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Executed Man Moaned, Groaned and Convulsed

A lawyer for an executed Arkansas death row inmate asked the state on Friday to investigate why his client coughed and convulsed on a death chamber gurney, saying a lethal injection drug may have been the cause.

FILE PHOTO: Inmate Kenneth Williams is shown in this booking photo provided March 21, 2017. Courtesy


3rd American Now Being Held by N. Korea

North Korea has detained a U.S. citizen, officials said Sunday, bringing to three the number of Americans now being held there.

Tony Kim, who also goes by his Korean name Kim Sang-duk, was detained on Saturday, according to Park Chan-mo, the chancellor of the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.

Park said Kim, who is


N. Korea Now Claims U.S. Planning Chemical Weapons Attack

kim jong un

North Korea has warned it will wipe America “off the face of the Earth” after accusing the US of planning a chemical weapons attack. In an explosive new report published today, the secretive country has claimed the US is plotting an ‘unprecedented disaster’ on its nation. However, the country says it will not remain a


Another Putin Critic Winds up Dead

A Russian journalist known for his criticism of President Vladimir Putin has died after being beaten by unknown attackers, it has been reported.

Nikolai Andrushchenko

Nikolai Andrushchenko, 73, who co-founded the Novy Peterburg newspaper, was attacked six weeks ago and had been in a coma since then.



What are The “Magic Islands” on Saturn’s Moon Titan?

Artists conception of titan

When NASA’s Cassini mission surveyed Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, in 2013, scientists encountered a mystery they couldn’t solve: the “magic islands.”

Radar images showed unexplained bright regions in Ligeia Mare, the second largest liquid body on Titan’s surface. The sea is 50% larger than our own Lake Superior and is comprised of liquid


Surprise, There was no Naval Armada on its way to the Korean Peninsula as Reported!

A US aircraft carrier and other warships did not sail towards North Korea – but went in the opposite direction, it has emerged. The US Navy said on 8 April that the Carl Vinson strike group was traveling to the Korean peninsula amid tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.

Last week President Trump said an


NSA Allegedly Linked to US-Israeli Stuxnet malware that targeted Iran

nsa code

Malicious computer malware that caused substantial damage to Iran’s nuclear program may be the work of the NSA, researchers burrowing into the latest leak from hacking group Shadow Brokers have discovered within the computer data.

A tool found in Friday’s leak matched one used by the notorious Stuxnet malware.

First detected in 2010, Stuxnet


The Beer Secreting Tree

The euphoria is over as suddenly as it began five months ago. The oozing of the ‘beer-like’ liquid from a neem tree on Delhi University’s north campus stopped a few days ago, leaving tipplers high and dry.

Scientists believe the oozing of the sap from the Neem tree could have stopped


$43m Found in Empty Apartment in Lagos, Nigeria


The Nigerian anti-corruption unit discovered more than $43 million in US dollars at an upscale apartment in Lagos. The anti-graft agency said in a statement it raided the apartment Tuesday after a tipoff about a “haggard” woman in “dirty clothes” taking bags in and out of the apartment. The agency said it also found


Has Putin Just Dropped His Own Version of the MOAB?

Footage which reportedly show Russian jets dropping bombs on rebel forces in Syria has emerged.

#Syria: Massive #Russia|n & #Assad bombing campaign with dozens of warplanes & 100s of airstrikes in #Hama & #Idlib Provinces tonight.

— WorldOnAlert (@worldonalert) April 15, 2017

Massive explosions


N. Korea Attempts Missile Test, Ends in Failure

North Korea has test-fired a ballistic missile but the launch ended in failure, American and South Korean officials say, just a day after the country staged a massive military parade to mark its founder’s birth anniversary. The missile was launched at 5:51 a.m. local time on Sunday from a site near


Leaked Files Indicate NSA had Tools to Hack World Banking System

A huge range of security weaknesses, said to be worth over $2m if sold on the black market, have been leaked online.

The NSA is facing criticism for not sharing details of the security flaws with Microsoft

The tools are said to have been created by the US National Security Agency (NSA), and accompanying


Unverified: US airstrike hit Daesh poison gas depot killing hundreds, Syrian army says

f-16 Jet

Unverified The Assad regime’s Syrian army said that an air strike late on Wednesday by the U.S.-led coalition hit poison gas supplies belonging to the Daesh terror group, releasing a toxic substance that killed “hundreds including many civilians.”

F-16 Jet

The incident in the eastern Deir al-Zor province proved that Daesh and


Black Muslim NY Appeals Judge Found Suspiciously Dead

A Court of Appeals judge was found dead in the Hudson River Wednesday afternoon.


The NYPD says Sheila Abdus-Salaam was found dead by police near West 132nd Street around 1:45 p.m.

She was reported missing on Tuesday.

Officials say she had no obvious signs of trauma. They are working to determine a


Does Life Exist 10KM Below Sea Floor?


LIFE might eke out an existence far deeper inside Earth than we imagined. Samples from a mud volcano contain biological signatures that suggest microbes lived in the material when it was several kilometres beneath the ocean floor.

“We might have a very big biosphere below our feet that’s very hard to get to,” says


Putin Still Insists Chemical Attack was “False-Flag” Says Look for more

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has warned that more “false-flag” chemical attacks are set to be launched soon by opposition forces, to trigger further military intervention, to help their dwindling movement.

President Putin specified that the Southern suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus, is a likely target for such attacks.


Arkansas Pushing 7 Executions in 7 Days

lethal injection table

Lawyers for seven Arkansas inmates scheduled to die this month because a key execution drug will soon expire went to federal court Monday to argue that the state’s aggressive plan raises the risk that their deaths will be cruel and unusual.

A view of the “lethal injection chamber” at New Bilibid Prison, the Philippines


Putin Warns of Other “Fake” Chemical Attacks

Russian leader warns relations between Moscow and Washington are at their worst since the end of the Cold War Putin says he has information about an attack on Damascus orchestrated by opposition rebels involving chemical weapons that would be blamed on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad in an attempt to frame him, Vladimir Putin has


Is Chechnya Running Gay Concentration Camps?

More than 100 gay men have been detained in concentration camp-style prisons in the Russian region of Chechnya, according to reports by local newspapers and human rights organizations.

The arrests are being made as part of a widespread anti-LGBT purge in the area. The prison camps are the first to be established


Brain Infecting Worm Concerning Health Official’s in Hawaii

“The parasites are in the lining of my brain, moving around.” A sharp rise in infections stemming from a parasitic worm that invades the human brain has health officials in the Hawaiian island of Maui worried.

Six cases of rat lungworm disease have so far been confirmed in Maui in the


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