Area 51

Area 51

Less than 100 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada is the most famous secret military installation on the planet. Rumors swirl around this base, much like the mysterious aircraft that twist and turn in the skies overhead. Although it’s known by many names, most people call it by the Atomic Energy Commission’s (AEC) designation: Area 51.

restricted area sign
Area 51 is surrounded by warning signs like this one.

There are several theories about how Area 51 got its name. The most popular is that the facility borders the Nevada Test Site (NTS). The AEC used the NTS as testing grounds for nuclear bombs. The NTS is mapped as a grid of squares that are numbered from one to 30 (with a few omissions). Area 51, while not part of this grid, borders Area 15. Many say the site got the name Area 51 by transposing the 1 and 5 of its neighbor. Another popular theory is that the number 51 was chosen because it was not likely to be used as part of the NTS system in the future (in case the NTS expanded later on).

The first documented use of the name Area 51 comes from a film made by the company Lockheed Martin. There are also declassified documents from the 1960s and 1970s that refer to a facility called Area 51. Today, officials refer to the facility as an operating location near Groom Lake when speaking to the public — all official names for the site appear to be classified.

What’s In A Name?
Area 51 is known by many names. Kelly Johnson, who was responsible for the facility’s construction, named it Paradise Ranch (he was being sarcastic). Other names for the base include The Ranch, Watertown Strip, The Box, Red Square, The Farm, Groom Lake, Dreamland and the romantic name Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3.

The name alone inspires thoughts of government conspiracies, secret “black” aircraft and alien technologies. Facts, myths and legends weave together in such a way that it can become difficult to separate reality from fiction. What exactly goes on in this installation? Why did the government alternatively acknowledge and deny its existence until the 1990s? Why is the airspace over it so restricted that even military aircraft are forbidden from flying through it? And, what does it have to do with Roswell, New Mexico?

Each question seems to have a million different answers. Some answers are plausible, while others stretch credulity so far that if someone said it out loud, you might feel the urge to back away from them slowly. In this article, we’ll look at the facts as far as anyone outside of the facility can determine them and examine the more popular theories about Area 51.

Where is Area 51?

Area 51’s coordinates are 37°14’36.52″N, 115°48’41.16″W. You can get a great view of it using Google Earth. Just type “Area 51” into the “Fly To” field and the map does the rest. For decades, the base remained hidden from almost everyone, but in 1988 a Soviet satellite photographed the base. Several publications acquired the photos and published them. The secrecy of the base is still of paramount importance, but as far as satellite coverage is concerned, the cat is out of the bag.

satellite view of area 51
A satellite view of Area 51

A dry lake bed called Groom Lake borders the base. To the west is the NTS. The closest town is Rachel, Nevada, which is 25 miles north of the base. The base itself occupies only a fraction of the more than 90,000 acres it sits on. It consists of a hangar, a guard shack, a few radar antennas, some housing facilities, a mess hall, offices, runways and shelters. The shelters are “scoot and hide” buildings, designed so aircraft can quickly move under cover when satellites pass overhead. Some allege that what you can see on the surface is only a tiny part of the actual facility. They believe that the surface buildings rest on top of a labyrinthine underground base. A few claim the underground facility has up to 40 levels and that it is attached via underground railways to other sites in Los Alamos, White Sands and Los Angeles. Skeptics are quick to point out that such a massive construction project would require an enormous labor force, the removal of tons of earth that would have to go somewhere and the need for a huge amount of concrete and other construction material. The lack of evidence convinces skeptics that, for the most part, what you see is what you get. Believers, on the other hand, dismiss the skeptics’ doubts.

So what goes on at this base? According to the Air Force, the facility’s purpose is for “the testing of technologies and systems training for operations critical to the effectiveness of U.S. military forces and the security of the United States.” All specifics regarding the facility and the projects housed there are classified. What is known is the Air Force, the CIA and Lockheed have used the base as a staging ground for test flights of experimental, secret aircraft, also known as black aircraft. The base served as the development and testing facility for cutting edge aircraft technology from the U-2 spy plane to the F-117A Stealth Fighter.

In the next section, we’ll look at the known security measures at Area 51.Area 51 Security and Secrecy

To say access to the base is limited is an understatement. The base and its activities are highly classified. The remote location helps keep the activities figuratively under the radar, as does the proximity to the NTS. After several land seizures, the base is surrounded by thousands of acres of empty desert landscape. The Air Force has withdrawn lands from public use to help keep the base hidden from snooping eyes. For many years, observers could hike to elevated vantage points like White Sides Peak or Freedom Ridge, but the Air Force seized those lands as well. Today, the only way you’ll catch a glimpse of the base in person (assuming you aren’t working there) is to take the strenuous hike to the top of Tikaboo Peak, which is 26 miles from the facility.

