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University Researchers: Continued Destruction of Biomass is Unsustainable


If humans continue destroying plants at the current pace, the lack of irreplaceable biomass may soon endanger present human civilization and make it unsustainable – according to a paper published recently by University of Georgia researchers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Earth was once devoid of life. Then came


Spider Venom Promises More Effective Painkillers

Australian tarantula

University of Queensland researchers have found seven peptides (mini-proteins) in spider venom that block the molecular pathway responsible for sending pain signals from nerves to the brain.

Australian tarantula

The discovery, published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, could inspire a new class of potent painkillers with fewer side effects than current medications.



Mind of a Worm Uploaded Into Robot

wire worm model

A humble roundworm is leading the race in artificial intelligence, showing that it may be possible one day to upload our brains to a computer.

Called the Open Worm Project, the research brings together scientists and programmers from around the world with the aim of recreating the behavior of the


“Mystery” DNA Abounds in New York Subway System

nyc subway rider

Have you ever been on the subway and seen something that you did not quite recognize, something mysteriously unidentifiable? Well, there is a good chance scientists do not know what it is either.

A rider on a C train in Manhattan last month. A study of DNA collected in the subway system found that


Scientists Crack Code for Major Viral Group

rna code

Researchers have cracked a code that governs infections by a major group of viruses including the common cold and polio.

Until now, scientists had not noticed the code, which had been hidden in plain sight in the sequence of the ribonucleic acid (RNA) that makes up this type of viral genome.


It is Now Legal to Create a Baby With the DNA of Three People

baby dna


In a historic decision, the United Kingdom’s House of Commons has voted to legalize a gene-therapy technique that could help women to avoid passing genetic defects onto their children. The vote, decided by 382 members of parliament casting in favour and 128 against, is expected to lead to the United Kingdom becoming the


Interbreeding Between Neanderthal and Human Uncovered


According to a study published Wednesday in Nature, the first interbreeding between humans and Neanderthals may have taken place in what is now Israel.

Scientists have discovered a 55,000-year-old modern human skull in a cave in western Galilee. (Israel Hershkovitz, Ofer Marder & Omry Barzilai)

Scientists report the discovery of


FrankenMouse: Mouse Becomes Smarter With Half Human Brain

smart mouse

What would Stuart Little make of it? Mice have been created whose brains are half human. As a result, the animals are smarter than their siblings.

The idea is not to mimic fiction, but to advance our understanding of human brain diseases by studying them in whole mouse brains rather than in dishes.



37 Million Honey Bees Bite the Dust Just Weeks After GMO Planting


Millions of bees mysteriously fell from the sky and wiped out beekeepers’ profits in an instant in Canada.

The shock incident came just weeks after genetically modified corn was planted in Ontario, according to the local honey gatherers.

Beekeeper Dave Schuit lost about 37 million bees, which is around 600 hives.



Potentially Infectious Ancient Viruses Revealed as More Ice Melts


One day, 700 years ago, a caribou defecated on ice in what would become Canada. Today, scientists have opened this long-frozen time capsule and found an entire plant virus inside it.


Eric Delwart of the University of California, San Francisco, and his colleagues discovered the virus in samples of frozen caribou


Record Breaking Walrus Gathering as Ice Shrinks


More than 35,000 of the marine mammals have congregated in Alaska.

Over a thousand walruses gather on the northwestern coast of Alaska on September 23, 2014.


Linda Qiu

National Geographic


Scientists have photographed the largest gathering of Pacific More…

Possible Remnants of Life Found on Martian Rock


A 1.3-billion-year-old tiny fragment from a Martian meteorite has a surprising “cell-like” structure which may have once held water or accommodated colonies of microbes, researchers say.

The findings, published in Astrobiology last month, add to the increasing evidence that beneath the surface, Mars


Brits Developing Blood Test to Detect ANY Cancer

white blood cells

A British team of researchers has developed what might be a simple blood test that can detect all cancers.

Scientists from the University of Bradford have so far used their technique on three types of cancer with promising results.

It is hoped that in time the test


How Science has Linked the MERS Coronavirus to Bio-Terror


The MERS Coronavirus (MERS Co-V) emerged in 2012 and continues to cause illness and death more than 2 years later. It has been compared to SARS, which caused a pandemic more than 10 years ago, and public health response to MERS-CoV has been modeled on the response to SARS.



The Stuff of “Fantastic Voyage” Nanomotors Travel Through Blood

Ambarish Ghosh scientist

Ambarish Ghosh, a physicist at the Indian Institute of Science and leader of the team that developed the new nanomotor. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint

Ambarish Ghosh, a physicist at the Indian Institute of Science and leader of the team that developed the new nanomotor. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint Mission into the body of man! A


Study Concludes Monsanto Glyphosate Causing Kidney and Liver Issues



The health effects of a Roundup-tolerant NK603 genetically modified (GM) maize (from 11% in the diet), cultivated with or without Roundup application and Roundup alone (from 0.1 ppb of the full pesticide containing glyphosate and adjuvants) in drinking water, were evaluated for 2 years in rats. This study constitutes a follow-up investigation


Scientist Adds Immune System Evasion Properties to H1N1


Back in June, we heard of a controversial study conducted by a team of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers that generated an influenza virus with similar characteristics to the infamous 1918 pandemic flu virus.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a professor of pathobiological sciences in


First Organism With “Alien” DNA Created in Lab


Scientists have succeeded in creating the first organism with “alien” DNA.

In normal DNA, which can be found within the genes of every organism , the twin strands of the double helix are bonded together with four bases, known as T, G, A, and C. In this new organism, the researchers added two


Four U.S. Women Receive Lab Grown Vaginas

stam cell

Four women have had new vaginas grown in the laboratory and implanted by doctors in the US. A tissue sample and a biodegradable scaffold were used to grow vaginas in the right size and shape for each woman as well as being a tissue match.

Scans of the pelvic region were used to design


NASA to Study how Space Affects DNA, RNA Using Twins

DNA strand

Identical twins Mark and Scott Kelly have signed up to be part of the first-ever study of twins that takes place, at least partially, in space.

What happens to our DNA, RNA and proteins if we spend a long time in space? A pair of 50-year-old twins will help NASA find


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