Chemtrail Aircraft Caught on the Ground

Chemtrail Plane Photographed
On The Ground

Recently, a pilot sent several images of a plane which is clearly rigged for aerial chemtrail or biological spraying taxiing on the ground at an airport in Canada. After studying and researching the plane images and origin, I feel they are authentic. Why do I suggest the plane might be used for biological spraying? Previously released photos of acknowledged experimental spray planes built for NASA had massive concentric rings mounted on the rear tail of the plane.

I will uphold the pilot’s desire for privacy and withhold the name. Based on information provided, here is the exact location of the chemtrail plane at the time
Fig. 2 ­ Airport location close-up (Google maps)
Fig. 3 ­ Chemtrail plane taxiing
Fig. 4 ­ Enlarged image of spraying pod mounted under port-side wing. Pod is painted to somewhat match the engine color on the plane. However, note pod mounting strut doesn’t match the underside wing color. Note the number “2” on the pod. The starboard side wing is most likely pod #1. I have added the letters to identify key parts of the image which are referenced below.
A – Propeller on the front of the pod drives an internal generator or pump. Based on the shadows under the plane, we can determine this image was made sometime around mid-day.
B – Funnel-cone with an exit port mounted on center of engine exhaust for additional spraying capability. Exhaust that exits here may not necessarily be superheated air, as most of today’s engines are high-bypass designs for maximum thrust and efficiency. The engine could have been designed to have a fresh-air channel running straight down the center. This would be important when spraying biological agents in order not to destroy them.
C – Semi-circle black lines along the bottom are probably air intake screens. Being on the underside of the pod, they would be exposed to the high pressure flow of air under the wing.
D ­ Afterbirth: Curve of pod mounting strut almost matches that of the plane’s wing, but is not quite perfect. No aircraft manufacturer would ever release a plane with the large gap in the mount that we see here. This pod was clearly manufactured by a third party.
Fig. 5 ­ Spray pod exit port, brightness enhanced since it was in the shadow of the sun. The brush-like object would provide the maximum surface area to create an aerosol. Note the dark baffle which will restrict airflow completely through the aerosol device.
Fig. 6 ­ Emblem for French Air Squadron [1>
Fig. 7 ­ Tail emblem
A logo was found on the tail of the plane. The closest image of a flag to this logo is a tiny, obscure government called Bretagne. All images found on the web for this flag are in black and white:
Fig. 8 ­ Flag of Bretagne. Objects in the upper left corner of this flag are also found in the plane’s tail emblem
Fig. 9 ­ Location of Bretagne in France
CONCLUSION From my research I feel this is an authentic photo. It also raises some interesting questions ­ what is a plane from a French air squadron doing in North America?
Has it been spraying over the Atlanticor over North America? Could it be that those behind the global aerial spraying are using small countries or governments for their work? If so, this provides an important place to look for the origin of these planes.
It also clearly explains how a two engine plane can create four chemtrails. As far as I know, clear photos like these are a first in this area. No one can any longer call this a “conspiracy theory.”

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  • Thank you for focusing on the most important issue confronting us today, unless you entertain a theory of catastrophism put forth by Charles Hapgood called "earth crust displacement," or endorse research published by Michael Roll at the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom allegedly proving the existence of life after death.

    Chemtrail spraying, planetary disaster, and "survival" as it's called: The only other issue vying for status "of paramount importance" alongside these heavyweights – at least the only other issue which NOW comes to mind (there are so many pressing issues outside the narrow confines of the Operation Mockingbird mainstream media) – is the issue of the new technology that is emerging thanks to the work of Stan Deyo, who disclosed our own species' work on building flying saucers.

    Let's face it: The strategy for discrediting us who dare to clamber outside the channels force-fed to us by the major media conglomerates, all of which are mere subsidiaries of and controlled and infiltrated by the "military industrial complex" – the strategy for dismissing us who've glimpsed the big picture and grasped the frightening implications of what we are struggling to bring into focus – the strategy for dealing with us is to make fun of us.

    But something is imminent. I do believe that. Whether it's planetary disaster (Hapgood, Einstein, Hancock) or Benjamin Fulford's 100,000 ninjas that are going to take out the 10,000 Illuminati by August 8th, 2008 if they don't quit killing people – the issue of chemtrails is certainly at the forefront of the handful of threats facing us.

