Iranian Media: Muslim world should celebrate Islam’s nuclear weapons development

The Mideast becomes increasingly dangerous. Iran continues pursuing nuclear weapons. Israelis encrypt UAVs as cyber-war widens. And Turkey fears the Syrian conflict will spill over into its country.
Israel National News reports: Iranian state-run media declares that the Muslim world should celebrate Islam’s nuclear weapons development program. Under the leadership of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the regime always affirmed its nuclear program was only for nonviolent objectives.
The propaganda comments were published by Fars News Agency, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards. Iran appears to be changing its message as it gets closer to developing a nuclear weapon. Analysts point out that the Muslim world already has nuclear weapons because Pakistan is assessed to have roughly 110 nuclear weapons. reports: Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will procure an advanced model of the Skylark 1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The UAV will be equipped with electronic jammers capable of blocking efforts to intercept surveillance data. This action comes during critical intensification in Israel’s cyber operations against Iran’s underground nuclear weapons program. Iranians have developed counter-measures against Israel. An Israeli military intelligence analyst assessed recently that Israel’s foes were increasing their efforts to collect electronic intelligence on the IDF capabilities.

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