Fox News Commentator Makes Revealing Statement

Fox News commentator and The Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson, in response to a question about U.S. military action, openly called for the full-scale annihilation of Iran during an appearance on Fox News’s late-night show Red Eye.

CARLSON: “I think we are the only country with the moral authority […] sufficient to do that. [The U.S. is] the only country that doesn’t seek hegemony in the world. I do think, I’m sure I’m the lone voice in saying this, that Iran deserves to be annihilated. I think they’re lunatics. I think they’re evil.”

After calling for the annihilation of Iran — a country with a population of over 74 million people that has not attacked anyone in over 200 years — Carlson went on to acknowledge that “we should assess what will happen to the price of energy were we to do that.”

Carlson doesn’t bother to make a case for why the U.S. should destroy Iran other than calling them lunatics and evil, which seems a more appropriate decription of himself.

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