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Pedophile Hunters Arrested, jeopardize police investigations

A pair of so-called “pedophile hunters” have been arrested by police as officers begin a crackdown on social media vigilantes. Police issued the warning after violence broke out in Bluewater shopping centre in Kent last week during a sting set up by a group known as The


U.S. Destruction Depicted During N. Korean Musical

North Korean musical show to mark the birthday of founder Kim Il Sung ends with a mock-up video of missiles engulfing the United States in flames.

China Planning City 3 Times the Size of NYC

A hitherto anonymous region near China’s smog-choked capital has been overrun by house buyers after Beijing unveiled “historic” plans to build a new city there in a bid to slash pollution and congestion.

Announcement of the Xiongan New Area leads to a frenzy of property speculation with investors clogging roads to get to


UK University Gets Ridiculous with its Level of “Politically Correct” Speech Rules

A UK university has been accused of censoring free speech for banning phrases such as “right-hand man” and “gentleman’s agreement” in favor of more inclusive, gender neutral language.

Cardiff Metropolitan University’s revised code of practice states more appropriate terms should be used where possible, adding that students should


Dalai Lama Says China’s Hardliners Missing Brain Parts

BEIJING: Chinese hardliners have parts of their brains missing, exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said in an interview aired this week, comments likely to infuriate Beijing, which views the Nobel Peace laureate as a dangerous separatist.

Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama, who fled into exile in India


Russian Media Ordered to Cool its Jets Over Trump

putin and trump

MOSCOW — Russian politicians enamored with President Trump’s talk of improved relations with Moscow last fall are already disillusioned that he’s reversed course because of investigations into Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

The two suspect they would “get along”

Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said he was surprised Trump started “receding” from his earlier


Iranian (Fantasy) Film Celebrates Defeat of U.S. Navy

The Scenario unfolds in “Battle of the Persian Gulf II,” a new animated film more than four years in the making.

In this February 26, 2017 photo, Farhad Azima, the Iranian director and screenwriter of the animated film “Battle of the Persian Gulf II,” gives an interview to AP, at his office in Tehran.


Trump Freezes Obama Last Minute Payout to Palestine

gaza map

The Trump administration has informed the Palestinian Authority that it is freezing the transfer of $221 million which was quietly authorized by the Obama administration in its final hours on January 20, a senior Palestinian source has told The Times of Israel.

Gaza Strip in Relation to Israel

US officials conveyed to PA Prime


Mexico Reiterates: No Way we Will Pay for a Wall

Mexico’s new Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said on Tuesday there is no way his country will pay for the wall that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to build on the United States’ southern border to keep out illegal immigrants.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray delivers a speech during a meeting with diplomatic corps


South Korea Hires Trump “Tweet Officer”

South Korea’s government has hired an officer to exclusively monitor U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is particularly interested in tweets relating to Korea and northeast Asia, according to the JoongAng Daily.

The officer assigned to the new role will have the job of keeping a


Obama Describes Russia as Smaller and Weaker than U.S.

vlad putin

In his final news conference of the year, President Barack Obama emphasized that Russia cannot change or significantly weaken the U.S., adding that Russia is a smaller and weaker country.

He said Russia’s economy “doesn’t produce anything that anybody wants to buy,” except oil, gas and arms. The only way Russia can affect the


China Openly Stole U.S. Ocean Research Drone

underwater drone

In yet another sign of the deteriorating relationship between China and the United States, on Friday U.S. officials confirmed that the Chinese confiscated a non-military underwater drone in international waters in the South China Sea a day before.

Also: Pentagon Demands China Return Stolen Drone

A Rutgers university


Cuba Offers Rum to Pay Debt

cuban rum

The Czech finance ministry said Havana had raised this possibility during recent negotiations on the issue.

Cuban rum is popular in the Czech Republic

Cuba owes the Czech authorities $276m (£222m), and if the offer is accepted the Czechs would have enough Cuban rum for more than a century.

However, Prague said it preferred


U.S. Census Bureau, I.R.S. and St. Louis Federal Reserve Added to Washington Post’s list of “Russian Propaganda” Websites

Sorry, U.S. Census Bureau, I.R.S. and St. Louis Federal Reserve–you’re issuing “Russian propaganda” according to The Washington Post’s shoddy “fake news” methodology.

FILE – In this Feb. 27, 2008, file photo, The Washington Post sign is seen on its building in Washington. On Monday, Aug. 5, 2013, the Washington Post announced the paper has


When “Nice” Countries Fight

This is what happens when nice nations fight

Trump Comments on Hillary’s “Wig” and Mass Deportation


Trump Comments on the “Strangeness” of Campaign

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked rival Ben Carson and coffee giant Starbucks at a rally in Springfield, Illinois, on Monday night. Trump referenced a claim made by Carson that he tried to stab a childhood friend, saying this was the only election where such behavior was rewarded in the polls. He later criticized


Guatemala Elects Comedian as President

This Sunday, Guatemala held the final round of its presidential election. Jimmy Morales, a television comedian with no political experience and no real policy platform, won with 70 percent. Just six months ago, Morales was commanding less than 1 percent in polls.

Morales’s simple campaign slogan — “not corrupt, not


Former Nobel Peace Prize Director Regrets Awarding Obama

Geir Lundestad

Geir Lundestad, who served as Director of the Nobel Institute for 25 years, wrote in a newly released memoir that although the five-strong Norwegian Nobel Committee had all agreed to give Obama the award, his record in office since receiving the prize had shown it to be a mistake.

Geir Lundestad,


N. Korea Points out American Decadence by Showing How we Treat our Pets


You may have seen Riley. He’s a dog who got internet-famous for looking super stoned at his birthday party. He’s a funny little pup. But the North Koreans aren’t laughing. They recently showed the image on state TV to prove just how decadent American culture is.



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