DHS Demanding Permit for all Live Music Played in the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security (An agency enacted through the Patriot Act) is now demanding through enforcement from The State Fire Marshalls that ALL LIVE MUSIC PLAYED IN THE UNITED STATES MUST HAVE A PERMIT FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.

dhs grads

This is an outrage to freedom and the ideals of The American people and our quickly evaporating rights.

This is just the start to the reality of what The Department of Homeland Security is going to do to the American citizens. The DHS is actually saying it is illegal to play music or operate a business where music is played for any reason without paying The Department of Homeland Security, and giving them much personal and private information. If The DHS can regulate the performance of a song where do you think they will stop? The fact is they won’t!

The Department of Homeland Security does not have the jurisdiction to enforce laws in The United States. They have purposefully and misleadingly attached themselves to The Fire Marshall to circumvent American constitutional rights and automatically give themselves jurisdiction in every business in The United States. This is enforced through the Fire Marshall’s inspection of commercial public businesses.

Please stand with me, American Citizens everywhere, and business owners in demanding that we will not allow The Department of Homeland Security in our businesses and homes. We need all US Citizens and our elected officials to stand united against the unlawful abuses of The Department of Homeland Security and this increasingly fascist government. The Patriot Act is the only reason The Department of Homeland Security has any jurisdiction. This is intentional. This is the first bold and aggressive move by them. Please stand with us! Our children and grandchildren need us!

I and my business Folly Moon (a restaurant in downtown Muncie, IN) have a hearing with The Department of Homeland Security at The Indiana State House on Friday Aug. 2nd at 10a.m.



7 comments to DHS Demanding Permit for all Live Music Played in the U.S.

  • macmike100

    Wake up America. Can't you see what these people that the sheep elected are doing to us?
    Our freedoms are eroding one by one. And by power crazy idiots!
    This is not the America that I used to love anymore.

  • This will be crazy in New York City: Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall. Does the DHS plan to raid Radio City Music Hall and bust the Rockettes during their performance?? What happens to Fire Depts. that tell DHS to get lost?? What happens if someone decides to livestream a Cat Stevens (banned from US) concert to some US venue?

  • this is not their first bold move, perhaps everyone should realize that they have been making very bold moves for years now. This move affected you and your business so now understand what they are doing on a personal level. They hope that by the time they have everyone personally "taken" it will be too late. What was the poem from the Nazi occupation of Germany? "When they came for the Jew, I did not speak up because it did not concern me." and the last line went like "When they came for me there was no one left to speak up."

  • Ricky Ross

    This guy is in for a big surprise if he expects the sheeple or the politicians to "stand with him". The sheep are asleep and the career politicians are the ones who allowed all of this to happen!

    He will learn real quick that we can not fix the corrupt system, by using the corrupt system!

  • FrankMcCarthy

    All in the footsteps of Nazi Germany. They say the history book on the shelf is the one that is always repeated

  • crystalrose77

    I don’t think that this issue is fully or well-represented by this article.


  • Colleen

    Snopes– If its only in "Indiana" that's how shit works..they start out little by little until they take over and its everywhere. Too big of a ridiculous situation would make the PEOPLE obviously crazy and would rebel. Its a "SLOW KILL"

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