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Are the Police Following you Everywhere?

license plate recognition

The crackdown on protesters after the police shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, highlighted that more and more, police departments possess sophisticated weapons and equipment originally designed for the battlefield.

License Plate Reader

Federal anti-terrorism funding is a major driver of this trend, but once police departments have this equipment they use


Ebola: What your Local News “Forgot” to Tell You

Below is a list of countries that have confirmed cases of Ebola: · Every country in Africa · Spain · Italy · France · Germany · Poland · Greece · Turkey · Saudi Arabia · Yemen · Oman · Iran · Kuwait · Vietnam · Myanmar · India · Indonesia · Australia · China ·


Newest Sanctions Hit Russia Where it Hurts….Energy

New U.S. sanctions handed down on Friday are designed to effectively “shut off” Russian oil conglomerates from oil exploration projects, U.S. officials said, in a move aimed squarely at Russia’s $425 billion-a-year petroleum industry.

Putin at Oil Conference

The measures are “designed to effectively


National Situation Update (Audio)

In this week’s update we look a variety of provocative events taking place between the U.S. and Russia in Eastern Europe, NATO’s sizable deployment of air, sea and land forces to help secure eastern member states, an update on the the West African Ebola outbreak, an FBI warning to college students heading abroad for


“Chinese Google” Caught “Editing” Politically Charged Search Results in U.S.

baidu search

So held federal District Judge Jesse Furman in Manhattan in yesterday’s Zhang v. Baidu, Inc. (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 27, 2014). An excerpt (one paragraph break added):

In this suit, a group of New York residents who advocate for increased democracy in China sue one of China’s largest companies, Baidu, Inc…. Plaintiffs contend


Mumps Outbreak in Ohio

Some 56 cases of mumps have been reported in Ohio in an outbreak that started at Ohio State University in Columbus but has spread to people without ties to the school – a “disturbing development,” say public health officials.

Forty of those infected are Ohio State students, staff members or people with close ties


Drone Operator Discovers Ancient Petroglyphs in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — A video recently posted on YouTube claims “Drone discovers ancient petroglyphs in Utah.”

The video was made by Bill Clary of Colorado who owns ’Got Aerials,’ a business which sells drones. His website shows several samples of video taken by drones, many in spectacular outdoor settings.

Clary claims


Hearing Set for DC Man, Raid Turns up One Shotgun Shell


A Washington, D.C. man is facing a large fine and possible jail time after he was arrested for having an inoperable shotgun shell in his home. The shell was a souvenir that Mark Witaschek decided to keep from a hunting trip years earlier.

Watch the latest video at

Witaschek, a businessman with no


AT&T Discovers New Way to Clip Customers

att sign sky

Because data cap overage fees, early termination fees and administrative fees apparently aren’t enough, AT&T has patented yet another creative way to squeeze more money from its customers every month. TorrentFreak has found a recently published AT&T patent that details a system aimed at the “prevention of bandwidth abuse


Wealthy Chinese Flee to U.S. to Escape Corruption Crackdown

china billionaires luxury goods

The US grants far more green cards to wealthy Chinese as president Xi Jinping cracks down.

Models pose with a gold-plated Infiniti luxury sports car at a jewellery store in Nanjing. China is predicted to become the world’s largest luxury goods market by 2020, but many of the country’s wealthy are choosing to emigrate


Family Rescued from Dungeon, there for 16 Years

CHENNAI: For two decades, Nona David taught English at Spicer Memorial College, Pune; for the next 16, she and her four children – all afflicted by mental disorder- lived with rats and moths in an abandoned community hall in Adambakkam. On Monday evening, NGO Udhavum Karangal rescued the family and moved them to


Pakistan Buying Subs from China

submarine in sea

Pakistan could sign a deal to buy up to six submarines from China before the end of 2014, senior Pakistani government officials have told IHS Jane’s.

Pakistan’s submarine fleet currently comprises Agosta 90B boats (second-of-class Saad is pictured) and ageing Agosta 70 vessels. Source: DCNS

A Pakistani government minister revealed in March 2011 that


Jail for Man Who Glorified Terrorists on Twitter

noticia grande

Alba González Camacho posted “highly radicalized and violent” content

A 21-year-old who used her Twitter account to praise the communist armed group GRAPO has been slapped with a one-year jail sentence for glorifying terrorism.

But Alba González Camacho will not be going to prison unless she commits a new crime, under the


Who Claims Wave of Cancer Coming

radiologist studying mammograms spl

The globe is facing a “tidal wave” of cancer, and restrictions on alcohol and sugar need to be considered, say World Health Organization scientists.

Large numbers of people do not know there is a lot they can do to reduce their exposure to risk

It predicts the number of cancer cases will reach 24


Former NHS Director Dies After Operation Delayed 4 Times

A former NHS director died after waiting for nine months for an operation – at her own hospital.

Former Mayor of Chelmsford Margaret Hutchon was waiting for a stomach op


Margaret Hutchon, a former mayor, had been waiting since last June for a follow-up stomach operation at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.



Sky Diving Accident: 2 Planes Collide, One Crashed Everybody Survives (Video)

It was a miracle… Listen to Audio Interview: [Audio:] Unreal!!


Government Shutdown: What’s Open, Whats Closed (Chart)

Status Agency Total employees Expected to work Furloughed Notes Closed/Not able to function Ability One 30 0 30 The independent agency’s 30 employees, who work on behalf of the blind, would be prohibited from working during a shutdown. Source Closed/Not able to function American Battle Monuments Commission All sites worldwide will be closed


New Jersey Man Discovers EZ-Pass Toll Transponder Tracked Him Over Tri-State Area

Play Audio: E-ZPass is not just for paying tolls anymore.


EZ Pass Transponder used to Automatically Pay Tolls

A New Jersey driver, known on the Internet as “Puking Monkey,” discovered his E-ZPass was being used to track his car even when he was nowhere near a toll booth, according to Forbes.

The man


Indian Lawyer: I Would Burn My Daughter Alive

One of the defense lawyers in the December 16 gang-rape case has courted trouble with his remarks that he would have burnt alive his daughter had she been having premarital sex and moving around at night with her boyfriend.

AP Singh, Lawyer who made controversial statement in india is apparently causing quite a stir


China on Receiving End of Record Breaking Cyber Attack

China has said it has suffered its “biggest ever” cyber-attack, causing many websites based in the country to go temporarily offline.

The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was said to have targeted servers responsible for sites with a “.cn” domain name.

The country has not speculated on who may be responsible.



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