Exposing the Truth on Gulf Oil Spill

susan gonzalez
We need to get the word out to the public about what is really going on with this unprecedented mega-disaster, since our elected officials are not being upfront with us, or to put it bluntly, they are lying to us and covering up the truth.

There a few very important things I will tell you about, and the first is an expose’ of what happened behind the scenes in our government that allowed BP to drill in the first place. You may or may not have read this, but I will bring it to your attention just in case you haven’t read it yet:
Read Rolling Stone’s article at
called “The Spill, The Scandal and the President,” exposing how the President knew the risks and the corruption inside the MMS, and how Ken Salazar failed to do his job and is seemingly as corrupt as the rest of the criminals in our government.

Next, you might want to check out why Goldman Sachs, those criminals who have their greedy little paws in every scandal these days, dumped 44% of their BP stock (which was the only oil stock they dumped- in a time when everyone was buying instead of selling) just days before the accident. Just a coincidence, you say? Well, how is it that a former chair of Goldman Sachs who became a chief at BP ALSO dumped his BP stock 3 weeks before the accident? I don’t believe in coincidences THAT much- I mean, who gets that lucky?
Then please see “BP, Halliburton and Transocean Have Unleashed Armageddon and Now There Is No Stopping It” by Chris Landau posted in OpEd News,

Next, I will bring the worst and the deadliest information to your attention, and our government knows about it, the press perhaps knows about some of it, but the public is being kept in the dark about it:
PASTOR LINDSEY WILLIAMS, A FORMER ALASKAN OIL-PIPELINE CHAPLAIN WHO HAD EXECUTIVE STATUS, WITH HIGH LEVEL OIL INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS, HAS STARTLING NEWS OBTAINED FROM HIS RELIABLE SOURCES INSIDE THE OIL INDUSTRY. He contacted his high-level connections in the oil industry, one such source was the same source that provided him with his inside information for his best selling book “Energy Non-Crisis.” The source is a former oil corporation CEO and spoke to the pastor under the condition of anonymity. Apparently Lindsey Williams using his sources has provided good intel in the past and his facts have always been found to be accurate. According to Williams, this was the first time in all his years of knowing the CEO that he could see the man was visibly scared.
According to Pastor Williams who got the information directly from interviews with his source, along with interviews of 2 high level BP employees, what is NOT being told to the public (and I imagine the reasons why there is a media blackout) are 5 major things.

1. BP was drilling a “super deep” well. What that means has nothing to do with water depth. Besides being almost a mile underwater, the drilling itself goes down 25-30,000 feet. They were apparently trying to do what Russia did on land when drilling the Kola SG3 well that went down a record 40,230′ and subsequent successful super-deep wells (except BP was stupid enough to try it in the ocean rather than on land.) They have hit something so catastrophic and unexpected and they cannot contain it. They did not have safety precautions that were functioning properly, in fact the “fail safe” valve was “warped” and when “a worker on the rig brought it to a foreman’s attention, he was told to ignore it.” None of this is mainstream information, and in fact had to come from BP itself- it came straight from William’s informants.
This was the first time in history that all 3 safety precautions failed.

2. They hit a “strata” of oil, and the oil is coming out of that hole at the unprecedented pressure rate of 20,000 to 70,000 psi. Williams gave the comparison of the psi of the well in Prudoe Bay, AK which came out at a healthy 1500psi. (!) This is beyond human technology and they do not know how to contain it or how to stop it!
It is dumping oil out at amounts the government will not report, conservatively reported by William’s sources at 4 million gallons per day. (!)
Plumes have been reported as far as 20 miles away, and oil is coming up from the sea floor.
New fissures blowing oil keep opening up and they have no way to stop it.
Personally, I believe all they are doing is stalling for time and keeping the public in the dark while they try to figure it out!

3. The oil, according to Williams and his sources, is not the only substance springing from the earth, nor is it the most toxic or deadly. Yes, horrifically the oil is killing the wildlife and just thinking of that makes me ill and devastatingly sad. It is beyond comprehension the damage and death this is causing and it is reprehensible how our leaders are helping BP cover this up while washing their fingerprints off the crime scene at the same time.
But the following information is much more urgent: there is something much worse happening that is even deadlier than the exposure to the oil. There are gasses that are coming up along with the oil that the EPA is aware of and is not informing the public about (who is being exposed to it and is breathing the air into their lungs 24/7.) These gasses are hitting the shore now. The EPA took readings showing the air is carrying toxic levels of Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methaline Chloride, and possibly toxic levels of Vanadium. Some of these are flammable as well.
Apparently, a plan for a mass evacuation is being formed unbeknownst to the public. Where are they all going to go- FEMA camps?

