nuclear arsenal in the world when you consider that it is surrounded by fanatic radical maniacal muslim hordes who want to destroy Israel.

  • Anthony

    Israel has an illegal, undeclared nuclear arsenal

    You clearly have no idea what you are writing about. Israel does not have "illegal" nuclear weapons. As it is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty it is not bound by it. North Korea and India are not signatories either. Secondly Israel has a policy of not commenting on whether it has nuclear weapons or not – this is different to undeclared weapons.

    Further you claim that Israel stole nuclear secrets from the USA…and then go on how to describe how it got its missile "guidance" system. There is a difference….a very big diffrence.

    This whole piece is just a beat up on the "evil" Israelis with not attempt at providing a balance or the truth.

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