Depleted Uranium Found in Victims of Gaza Offensive

Norwegian medics told Press TV correspondent Akram al-Sattari that some of the victims who have been wounded since Israel began its attacks on the Gaza Strip on December 27 have traces of depleted uranium in their bodies.

The report comes after Israeli tanks and troops swept across the border into Gaza on Saturday night, opening a ground operation after eight days of intensive attacks by Israeli air and naval forces on the impoverished region.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned on Sunday that the wide-ranging ground offensive in the Gaza Strip would be “full of surprises.”

A ground offensive in the densely-populated Gaza is expected to drastically increase the death toll of the civilian population.

The latest assaults bring the number of Palestinians killed to over 488 with 2790 others wounded. The UN says that about 25 percent of the casualties were civilian deaths – including at least 34 children.

According to Israeli army officials, at least 30 of its soldiers have been wounded since the start of the ground campaign.

Amid global condemnation of the ongoing violence in the region, the UN Security Council failed to agree on a united approach to resolve the crisis.

“Once again, the world is watching in dismay the dysfunctionality of the Security Council,” UN General Assembly chief Miguel d’Escoto said Sunday.

According to diplomatic sources, the US blocked a Security Council resolution, with US Deputy Ambassador Alejandro Wolff arguing that an official statement that criticizes both Israel and Hamas would not be helpful.

The White House has so far declined to comment on whether an Israeli ground incursion into Gaza is a justified measure.

3 comments to Depleted Uranium Found in Victims of Gaza Offensive

  • 4evalovenpeace

    Wow, this is awful and war just must stop!!  We the people need to take down all governments and controlling banks. If decisions were made as a unified planet and not behind closed doors, then this planet would live in peace and prosperity. Federal governments, big corps and big banks are the enemy and are all owned by the same evil people!! Lets take our planet back from the psychos!

  • Guest

    Wake up idiots. There are thousands of cases like this in Iraq. In the last 10 years Iraq has been filled with depleted uranium and inhuman infant deformations caused by the US military and a Congress who has covered up any investigation into the matter of crimes against humanity.

  • sister

    wow what happened to the good old values and morals? as a mother myself my heart weeps

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