    The entire biosphere appears to be infected. Clifford Carnicom has sampled a few individuals at random and detected signs of infection of – I think it was the chlamidia pnumoniae, just one of the several pages long list of biological agents (pathogens) present in the toxic soup being aerosolized in our skies – and this is 100% of a very small random sample, whereas the CDC says only 15,000 cases of 'morgellons' exist in the world: The chances of 100% sampling of five or so individuals out of a 15,000:6,000,000,000 ratio of infections is astronomically small.

    Let's bring chemtrails to the forefront of our activism!

  • Jerit Adamson Fourman |

    Sun May 18, 2008. 11:44 AM. Talent, Oregon.

    Blue Skies in Danger from Jet Trails

    Blue-sky days are back, but like an endangered species, they are threatened. High-flying jet aircraft lay down persistent white lines in the sky, which eventually spread into gray gauze-like haze, robbing us of the deep, soul-satisfying azure overhead that is our birthright.

    And yet it does not have to be so. Observe long enough, and it will be seen that some of these white lines disappear within a minute, while others linger and spread. The Environmental Protection Agency assures us that these persistent, cloud-like lines in the sky are normal condensation trails, and suggests that some linger while others dissipate due to various additives in jet fuel. Clearly, then, we would do well to outright ban the use of jet-fuel additives responsible for persistent, spreading contrails. Until we do, aside from whatever toxins may be present in persistent condensation trails, we may not rely upon our summertime for unblemished, soul-nurturing, spirit-uplifting, pure blue skies.

    However, we have a right to blue skies, and in fact, we have a duty to protect them. To jet-fuel manufacturers, if indeed they are to blame, we must come together and say – DO NOT TREAD ON OUR BLUE SKIES! – and insist on low-impact or zero-emission standards for Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and the rest of the jet airplane manufacturers.

    Of course, anyone who believes the EPA after Christine Todd Whitman's pronouncement on 9/11 that "the air is safe to breathe," ought to interview any one of the 50,000 first-responders who can no longer walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. In fact, samples of persistent contrails analyzed by independent researchers – the EPA refuses to analyze "unsolicited submissions" – reveal a two-pages-long list of pathogens. In case you missed it, the issue of persistent contrails is in fact much larger than our blue skies.

    But so as not to frighten people into dismissing the whole issue, why don't we concentrate our efforts in this regard simply on protecting our blue skies? You do not have to believe in ongoing covert biological terrorism operations or intentional weather modification programs or high-atmospheric aluminum sprinkling to deflect sunlight and slow global warming – all theories to explain persistent contrails that have surfaced in the past few years. All you have to do is look up and fall in love with that deep blue.

    • nero

      Madras airport runs these planes as well.
      From east to the coast and back. I’ve been noticing the higher concentrated lines being laid, and then really frantic behaviour of citizens.
      I think the connection to nano circuitry threads as purely a medium for safe transport. Small threads with nano elements are in everyone now. Mass control is already attained.

  • Johnny De Vulcan

    Here in Denmark we fully agree; the attack/conspiracy is so all-encompassing that concentrating on one subject at least get you started – and you have the pleaSURE OF KNOWING THAT YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WORTH-WHILE FOR YOUR CO-HUMANS. sO WE STARTED A CHEM-TRAIL-ACION-GHROUP WHICH, BESIDES FLYERS AND POSTERS ,SERVE THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT WITH DAILY CHEM-TRAIL ALERTS; SOMETHING THEY SHOULD DO FOR THE CITIZENS ,not we for them. We have learned much from countries that woke up before us, so we know the bad excuses and spin/lies from politicians to avoid dealing with he subject matter. In Denmark, the secretary of environment thinks that they can tell us that it is water-vapours coming out of the jet-enhgines.!!!

  • Well, I don't want to call anyone idiot, but have you ever heard of aerial refueling and refueling pods (RAAF Mk.32B used on their KC-135 tankers for increasing refueling points number, is shown on this concpiracy theories nut photos).…

    It's like calling neghborhood cat a chupakabara. Ted Twietmeyer has just shown his full incompetence.

    • Flidhais

      @Gregory Omelchenko

      No one here is an idiot. Some such as yourself may be uninformed.
      “The truth is out there.”