For many years, mapmakers wouldn’t include the facility on any maps. It fell within the borders of Nellis Air Force Range, but the road leading to the facility was never shown. Today, the location of the base is general knowledge, but for many years officials went to great lengths to obscure its location.

map of area 51
A map of the Area 51 facility

Everyone who works at Area 51, whether military or civilian, must sign an oath agreeing to keep everything a secret. Buildings at the site lack windows, preventing people from seeing anything not related to their own duties at the base. By some reports, different teams would work on similar projects at the same time, but their supervisors would keep each team ignorant of the other team’s project. When testing a secret aircraft, officials ordered all uninvolved employees to stay inside until the test flight was over and the aircraft returned to its hangar.

Top Secret

Most of us think of classified information in terms of security clearance levels. Countless films and television programs show government employees who can’t access the information they need because they don’t have the right clearance. While it’s true that there are levels of security classification, it’s not true that the system is simply a vertical series of security classifications. Even if you have top secret security clearance, you can’t necessarily access everything at the top secret level (or even lower levels). This is because information and projects are compartmentalized. In other words, if you are cleared for top secret information in a project on stealth technology, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can access information in a project about proton laser beams. Security clearance is issued on a need-to-know basis, and if you don’t need to know what the engineers in the laser department are doing to complete your work on stealth technology, you can bet you won’t be able to find out about it.

Getting to Area 51

Most commuters to Area 51 travel on unmarked Boeing 737s or 727s. Planes depart from the McCarran International Airport in LasVegas (located right across the street from the Luxor Hotel and Casino). Defense contractor EG&G owns the terminal. Each plane uses the word “Janet” followed by three digits as a call sign to the airport’s control tower.

The airspace above Area 51 is known as R-4808 and is restricted to all commercial and military flights not originating from the base itself (except the Janet commuters, of course). Area 51 is believed to be part of either Edwards Air Force Base in California or the Nellis Air Force Range in Nevada, even though pilots from those bases are forbidden to fly in Area 51’s airspace. In fact, pilots who fly into one of the buffer zones surrounding R-4808 reportedly face punishment from their commanders, though it’s reported as fairly lenient. Whenever a pilot flies through a buffer zone, the training exercise immediately ends and the pilot is ordered back to base. Knowingly flying into R-4808 is a much more serious offense, and pilots can face a court martial, dishonorable discharge and time in prison as a result.

The military classifies Area 51 as a Military Operating Area (MOA). The borders of Area 51 are not fenced, but are marked with orange poles and warning signs. The signs tell you that photography isn’t allowed and that trespassing on the property will result in a fine. The signs also offer this sobering note: Security is authorized to use deadly force on people who insist on trespassing. Rumors circulate among conspiracy theorists over how many unfortunate truth seekers have died as a result of tromping around the grounds of Area 51, though most believe that trespassers are dealt with in a much less violent manner.

Pairs of men who don’t appear to be in the military patrol the perimeter. These guards are likely civilians hired from firms like Wackenhut or EG&G. Observers call them “cammo (sic) dudes,” because they often wear desert camouflage. The cammo dudes usually drive around in four-wheel-drive vehicles, keeping an eye on anyone near the borders of Area 51. Supposedly, their instructions are to avoid contact with intruders, if possible, and act merely as both an observer and deterrent. If someone seems suspicious, the cammo dudes will call in the local sheriff to deal with him. Once in a while, the cammo dudes have confronted trespassers, allegedly seizing any film or other recording devices and intimidating the trespassers. Sometimes, helicopters provide additional support. There are rumors that the helicopter pilots occasionally use illegal tactics like hovering very low over trespassers to harass them.

cammo dudes
The infamous “cammo dudes”

Other security measures include sensors planted around the perimeter of the base. These sensors detect movement, and some believe they can even discern the difference between an animal and a human being. Since Area 51 is effectively a wildlife preserve, it was important to create warning devices that could not easily be tripped by a passing animal. One theory held by observers is that the sensors can detect the scent of the passing creature (the sensors detect an ammonia signature). While that has yet to be substantiated, it’s certain that there are buried sensors all around Area 51. One Rachel resident named Chuck Clark discovered several of the sensors, and at one point the Air Force accused him of interfering with signal devices and ordered him to either return a missing sensor or pay a fine — Clark reportedly complied.

In the next section, we’ll look at why all the secrecy and security measures are necessary as we examine some of the aircraft tested at Area 51.

