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Millions of Fish Discovered “Beached”

starfish ireland

The discovery was made by local people two days ago on Sandy Bay in the Maherees, an island near Castlegregory on the Dingle Peninsula.

Kevin Flannery Marine life specialist based in Dingle arrived to the area on the Maheres on Tralee Bay as millon411s of small fish were found dead on the


Drone Strike App Removed by Apple “Objectionable Content”


The app, created by Josh Begley, a data artist and editor at The Intercept, sends push notifications to keep users updated with drone attacks around the world. The concept, despite being a highly useful news resource, was rejected repeatedly under the name ‘Drones+’ for being “not useful or entertaining enough”.

Drone Strike


Apparently Saudi Arabia is Hurting for Cash

saudi oil

The price of oil has been below $US60 a barrel all year but Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest producer, has remained quiet about how this is affecting the country’s balance sheet.

Today we got a glimpse of the country’s pain: Saudi has withdrawn between $US50 billion and $US70 billion (£33 billion to £46 billion)


Former Nobel Peace Prize Director Regrets Awarding Obama

Geir Lundestad

Geir Lundestad, who served as Director of the Nobel Institute for 25 years, wrote in a newly released memoir that although the five-strong Norwegian Nobel Committee had all agreed to give Obama the award, his record in office since receiving the prize had shown it to be a mistake.

Geir Lundestad,


Did Putin Really Phone Elton John…… Probably So

putin elton john

Presidential spokesman denies conversation took place with pop star who said he wanted to speak to Russian leader about gay rights

Russian Leader Vladimir Putin and Elton John

A spokesman for Vladimir Putin has denied that the Russian president spoke by telephone to Sir Elton John, contradicting a claim by the British singer and


AR-15 Crusader: U.S. Gun Maker Devises ISIS Proof Weapon

AR-15 Crusader

A Florida gun maker has created an “ISIS-proof” assault rifle that has raised the ire of Muslim groups.

AR-15 Crusader

Designed so Islamic State militants “could not touch it,” the AR-15, made by Spike’s Tactical in Apopka, is inscribed with the biblical verse, “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for


Germany is Apparently Using Nazi-Era Concentration Camp to House Asylum Seekers

Concentration Camp at Buchenwald

Germany is housing asylum seekers in a former Nazi concentration camp, the Mail Online reported Friday.

Former Nazi Concentration Camp at Buchenwald

According to the report, 21 men reside in a building once used as the barracks of the Buchenwald concentration camp. The asylum seekers are staying there while waiting to receive


60,000 Antelope dead in 4 Days

Saiga Antelope

Steffen Zuther is a geologist and he along with and his colleagues went to central Kazakhstan to monitor the calving of one herd of saigas, that is an endangered antelope and is found in the steppes. They were given the news by veterinarians in the area that there were dead antelopes on the ground.


An Interesting Yet Disturbing Progression in Artificial Intelligence

ai robot

Androids are being developed that have an uncanny resemblance to people. A pinnacle example is an android crafted by roboticist David Hanson that resembles the famous and deceased science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. What makes android Dick so remarkable isn’t so much his appearance as it is his ability to hold an intelligent conversation.


A Computer Algorithm can now Accurately (100%) Predict if you will Develop Psychosis

psychosis computer

A new study finds an algorithmic word analysis is flawless at determining whether a person will have a psychotic episode. Although the language of thinking is deliberate—let me think, I have to do some thinking—the actual experience of having thoughts is often passive. Ideas pop up like dandelions; thoughts occur suddenly and escape


As if Spiders weren’t bad Enough, Now they Fly


Who needs a parachute? Some tropical spiders can fly without using silk, making virtuoso dives to nearby tree trunks, scientists have discovered.

The daredevil arachnids seem to steer themselves through the air with movements of their outstretched forelegs, according to a study published August 19 in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

It’s an


UFO Footage Leaked From Homeland Security


This object definitely looks as though it could be a civilian flown drone… first.

But, then, around 2:20 into the video it enters and leaves the water several times, a maneuver that would have surely turned a drone hobbyists investment as floating irrecoverable garbage.

This obvious piece of hardware however continued merrily on it


Dolphin Captured, Accused of Being Israeli Spy

AP I ZZZ Dolphin Defenders

Hamas naval commandos detained a “suspicious” dolphin that was accused of being used by Israel to attack members of the Eziddin al-Qassam, Hamas’s armed wing.

Sources told the daily Al-Quds on Aug. 19 that the alleged Israeli attack dolphin was captured off the shores of the Gaza Strip and that it was carrying


Nearly Complete Brain Grown by Researchers

The tiny brain, which resembles that of a five-week-old foetus, is not conscious. Photograph: Ohio State University

Research team say tiny brain could be used to test drugs and study diseases, but scientific peers urge caution as data on breakthrough kept under wraps

The tiny brain, which resembles that of a five-week-old foetus, is not conscious. Photograph: Ohio State University

An almost fully-formed human brain has been grown in a lab


Albino Children Hunted in Africa for Body Parts


NEW YORK — Like other little boys, Baraka Cosmas Lusambo loves to play soccer. When he hears music, his feet tap and his face breaks out into a wide smile. During summer pool time recently, he used his left hand to toss a ball through a basketball hoop while red arm floaties keep him above


Russia Re-Starts Pretend Work and Pay to Cover-up Crisis


Soviet workers knew they got a raw deal, and they played along. “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us,” went a popular saying.

About a million job gains into Russia’s recession, the bargain still holds, with salaries plunging at a pace unprecedented under President Vladimir Putin. Data set to be released this


Exonerated After 34 years in Prison

Lewis Fogle

A man who spent 34 years behind bars for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl has been freed after new DNA evidence emerged.

Lewis Fogle, from Pennsylvania, was convicted in 1982 for raping and shooting Deann Long and sentenced to life imprisonment. But he had always insisted he was innocent.

Fogle’s case


North Korea Adopts “Pyongyang” Time

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un waves to spectators and participants of the parade, Saturday, July 27, 2013 during a mass military parade celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice in Pyongyang, North Korea. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

North Korea has announced it will push back its clocks by a half hour to mark the end of Japanese occupation following World War II. The new time zone will be known as “Pyongyang time,” according to state media.

North Korea announced Friday it is creating its own time


10,000 Year old Monolith Discovered off Italian Coast

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious Stonehenge-style monolith in the deep sea off the coast of Sicily, shedding new light on the earliest civilizations in the Mediterranean basin.

Broken in two parts, the 3.2-foot-long monolith has a rather regular shape and features three holes of similar diameter. One, which can be found at its end, crosses


Iranian Ayatollah Publishes 416 Page book Detailing How to Destroy Israel


Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has written a 416-page book titled “Palestine” that details his long-term plan to destroy Israel, the Gatestone Institute think tank reported.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that “some” world powers are not to be trusted

Khamenei states that his plan is rooted in


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