CIA Sponsored Insurgents Arrested

cia sealIran’s security forces say they have arrested some elements of a terrorist group in eastern Iran who had a hand in the execution of 15 police officers.

“”The Iranian intelligence and police forces have arrested some terrorists who were behind the killings of 15 Iranian police members,”” Kazem Jalali, a senior lawmaker told reporters on Monday.

The captured terrorists are to be brought to justice in the near future and their open hearing will be broadcast for the Iranian nation, he added.

Officials from Iran’s foreign and intelligence ministries met with senior Pakistani police authorities on Monday to discuss the ways to return to Iran the bodies of the killed officers.

According to the information and documents obtained by Pakistani government, some elements inside Pakistan are supporting Jundullah group, the Iranian MP noted.

Also, the Arabic Nahrainnet website cited informed sources in Pakistan’s Peshawar on Monday who claimed that Saudi Arabian intelligence agencies have significantly increased their support for the terrorist group.

Jundullah is a CIA spawned terror group and its operational base is located in Afghanistan. It conducts raids into the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan. According to Brigadier General Mohammad, Jundullah receives “support from British and US forces in neighboring Afghanistan for its campaign of violence in Sistan-Baluchestan,” David Eshel wrote in the March 2007 Defense Update.

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