Hypocritical Statements About Bloggers from News Anchors

Anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts discussed the “mixed blessing of the internet,” and agreed that there should be a crackdown on anonymous bloggers who disparage, discredit and basically put down others on the internet, who the hell do they think they are, they are ” supposed” to be pillars of free speech, can you say “Hypocrisy”


2 comments to Hypocritical Statements About Bloggers from News Anchors

  • Shirley Sherrod admitted to using her position to deny a loan to a farmer because they were white, albeit 20-years ago, and she admitted it was racist and she had come to terms with her own racism. Well, that one act was one of racism in her position; it was unacceptable. Either way, she did that. And she was speaking to others who may or may not have done or are currently doing the same. This was a speech, where she addressed racism, and admitted “reverse-racism” was a problem. She is right – it is! And she admitted she did that. I suppose since it was a long time ago, we could forgive her, but in doing that it may have ruined that farm families life! They shouldn’t forgive her. I don’t. It’s unacceptable, at that point she showed her true character, just as Obama had when he’d admitted to his huge drug problem in his younger days – it’s unacceptable, she should not be in that position, nor should Obama be the President, nor should we let this go merely due to the fact that they are of a color or race, that we give a break too. If we are delete racism and treat folks equally, then we treat them as per their own merits, experience, and resumes.

    Reverse Racism is racism. Race-Baiting is akin to a soccer player falling down at the world cup and carrying on to draw a foul and yellow card from the opposing team or player. It’s not okay, it ruins the game for everyone. It’s not okay.

    Regardless of whether the blogger took it out of context, we are not speaking of the REAL issue in our media, so it’s just another pass for racism, it’s just another forgiveness for violating the law, it’s not okay just because Sherrod is of color. If a white person denied a loan to a black person 20-years ago, they’d strip him of his position and go back and find that black farmer and allow him restitution. We all know that.

    The reality is that we have a double standard in this country, massive race-baiting, and we give a pass to folks of color, based on the amount of vocal-ness that’s rendered, rather than on what’s fair for all concerned. We all know this, everyone knows, but no one dares speak of it, why? I choose to revert back the original question – 20-years ago, when Sherrod denied that loan, and I say that goes on Every Single Day at all levels of government. Not just with loans, but with everything. Why?

    Folks who feel they’ve been wronged, are the very people we should watch out for, as they are indeed the most likely to take the rights of others in revenge. Thus, we shouldn’t wrong people, and we should allow those who “think” they’ve been wronged to attempt to make two-wrongs their right!

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