Indiana Passes new Law Allowing Residents to use Deadly Force Against Police

Police officers in Indiana are upset over a new law allowing residents to use deadly force against public servants, including law enforcement officers, who unlawfully enter their homes. It was signed by Republican Governor Mitch Daniels in March.
The first of its kind in the United States, the law was adopted after the state Supreme Court went too far in one of its rulings last year, according to supporters. The case in question involved a man who assaulted an officer during a domestic violence call. The court ruled that there was “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.”
The National Rifle Association lobbied for the new law, arguing that the court decision had legalized police to commit unjustified entries.
Tim Downs, president of the Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police, which opposed the legislation, said the law could open the way for people who are under the influence or emotionally distressed to attack officers in their homes.
“It’s just a recipe for disaster,” Downs told Bloomberg. “It just puts a bounty on our heads.”

3 comments to Indiana Passes new Law Allowing Residents to use Deadly Force Against Police

  • Stephanie Morgan

    Huray for Indiana!  My father was a police officer and he would have supported this law! 

    He would have said that there is no reason for Police to use force or enter w/o warrants!

  • sort of levels the playing field a bit, i'd say. the good cops wont mind it

  • I don't believe that any law enforcement including Infragard or Homeland Security should ever have that right to enter someones home with out a warrant, because it only creates corruption, like stealing or destroying of personal property and allows dirty law to set up their subject! it also leaves "NO" documentation of them entering the home! and it is only asking to get someone killed! I personally am aware of one situation when Infragard entered a home unaware that anyone was inside the house! If the right person (used to handling guns) had been in that house someone would have been dead or seriously injured, The only thing the home owner knew was that there was an intruder in their home, it was a Federal Snoop! They scared the female half to death and left quickly! The local Police was called but they was also aware the home was being watched by Infragard and they blew it all off! They discredited any information given!
              Jim Moore

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