      Search for these and see:

      The patent pdf includes a prototype schematic of a Powder Contrail Generator “pod”
      from August 12, 1975. This is but one type of powder deagglomerator. There have
      been various other “versions” and styles created since 1975 I assure you.
      Please don’t be so quick to call anyone stupid or an idiot as it can make
      you look like a real fool when they turn out to be correct

  • bryan

    A pod is definitely not necessary. See; Specialized military aircraft are not necessary to dispense metals. Metals can be in the fuel. Now, if you look at aircraft fuels, you'll find that there are 5 or 6 companies supplying the fuel for almost all air travel. It would not be hard to imagine having a

    program of international metal dispersal. Someone should examine these trails with a specrometer to examine the trail

    exhaust components. Albedo of a lot of trails I see just look so very bright. I realize that a regular contrail will look bright, but think this is potentially an indicator of nano metals already being added to fuels. It may be just a profit thing as the patent details but it could be bad for lifeforms and the atmosphere which would give motive for not publicizing. Nano metals also can be

    utilized for defense applications such as Bernard Eastlunds

    patent for barium dispersal calls for.


    • Mack531

      There ARE known health effects. The Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles in a DTIC paper I found while searching under the phrase "Toxicological Effects of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles" revealed reduced immune system function and specifically reduced ability of white blood cells to engulf pathogens through phagocytosis. The material in chemtrails were also shown to cause pulmonary fibrosis, which can kill you. Fantasy? I don't think so.

  • Great reportage. Thank you from Sardina (chemtrailed)!

  • Buzz

    This is a standard drogue-type aerial refueling pod. The French use what is called the probe-and-drogue method of aerial refueling, the pod unreels a hose with a basket-like drogue on the end of it that the probe on the receiving plugs into (It looks like a shuttlecock). The purpose of the drogue is to stabilize the hose so that it trails smoothly behind the tanker without flailing around in the slipstream. A.The propeller turns the generator in the pod that powers the hose reel.B. The engine is a CFM56, made by CFM International. The "funnel cone sprayer" is the tail cone that smooths the exhaust gasesas they exit the engine ( just like the nose cone that smooths the flow of air into the intake)C. The black lines are painted stripes showing where the pod jacking points are.D. The pylon is a standard removable pylon that fastens to a hardpoint on the wing .It was indeed made by a third party. Fig.5, Shows the partially collapsed drogue (it is made of fabric). The "dark baffle" is the hole in the middle of the drogue where the probe of the receiving aircraft goes. The pod is on a Boeing KC-135R, a FOUR-engined aircraft, (look closely at the photo of the plane taxiing) The French are marginally our allies and train with many foreign air forces (as do we). This is equipment that has been used for aerial refueling since the 1960s.

  • Gene Strong

    YAWN !!!

    Conspiracy theorists at it again..

  • Hans


    please go on with this kind of fairytales, this was my best laugh in weeks!!

    i'm even not going to start with shooting holes in this story, so many incorrect assumptions and even straight-forwarded lies in this story


  • kc135fr

    Other pictures of french KC135's, where the pod is standard issue:…
    False alert…

  • ectoendomezo

    As to the French Insignia on the aircraft…

    has anyone looked inot "Registry" or "Fligth Plan" and the bureaucracy surrounding these necessary requirements?

    My point "Answer" as to the bizarre nature of the "origin" of the plane..aside from being simply.."Fake" that "Registry" and other issues..may be almost.."Non-existant" in some..absolutely obscure and tiny "region" like the one who's "Flag" appears on the plane.

    I know CIA has done this…with Planes used in Renditions and for other "Uses" drug courier fligths etc…have used "Registries" from all over the place..but typically..from small..and difficult to "Check" locations.

    I mean..what "Airport" is not going to take "Notice"..especially as regards the "Personnel"..of some giant but..obviously strange craft..with "US Airforce" markings?

    So this's "Cammouflage" my opinion…but more importantly..its also.."Bureaucratic Cammo" there is alway's going to be some prerequisite "Filing" of flight plans etc…and..they've make this as difficult as possible.