Area 51 Aircraft

u-2 spy plane
Lockheed’s U-2 Dragon
Lady spy plane

Area 51 owes its very existence to secret aircraft projects. The original purpose for Area 51 was a testing facility for Lockheed’s U-2 spy plane. Lockheed put Kelly Johnson in charge of establishing a base of operations for testing and training facilities. Here are some of the known and suspected projects at Area 51.The U-2 Spy Plane is a confirmed Area 51 project. Lockheed worked with the CIA to develop a plane that could fly at a high altitude and spy on other nations. The U-2 could fly at altitudes of 70,000 feet and was effective in reconnaissance missions for several years. During the development of the U-2, the CIA and Lockheed realized they would soon need more advanced aircraft because the Soviet Union’s missile technology was rapidly catching up. In 1960, the USSR shot down a U-2, confirming this concern.

Engineers designed a plane–called the Suntan–to be a successor to the U-2. It could fly at speeds up to mach 2.5 (almost 2,000 miles per hour). The Suntan used liquid hydrogen for fuel, which was its ultimate downfall. Engineers decided that it would be too expensive to create a fuel infrastructure to support the Suntan’s flights, and the government canceled the project.

The SR-71 Blackbird

The A-12 , which was later known as the SR-71 “Blackbird,”became the actual successor to the U-2. The A-12 was a prototype model that gradually evolved into the SR-71. These planes could fly up to mach 3 (2,300 miles per hour) and could fly at altitudes of 90,000 feet.Tacit Blue and Have Blue were the first successful attempts at creating stealth aircraft. Tacit Blue had an odd, whale-like shape, inspiring onlookers to call it “Shamu.” It was designed to fly low over battle operations as a reconnaissance vehicle. Have Blue was a prototype for the F117-A Stealth Fighter. Have Blue first arrived at Area 51 in 1977. The Stealth Fighter remained a secret until the Air Force officially unveiled it to the public in 1990.

The Bird of Prey takes its name from a class of ships in Star Trek. The plane is a bomber with stealth technology. The design looks very strange, and some say that it is very unstable at low speeds due to the odd wing design.

tacit blue
Tacit Blue, aka “Shamu”

One rumored project at Area 51, the TR3A Black Manta, could be a potential successor to the Stealth Fighter, or it may be one of many kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Currently, there is a lot of interest in UAVs because they provide the military with methods of gathering information without endangering the lives of pilots or soldiers.

Area 51 Projects

The Aurora is another project that has been associated with Area 51. Now believed to be a canceled project, the Aurora was supposedly a replacement for the SR-71. It was supposed to be a hypersonic reconnaissance jet capable of attaining speeds up to mach 6 (4,600 miles per hour). The project may have failed completely, or it may turn out that the Aurora is another kind of UAV and not a jet at all.

The Brilliant Buzzard or Mothership is another rumored project at Area 51. This large jet would carry a smaller vehicle, perhaps a UAV. The smaller vehicle is designed to launch from the larger jet while in midair.

The MiG-21 is one of several Soviet aircraft allegedly tested at Area 51.

Soviet aircraft also played a large role at Area 51. These planes came from the Soviet Union and were either captured or otherwise acquired. The Air Force and CIA used these aircraft in training exercises and war games. The use of Soviet aircraft in Area 51’s airspace inspired its nickname of the Red Square.

What new projects could be underway at Area 51 today? Apart from the continued focus on UAV technology, secret project theorists suggest a few possibilities. One is a transport aircraft with stealth technology designed to move troops in and out of conflict areas without being detected. Many see a need for a vehicle with effective and stealthy vertical take off and lift (VTOL) capabilities. (The V-22 Osprey has this capability, but critics say the vehicle is not effective at meeting military objectives.) Another likely research project is a stealth helicopter. Though some people say stealth helicopters already exist and are in use, they haven’t been revealed to the public. Some theorists see a need for a stealth plane that is designed specifically to neutralize ground targets. To date, most stealth aircraft are either surveillance vehicles or designed for air-to-air combat. There is also a need for aircraft that can rapidly deploy to any location worldwide in as short a time as possible. Projects like the rumored Aurora plane and other hypersonic vehicles fall into this category. Other rumored research projects range from cloaking technology to proton beams to anti-gravity devices.

Of course, these projects are only the tip of the rumored iceberg. Area 51 is arguably better known for its connection with aliens and UFOs than with any of these aircraft. In the next section, we’ll take a look at the rumors and theories linking Area 51 with visitors from outer space.

