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ISIS Vacates Mosul, Residents Left with Stories to Tell

mosul iraq

Until three weeks ago, many of Abu Osama’s customers were Islamic State militants who brought their wives and children to his pharmacy on the eastern edge of Mosul for injections and treatment.

A woman looks out by a door as an Iraqi Special forces intelligence team check ID cards in search of Islamic State


NATO Defense Secretary: We are Prepared to got to War with Russia

Nato Nations

SIR MICHAEL FALLON has warned Nato is “prepared to defend” any of its member states amid rising tensions between Russia and the West. The Secretary of Defense, while confirming the deployment of 150 British troops to Poland, said has been testing the alliance’s resolve with recent military maneuvers, which includes


When “Nice” Countries Fight

This is what happens when nice nations fight

This is what happens when nice nations fight

Russia Conducting More Nuclear War Emergency Drills


Bomb shelters are upgraded, gas masks tested amid strained relations between Putin and U.S.

As tensions continue to escalate between the U.S. and Russia, the Kremlin has called Vice President Joe Biden’s threat to ‘send a message’ through America’s own cyber strike ‘unprecedented’.

Video Reporting on a previous but recent massive civilian drill


U.S. Airstrike Blunder May Have Just Killed 85 Civilians

drone strike

At least 85 civilians, including almost a dozen children, have been killed after US air strikes targeted an area in northern Syria held by Islamic State (Isis/Daesh) fighters, a monitoring group has said.

Some eight families were reportedly wiped out in the IS-controlled village of Tokhar near Manbij on Tuesday (19 July), in what


SAS Soldier Kills 3 ISIS Fighters with Knife

british sas emblem

A Special Air Service (SAS) soldier armed with just a Gurkha knife reportedly stabbed to death three Islamic State (Isis) jihadists who attempted to capture him in Fallujah. SAS soldiers are believed to be fighting Daesh (Isis) in Iraq and in Libya, advising counterparts and occasionally taking part in combat.

British SAS Emblem


X-Drone Pilots Denounce Morally Corrupt Operation


Former Air Force airmen are speaking out against America’s use of drone warfare, calling the military drone program “morally outrageous” and “one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world.”

In interviews with NBC News, three former servicemen — who together have 15 years of military drone experience — decried


U.S., Russia, Israel: Airspace Tested, Signals Jammed (Video)



Russia Accidentally let 4 Cruise Missiles Strike Into Iran

Assad: Israel should be first to disarm

A number of cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship and aimed at targets in Syria have crashed in Iran, two U.S. officials told CNN Thursday.

Monitoring by U.S. military and intelligence assets has concluded that at least four missiles crashed as they flew over Iran.

The U.S. believes, based


Russia Announces Readiness to Fight Syrian Rebels

syrian rebels

Russia has come out and said they are ready to battle the Free syrian army. Lavrov is wondering who they are and where they are as the United states are not actually telling them. He has called them a phantom group.

So who are the FSA? The United states seem to know but is


Russian Forces have Apparently Begun Fighting in Syria

syria naval base blast

Russian forces have begun participating in military operations in Syria in support of government troops, three Lebanese sources familiar with the political and military situation there said on Wednesday.

The sources, speaking to Reuters on condition they not be identified, gave the most forthright account yet from the region of what U.S. officials say


A Million N. Koreans Volunteer to Defend the Motherland


One million people have volunteered to defend North Korea if hostilities break out with South Korea, the country’s state media has reported.

The Korean Central News Agency claimed “young people across the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are turning out in the sacred war for defending the country


New Nuclear Threats From North Korea


North Korea has issued new nuclear threats to the US saying it will respond accordingly if Washington does not cancel military exercises with South Korea. Pyongyang says it is ready to use its latest weapons, which are “unknown to the world.”

A U.S. Marine Corps C-130 Hercules aircraft leads a formation of F/A-18C Hornet


The US says it will defend Syrian rebels with air-power, even from Assad

syrian rebels

The United States has decided to allow airstrikes to defend Syrian rebels trained by the U.S. military from any attackers, even if the enemies hail from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, U.S. officials said on Sunday.

The decision by President Barack Obama, which could deepen the U.S. role in Syria’s


U.S. Program to Train Syrian Rebels Slows to Crawl

Syrian rebel training

Program, launched in May, had been designed to train as many as 5,400 opposition fighters a year to battle the group.

The programme, which launched in May in Jordan and Turkey, was designed to train as many as 5,400 fighters a year

The US has only trained about 60 Syrian opposition fighters to


Is Assad Finally Glimpsing the End


As Isis surges ahead and the Syrian regime teeters on the brink of collapse, our Middle East correspondent, winner of the 2015 Orwell prize for journalism, reports on the deadly struggle for dominance in the region.

A Syrian rocket launcher shell on enemy positions in the ancient oasis city of Palmyra. Photograph: EPA



China Insists War is Already Underway on the Internet


In a chilling memo released on Wednesday, the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA, informed the world that, at least on the internet, China is at war.

The memo is called “Cybersovereignty Symbolizes National Sovereignty.”

PLA is not joking around

“The internet has become the main battlefront for struggle in the ideological area,”


Ukrainian Forces Left in “Zombie” State After Major Defeat


On a snowy, empty highway, a couple and their son emerge from weeks of hiding, wandering in a hungry daze. A rebel truck, mangled by a land mine, is blocking the road. Half a dozen Ukrainian corpses, several burned, lie in a ditch.

Pro-Russian rebels fire artillery rockets towards Debaltseve, near Vuglegirsk, Ukraine, on


Russian Backed Rebels Send Ukrainian Troops Running


Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers retreat from strategic town taken by pro-Russia separatists, leaving their dead and wounded comrades behind

Fatigue in retreat: Ukrainian servicemen sit on top of a tank near Artemivsk, as they withdraw from Debaltseve following a fierce offensive by Russian-backed separatists. Photograph: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

Fatigue in retreat: Ukrainian servicemen sit on


Bid to Arm Ukraine to Fight Russian-Backed Separatists Dividing NATO


President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are trying for a public display of unity despite a potential split over arming Ukrainian fighters to better battle Russian-backed separatists.

That was the unstated point of Monday’s meeting at the White House, where Merkel was to brief Mr. Obama on upcoming talks


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