Fleet of UFO’s Filmed in Pennsylvania

[flashvideo filename=http://w2aiq.servebbs.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/ufo-over-pennsylvania.flv /]

Apparently this video was shot in Pennsylvania somewhere, i wish they guy filming it could have been more descriptive about what he was experiencing, he said they were moving but didn’t say in what direction or how fast, were they maintaining altitude, Although I’m sure the fact that his wife was totally henpecking him didn’t help!


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  • koz

    First off, can we please define our terms? When you say “UFO”, do you mean what the acronym means (i.e. – Unidentified Flying Object), or do you mean “flying saucer” (alien space craft, etc.)? Because I can easily agree to the original meaning of the acronym (they are indeed unidentified). Anything beyond that is pure speculation at this point.

    Second, whatever they are, they appear to be moving awfully slowly and uniformly. My first thought, being the video was dated so close to halloween, was that somebody beat me to the punch on a hoax I’d always wanted to do around halloween -(tie a bunch of chem-lights onto a bunch of silver mylar ballons and release them).

    One other thing to consider, given enough distance (and in cases like this (night), distance is much harder to judge), even helicopters and planes will not make much noise (if any), couple that with the fact that they are on the side of a noisy road with a lot of traffic, and a fair amount of talking going on at the time, and who knows if the UFO’s were making any noise or not. A formation of UH-60’s twenty or so miles away at night wouldn’t make a lot of noise compared to the traffic noise, etc., but you would see their lights.
    As far as I’m concerned – it’s a bonafied U.F.O. (in the original sense).

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