George Soros: If Germany Continues, Europe Is Over

George Soros has gone to Berlin to tell the Germans that their policies are leading to the disintegration of not just the Euro, but Europe itself.

Yesterday in a panel on the “Future of Europe” at a conference organized by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Soros said:

The Euro has really broken down. It has sprung defects, some of which could have been anticipated and some were anticipated. But some actually couldn’t. Effectively, heavily indebted countries [in Europe] have ended up in the position of a third world country that is heavily indebted in a foreign currency. And that is only one of the unanticipated results of how things worked out [with the Euro].

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  • Wishbone

    the europian union was'nt a good idea in the first place, it was always destine to end up with germany being the dominant force, i think we should all go back to the way it was, go back to our own currencys, our own laws, our own taxation systems. all europe seems to be doing is pushing us all toward a facist-new world-police states situation or just an implosion and a new europian depression. england did the right thing keeping the pound, (even though it has nevertheless turned into a police state)…

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