Area 51 and Aliens

Some believe that an alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and that the government shipped the wreckage and a body to Area 51 for examination and study. A few go even further, claiming the facility has underground levels and tunnels connecting it to other secret sites, and that it contains warehouses full of alien technology and even living alien specimens. Some theorize that the aliens are actually the ones running the show and that their goal is to create a human-alien hybrid (the aliens seem to have lost the ability to reproduce on their own). Stories cast the aliens in roles from benevolent visitors to evil overlords who subsist on a paste made from ground-up human bits. Air Force representatives have publicly denied that aliens have anything at all to do with Area 51, but that seems to have only strengthened conspiracy theorists’ wilder suggestions.

extraterrestrial highway
Highway 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada

June 24, 1947, was the day the term flying saucer entered the American vocabulary. That was the day Kenneth Arnold reported sighting a UFO while piloting his private plane over Washington state. He said the object flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water, and the flying saucer was born. On July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release written by General William “Butch” Blanchard, stating they had recovered the remains of an unidentified flying object. The Army quickly retracted the statement, but not before it ran in several papers. According to the Army, it was not a flying disc at all, but a weather balloon. Years later, declassified documents said that the object recovered at Roswell was actually a balloon created for a surveillance program called Project Mogul. The weather balloon story was a cover for this secret project. Of course, UFO believers say that the spy balloon story is also a cover, and that the Army really did recover an alien craft.Reverse Engineering at Area 51

In 1987, a man named Robert Lazar shocked the world when he went on television claiming to have been part of an operation that worked on alien technology. Robert Lazar said that the government has possession of at least nine alien spacecraft at a base called S-4, which is not far from Groom Lake. The facility even had posters showing a UFO levitating several feet above the ground with the caption “They’re Here!” EG&G hired him to help reverse engineer the technology in the alien craft for use in U.S. military vehicles and power production. He discovered a rusty, heavy substance he called “Element 115” that powered the alien spacecraft. Skeptics have thoroughly investigated as many of Lazar’s statements as they can, and many of them appear to be false. For example, Lazar says he holds Masters degrees from CalTech and MIT, but there’s no evidence he ever attended either university. Lazar says this is because the government is actively trying to erase his existence to discredit him. Skeptics believe Lazar is merely fabricating the entire story, and point out that it’s a monumental task to erase someone’s identity — they would have to remove Lazar’s name in everything from official documents to school yearbooks. Even so, Lazar’s statements inspired an explosion of interest in UFOs and Area 51.

Roswell Does Not Equal Area 51
While Area 51 and Roswell are often mentioned in the same breath, the two locations are pretty far from each other. Roswell is in New Mexico and, according to Google Maps, is 891 miles away from Area 51. The trip would take you more than 15 hours to get there by car, and by most reports it’s not a very exciting drive.

One popular claim among Lazar’s believers is that much of our current technology is the result of using reverse engineering on alien spacecraft. Everything from radios to superconductors falls into this category. They argue that people on their own couldn’t possibly have developed these technologies so rapidly without an alien model. Some claim that pilots at Area 51 are using alien technology against aliens themselves, shooting them down so that other military crews can scavenge the parts.

In the next section, we’ll look at even more stories of aliens, government cover-ups and elaborate conspiracies involving Area 51.The Plot Thickens at Area 51

alien drawing
Public domain image
An artist’s concept of an alien

One claim common to Lazar’s statements and other UFO enthusiasts’ theories is a secret organization known as MJ-12, sometimes called Majestic or Majic 12. This group originally included a dozen extremely powerful individuals like President Harry S. Truman, the heads of organizations like the CIA and powerful businessmen. Many documents reported to be from this group have surfaced, mostly as discoveries of UFOlogist William L. Moore, including papers bearing Presidential signatures. Skeptics scrutinized these documents and uncovered many signs that they are fakes, including proof that signatures were copied from other official documents and pasted onto the MJ-12 papers. Conspiracy theorists denounce the skeptics as either being fooled or actually employed by the government. Other theorists say the MJ-12 documents are fakes, but were official fakes made by the government to throw people off track. Most believers fall into one of several groups, and often each group will accuse the others of actively promoting disinformation to hide the truth.The most extreme theories about aliens at Area 51 state that not only are aliens here on Earth, they’re running the show. Stories circulate about extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) forcing the government into agreements that always turn out bad for the rest of us. According to them, the government has agreed to allow aliens to abduct people at will, experiment on helpless citizens and even grind people up into a paste that is later smeared onto EBEs as a source of nutrition. Other theorists say that the aliens are here to use humans to create a hybrid creature, and that the aliens themselves are no longer able to reproduce on their own. Some offer hope with reports of shootouts between government forces and aliens, resulting in the return of our government to power. Of course, almost all of these theorists suggest the government is acting in wicked and irresponsible ways with the citizens of the United States emerging as the ultimate victims.