    Just like "Black Sites"..its alway's..these day's.."Private Contractors" and "3rd parties"..and "Host Nations"…

    Just sayin…

  • kc135fr

    The insignia and plane are genuine. There is only one french KC135 squadron (GRV93 "Bretagne" – see following belgian site ( where a fighter pilot documents his training in air refueling, and even mentions a future mission (end march '05) to NAF El Centro in California, and Cold Lake CFB in Canada. Probably it landed near Quebec (on it's flight home?), where the "incriminating" pictures were taken (no mentioning of the exact date)…

    In the second picture the (Flight Refuelling Ltd. Mk.32 drogue-type underwing) pod in discussion can be seen in great detail – also check (paragraph 1.3), for even more details.

    Insisting any further on this false interpretation of the pictures will not bring at all any credibility to the issue of chemtrails, just the contrary. A proper done short investigation would've clarified it from the beginning, without letting those useless speculations making the rounds for 2 years.

    • Mack531

      kc135fr is absolutely correct, and while I have personally seen KC-135 aircraft spraying chemtrails, they were not in any military paint scheme; they were painted all white. Right aircraft type, wrong accusation.

  • AntiLieGuy

    The chemtrails are hiding the sight of Planet X, which is causing the massive increase in seismic and volcanic activity. Its also the warning to the USA that we are about to be totally destroyed on 10-10-10. News here:

  • Randy

    All you zombies who think this is fiction – go back to sleep! Go eat your GMOs and take your vaccines…you're too stupid to live!

  • Mark

    Hey antilieguy, I am typing this safely on the 12th of October, 2010.

    We survived your destruction date of 10/10/10.

    Randy, I think you may have it backwards. Put yourself some knowledge before calling others too stupid to live….

    You can all come back out of your caves and be humiliated once again….

  • Dan Gerous

    This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. It's a simple hose/drogue refueling pod. What's the plane doing in Canada? Canada and France are both members of NATO and participate in joint operations frequently.

    You're so hellbent on consipiracy crap, that the simple truth eludes you. You need to remove the first "e" and "meyer" from Tweitmeyer.

    • El Chupacabra

      I have no idea what these planes are spraying up in the sky, but no doubt something
      is being sprayed. I see small white/transparent planes, often time flying two and three
      at a time, in military formation, parallel to the horizon spraying stuff.
      Please explain this, clearly they are not commercial planes, they are painted to
      blend in with the clouds, and are very hard to see.

  • Heedthebaw

    Utter trash, get a life people.

  • Josefgoode

    You get get the flight logs and see if any international military craft had landed …. there is not enough evidence here to make this true, anyone would tell you you cant just take pics of planes and label them… like the shot of the french emblem… if you look at the original picture you cant see it. Someone could have just taken another french emblem photo and cropped it in…not saying i dont believe, but I am saying its hard to with the current evidence

  • I relish, lead to I discovered just what I was looking for.
    You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

  • Flidhais

    Whoever wrote the comment that this is a refueling pod sounds like a gov shill.
    I have the schematics and the patent for this device which is for “stratoshperic arosol dissemination.” Formally named “Powder-contrail.generator” not a refueling pod.
    You really have to be awake and informed sometimes to recoginze the “shills.”
    Wish I could upload it here.

  • Flidhais

    @Gregory Omelchenko

    No one here is an idiot. Some such as yourself may be uninformed.
    “The truth is out there.”

    Search for these and see:

    The patent pdf includes a prototype schematic of a Powder Contrail Generator “pod”
    from August 12, 1975. This is but one type of powder deagglomerator. There have
    been various other “versions” and styles created since 1975 I assure you.
    Please don’t be so quick to call anyone stupid or an idiot as it can make
    you look like a real fool when they turn out to be correct.

  • Nero1951

    It's time for me to come clean and tell the truth . I am currently a pilot of a chemtrail aircraft ,and unlike other so called pilots I will give details and offer real proof of what I claim to be somewhat feasible. The story Im about to tell you is totally unbelievable ,yet true. The aircraft that I used to poisen the air of your community is a converted vintage Gotha bomber,primarily used to bomb the limey's in W.W.1 . It's quite a beautiful airplane especially when seen against the beautiful blue sky's that are chemtrail free over my house where I live . Prior to working for the shadow govt. I was hired on to pilot flying saucers for the Martians. My duty was to take these lizard like creatures from their home planet (mars)to the dark side of the moon where Alice Kramden is currently living after having a fight with O'l butter cup. — Stay tuned for more truth as I make it up as I go along. Morbeus X.L.5

  • Hi, I want to give a thanks for the post. I shared it on my twitter and got an excellent response. I look forward to more posts.

