Have School Issued Devices Been Caught Spying on Students?

The Feds, and educational technology (ed tech) companies are using tablets and laptops to spy on students from kindergarten through college.

Students, teachers,administrators and librarians across the country are being forced to use school-issued tablets and laptops which use educational cloud services that spy on everything.

According to a EFF’s “Spying on Students” report, more than 30 million students, teachers, and administrators use Google’s education suite of software.

According to the report, students are being given Google login ID’s with no option to opt-out.
Feds collect intimate and detailed reports of everything students have ever done
EFF’s report warns, these device spy on everyone and keep their information indefinitely. Imagine big brother having an intimate and detailed knowledge of everyone’s entire education from PreK-12 and beyond.
EFF warns, school-issued devices know everyone’s name, student ID, date of birth, their browsing history, their search terms, their location, their contact lists, their graduation dates, and behavioral information.
EFF also warns, some school programs upload this data to the cloud automatically by default.
School-issued devices spy on families nationwide
Schools often require students to use these devices at home to do homework, which means the Feds could easily use it to spy on your home network without a warrant.
In other words, the Feds are using government issued devices to spy on families across the country!
Knewton CEO Joe Ferreira: “Education is the most data mineable industry by far”
What Ferreira is really saying is, students from PreK-12 and beyond is the most spied on data by far.
The ‘Software & Information Industry Association’ estimates that spying on PreK-12 to be an $8.38 billion dollar industry.
What does this mean for our kid’s future?
A parent from a Maryland public school had suspicions about data collection, retention, and eventual use by ed tech companies:
Imagine your child going through school and applying for a job or applying for college. Imagine big brother, employers and universities being able to see their entire educational history and flag anything that would disqualify them from a job, higher education,or higher salary.
Imagine law enforcement, politicians, etc., spying on kids throughout their school years and flagging them for activism or being subversive.
That’s the future the Feds and corporations are creating!
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