4. BP, in their shady efforts to hide the amounts of oil being blown into the sea is using a very toxic, very deadly dispersant called Coexit 9500. They are pumping millions of gallons of this poison into the ocean daily to hide the full extent of the leak from the public. It is a solvent 4 times more toxic than oil, with a 2.61ppm toxicity level. When mixed with the warm waters of the Gulf its molecules will be able to “phase transition.” This transition involves the change of the liquid into a gaseous state which makes it able to be absorbed by clouds. The gas will then be released as “toxic rain” leading to an “unimaginable environmental catastrophe” destroying all life forms from the bottom of the evolutionary chain to the top!
Now, imagine what is going to happen during the impending hurricane season, which reportedly is expected to be a bad one!
When the EPA ordered BP to cease using Coexit 9500, they refused, citing the only other option they had was to use a more volatile chemical! It makes me curious to know who is in charge. In fact, putting BP in charge of this at all is a serious problem, seeing how they caused this mega-disaster, along with the fact that they hold the worst safety rating for any oil company in history (and to think Obama was giving them an award- or gave them one already.)
The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources said “The BP oil spill is threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with TOTAL destruction. This is the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history.”

5. Williams’ source said the only hope for containing this gusher is setting off a nuclear device. However, certain factors make this risky: at 5000′ ft deep, the pressure is phenomenal, the water is at almost subzero temperatures and besides that, they can’t just place it at the opening (which presumably is covered in tons of wreckage from the destroyed platform.) They have to drill thousands of feet down at an angle, which can take months to do. Then they have to place the device at the precise location, making certain not to cause more damage. Then it must be determined how much to use. He said that if they are successful, they will be worldwide heroes. However, it is very risky, and if they don’t succeed, well, this is why the former CEO was so scared: “What’s frightening is that if we use a nuke we might succeed… however, if we don’t, we crack that strata further and it will never be stopped. It could flow like this and even more for decades, and that is what frightens me.”

12 comments to Exposing the Truth on Gulf Oil Spill

  • bgstrong

    Apparently the author of this ludicrous article has been living in an isolated underground cave at a secret Sierra Club site and the poor girl is unaware of the larger Ixtoc blow-out of 1979 and its long term results which were pretty much negligible …

    • Derry

      your so right,whoever wrote this need to be band from writing anything esle,cause that well had been there long before the president took office,I get it {they hate to see a blackman do anything half way right]

  • bgstrong

    Apparently the article of this ludicrous article has been living in an isolated underground cave at a secret Sierra Club site and the poor girl is unaware of the larger Ixtoc blow-out of 1979 and its long term results which were pretty much negligible …

    • Rex

      Hey BGStrong. You brain is certainly not BGStrong. You can't even gramatically put a sentence together. And, the "larger" blowout you reference is not the largest and it was in 160 ft of water. They did not use dispersants to keep it below the water. This Disaster is in 5000 ft of water and the dispersants were used to try to prevent it from going around Florida. It would have aready done so if the dispersants were not used. It is 5 times more poisonous than the oil.

  • Wake up America

    This article should be on the front page of every newspaper. We finally need to hear the truth and then do whatever it takes to fix the problems.

  • GG

    I truly believe everything this author has written. What gets me is how evasive BP and government officials are being about this oil spill. I really believe that this disaster is much bigger than they are willing to let the American people know.

  • Sam

    There is obviously a cover up going on. Corporations run our country and have been running it for years. There is no such thing as democracy in America. I would like nothing better than to leave this country but I'm stuck. I feel like the Obama Administration has done it's best but there is no way to save this sinking ship.

  • Reality

    Callies-Place aka northforty is a dangerous psychopath who molests children and collies.

    Do not ever trust these freaks, especially when it comes to the junk they sell.

  • jobe

    Yo Reality

    I’m sorry you had to deal with those moonbat freaks.
    You know who is even worse?
    Their friends solar.nexus. They actually do children swapping for sex, like wife swapping only far more disgusting.

  • bgstrong

    Hey Rex…..I spent months working offshore on the Ixtoc blowout..

    crawl back into your hole..

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  • derry

    The only thing I seen happen is BP should be band in the US until they've made things right with everyone who was injuried by the spill and that's all I have to say about that!

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