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China Rolls Out Humanless Factory

chinese robot factory

The gravest fear that has rippled through humanity from the technology industry is that, someday, almost all of our jobs will be replaced by robots.

While that fear is often laughed off as something that will only happen far into the future, the truth is that it’s actually happening right now.

drinks production plant


The WiFi Network Hacking Drone

drone quad copter

Leaked emails between Italian spyware vendor Hacking Team and Boeing subsidiary Insitu revealed that drones carrying malware to infect targeted computers via Wi-Fi by flying over their proximity is close to becoming a reality.

here is another example of similar technologySpyware-carrying drones were being discussed by Insitu, a division of Boeing and now-disgraced malware


Brainet: Scientists Link Brains of 2 Different Animals

brain implant

Neuroscientists have introduced a new paradigm for brain-machine interfaces that investigates the physiological properties and adaptability of brain circuits, and how the brains of two or more animals can work together to complete simple tasks. These brain networks, or Brainets, were developed in rodents and primates.Share:


Brain concept (stock image). In two separate experiments,


42,000 unmanned Chinese military craft by 2023


THE United States claims its arch superpower rival China is poised to become the world leader in unmanned military aircraft with up to 42,000 pilotless aircraft aloft by 2023.

According to the United States Defense Department’s latest report on China’s military build-up the “Middle Kingdom” will spend more than $10 billion on land and


Russia’s New Satellite Nuclear Warning System Delayed Until November

eks satellite

Russia has delayed the launch of a new military satellite system by four months, news agency TASS reported Wednesday, leaving Moscow nearly blind in the event of a nuclear missile attack till at least November.

Russian EKS Early nuclear WarningAttack Satellite

Russia’s decaying constellation of Soviet-designed early warning satellites was left nearly blind last


Bionic Lens Trumps Lasix, 3X Better Than 20/20 Vision

bionic lens

Imagine being able to see three times better than 20/20 vision without wearing glasses or contacts — even at age 100 or more — with the help of bionic lenses implanted in your eyes.

Dr. Garth Holds a Bionic lens on the tip of his finger, he says the insertion procedure would be painless.


Combat Exoskeletons and other Technology in the DARPA Pipeline

darpa exoskeleton

When Geoffrey Ling talks about the future of technology, his ideas go flying around the room like a whirlwind. Ling eagerly describes a world in which people live far beyond their natural lifespans, minds can be downloaded into external ‘hard drives’ for enhancement by artificial intelligence and robots and aircraft are controlled by human thought.


Iran Concedes Media Control has Become Impossible

media control in iran

The Internet and the proliferation of satellite technology mean Iran can no longer control foreign news and television broadcasts, the country’s culture minister said on Sunday, urging a new approach.

Iranian media controller

In remarks that signal the government’s intention to open Iran up to the world, Ali Jannati told police commanders that new


$50 Device Becomes Thorn in N. Korea’s Side


A $50 portable media player is providing many North Koreans a window to the outside world despite the government’s efforts to keep its people isolated – a symbol of change in one of the world’s most repressed societies.

Notel Device

By some estimates, up to half of all urban North Korean households have an


World’s First: Electricity From Ocean Waves


The world’s first wave-energy farm connected to the electricity grid has been switched on in Western Australia.

Ocean Wave Energy

The project by Perth-based Carnegie Wave Energy will provide renewable electricity for Australia’s largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, on Garden Island.

The same system is also used to run a small desalination plant,


Mind of a Worm Uploaded Into Robot

wire worm model

A humble roundworm is leading the race in artificial intelligence, showing that it may be possible one day to upload our brains to a computer.

Called the Open Worm Project, the research brings together scientists and programmers from around the world with the aim of recreating the behavior of the


Nanotechnology in the Military

nanobot vaccine

The idea of equipment that can change its shape isn’t science fiction. Today, research using nanotechnology is well under way to develop aircraft wings, propellers, and transport vehicles that can literally change shape to improve performance and efficiency.

Aircraft flap their wings with a little nano help

Researchers have worked on aircraft that swing


Toyota Presents Game Changing Hydrogen Car


Toyota gives away patents to build ‘game-changing’ car of the future The Toyota Mirai.

LAS VEGAS — Toyota made it clear today at the big Consumer Electronics Show that its fuel-cell technology is the future of automotive transportation.

The car-maker on Monday held a press conference detailing the progress of the new More…

Did You Know: NASA Has a Warp Drive Concept Ship?


More on Warp Drive by Scientists…

Boeing Touts 70 Year Old Technology as Something “New”


I Suppose if I were granted a multi-billion dollar contract to build a covered wagon I’d probably be shouting to the rooftops myself….nope, can’t blame them. But can we really believe that over the course of 70 or 80 years, considering our advancements during that same time period in almost every other technology, that rocket


Sale of IBM’s Chip Section Concerning to Pentagon

ibm logo

I started my engineering career with IBM in the Hudson Valley. I went on to work in the semiconductor industry for many years, eventually ending up in the software business, supplying design tools to the industry.

CPU Closeup

So, I was meeting up with a friend in the business who just got back from


Would Mastering Nanotechnology Lead to Utopia?

nanobot vaccine

The Physicist Michio Kaku gives a rundown on what he thinks will happen when our society eventually masters nanotechnology. Of course the question as to whether or not such a technology would be freely released to the public is another story all together.

Lockheed Martin Makes Strides in Quantum Computing


The speeds of a smart phone, a laptop and a desktop, all pale in comparison to the potential speed of emerging quantum computing technology. This new technology may allow for the fastest computing of the most complex problems. Quantum computers can solve ”hard” problems by exploring all possible solutions at once, rather than the


China Claims Huge Technological Edge in Cyber Security


China will soon have the world’s most secure major computer network, making communications between Beijing and Shanghai impenetrable to hackers and giving it a decisive edge in its quiet cyberwar with the United States.

In two years’ time, a fibre-optic cable between the two cities will transmit quantum encryption keys that can completely secure


Get a Load of This, Wearable Wristwatch Drone Dubbed Nixie


Everyday I wake up and am amazed at how fast drone and quadcopter technology is advancing. The Nixie is a prime example of that. It’s a wearable drone, a quadcopter, that takes off from your wrist, follows you overhead, and records whatever you’re doing on camera.

Nixie, the wearable Quad copter Drone…. It can


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