  • Write more; that’s all I have to say. It seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You know what you’re talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  • The young boys ended up stimulated to read through them and now have unquestionably been having fun with these things.


    This is true I have been following this mass spraying operation by our governments for the last decade I have brought up the trees being sick back in 2010 this is when I first noticed it. being a former landscaper I don’t recall it before then ….. I know chemtrails were being sprayed before then but not 24/7 daily and nightly surely not at the rate that started after Obama became president. In 2011 I have also noticed that’s when they started editing chemtrails in all TV commercials, Movies, News clips, Advertisement, Video games and even going back to edit them into older movies. This was obvious to me that this was a cover up. I also said to me wife back in 2011 if this is true that are spraying aluminum, depleted uranium, Radioactive particles, smart dust, barium, strontium, sulfuric acid then everyone will start to get sick and get cancer, Pneumonia , COPD, Vertigo, Super flus, Colds that last weeks and months even then when you fight it off it comes back a week later for another few weeks then again and again until summer (when you get enough Vit d 3_) this is my personal reaction to these particulates …Barium is toxic and wears down the body have you been feeling very fatigued lately? ARE YOU NEW TO DEPPRESION AND ANXIETY? get out in that sun when you can no sun screen and take up to 5000 IEU of VIT D3 DAILY LOOK UP …. CONTRAILS WERE RARE WHEN I WAS GROWING UP YOU WOULD ONLY SEE THEM ON CERTAIN WEATHER CONDITIONS…NOW WE SEE THEM DURING EVERY AND ANY WEATHER CONDITION. Then everyone will start to get cancer. Sure enough year later both my parents with in the same month throat and lung and brain cancer. my step mother and her brother also both lung cancer 4 friends and now me lung and brain. both my dogs have massive tumors on them. my vet also said he seeing dogs get cancer starting at the age of 4 also the news reported in the next 20 years 1 in 2 people will get cancer. WHY THE INCREASE? CHEMTRAILS OR GEOENGINEERING (AGENDA 21) DEPOPULATION, SLOW KILL, CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT BUT ITS REAL. why are they spraying? I don’t know but I do know they spray before a weather front and every sunny day with in hours here come fleets of jets traveling against the normal flight paths spraying chemtrails that linger and expand 1000 fold turning your sunny day into a toxic soup of grey pollution a total white out destroying what would of been your sunny day and depleting us humans and nature of vital VIT D3 VIT D3 SUNSHINE IS for our immune systems! THEY ADMIT THEY ARE BLOCKING THE SUN TO DEFLECT SUNRAYS TO COOL THE EARTH THIS IS CALLED GEO-ENGINEERING OR CLIMATE ENGINEERING. THATS WHY THE STRANGE WEATER THE FLOODS, LOW VIT D LOW IMMUNE SYSTEM. VIDEOS TO WATCH FOR PROOF AL GORE ON THE ELLEN SHOW. DAVID KEITH ION THE SETEVEN COLBERT SHOW. AND YOUTUBE DOCTORS, PILOTS ASND SCIENTIST TALK CHEMTRAILS ONE MORE A DOCUMENTARY “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING” WATCH AND LEARN AND LOOK UP FOR YOURSELF. LOOK AT YOUR TREES notice the leaves looking burnt, moldy, dried up, leaves changing colors months before fall.

  • Can I simply say what a reduction to seek out someone who actually is aware of what theyre speaking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know the way to carry a problem to light and make it important. More people need to learn this and understand this side of the story. I cant imagine youre not more standard since you undoubtedly have the gift.

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  • Samuel Hay

    IF some of the spraying is tiny aluminum particles to reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere to fight global warming, this could easily explain the illness and deaths now associated to pulmonary fibrosis. I had never heard of this condition before except related to workers in risk occupations. Now so many people are dying from it, a lot of them who spend time outdoors.
    The United States Government has experimented on the population without their knowledge many times. From studies back in the sixties when there was no politics in the global warming question the absolute cause was the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. Nothing caused by man. And going back about 5000 years you find it was warmer than it is today. Generally the charts they show dont go back ‘quite’ that far. So many people making billions of dollars studying a condition over which we have no control This has become a serious problem if in fact the particles are causing this disease to be so widespread even among people who have never worked in a risk industry.

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