Conspiracy Cover-Ups
Not all conspiracy theories concerning Area 51 involve little green (or gray) men. Some revolve around a shadowy organization (or group of organizations) dedicated to bringing about the New World Order (note: this does not refer to the awesome group of WCW wrestlers). UFOs and reverse engineering stories are just tactics these organizations use to distract the public from its real goal — world domination.

In UFO enthusiast lore, Hangar 18 is the name of the building that houses a captured alien spacecraft and even an extraterrestrial being. The location of Hangar 18 is up for debate among believers. Some have claimed the hangar at Area 51 is Hangar 18. A film titled “Area 51: The Alien Interview” shows an alleged alien in captivity, though skeptics raised doubts of its authenticity. Rick Baker, a special effects expert with many years of experience, stated categorically that he believed the alien to be nothing more than a puppet.

Seeing UFOs at Area 51

black mailbox
The black mailbox (now white)

Because the airspace around and above Area 51 is used for test flights and training missions, it is quite possible (and even probable) that you’ll see aircraft flying overhead. Sometimes that aircraft might be exotic, perhaps even unidentifiable to the untrained eye. Even familiar aircraft might fool you into thinking you’ve seen something not of this Earth. Skeptics point out that many reported UFO sightings coincide conveniently with the scheduled daily arrival of the Janet flights to the base. Many of the formerly classified projects at Area 51 really do look to be otherworldly. UAVs in particular seem strange, as they don’t require a cockpit or doors. In addition, many training exercises use bright flares to draw off missile fire or even just to distract onlookers while secret aircraft go through maneuvers.A popular spot to watch for UFOs is the Black Mailbox on Nevada Highway 375. The mailbox belongs to a local rancher and became famous when Lazar said it was the location he’d bring people to in order to watch scheduled test flights of alien spacecraft. Today, the mailbox has been repainted white and the rancher has said many times that he doesn’t believe any of the craft flying overhead are alien in origin.

The Truth Is Out There

Area 51 is the most well-known secret facility ever created. It’s been an important setting for numerous novels, films, television shows, video games and music. The base (or a spoof of it) has appeared in episodes of Futurama, The Simpsons, Kim Possible, Stargate and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. There is an Area 51 arcade game as well as an unrelated (but identically titled) game designed for consoles like the Xbox. The base shows up in other video games too, like Duke Nukem3D, Destroy All Humans, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 and even World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. There are rumors that the next Indiana Jones film will have something to do with the facility. Daniel O’Brien once wrote a rock musical about Area 51, and you can find references to the base in several rock songs like Megadeth’s “Hangar 18.” Out of all the different entertainment pieces featuring Area 51, two stand out as being particularly important. The X-Files and Independence Day both helped catapult Area 51 into the public consciousness, and both followed UFOlogists’ theories about the real purpose of the base.

In the next section, we’ll look at some of the controversy surrounding Area 51.

Controversy at Area 51

Workers at Area 51 have had to endure difficult conditions since the earliest days of the facility. In the 1950s, when the focus of the base was testing the U-2 spy plane, the CIA had to cease operations and evacuate the facility due to nearby nuclear testing on the neighboring Nevada test site. Sometimes the AEC would announce tests ahead of schedule to allow nearby residents time to evacuate if they felt it was necessary, but other times the tests would remain unannounced. The results from these tests could be seen from towns 100 miles away. People in Las Vegas would often organize trips to nearby peaks and picnic in view of mushroom clouds.

In 1957, one such test called HOOD was part of an overall program called Operation Plumbob, which was designed to see if damaged nuclear bombs emitted harmful levels of radioactivity. The AEC detonated a 74-kiloton nuclear device 1,500 feet over Area 9 of the NTS. This was the most powerful airburst ever detonated over the continental United States. The AEC did not announce the test ahead of time, though they did tell Area 51 to evacuate beforehand. The resulting blast caused some minor damage at Area 51 – mostly some broken windows and doors. Radiation was a much bigger concern, and, in fact, the soil in Area 51 has absorbed a lot of radiation over years of nuclear tests.

The AEC versus the CIA

The AEC and officials at Area 51 butted heads several times over scheduling. The CIA and Kelly Johnson at Area 51 argued that the interruptions caused by evacuating the base were interfering with the development of the U-2 and A-12 projects. Area 51’s proximity to the NTS was both a blessing and a curse. It helped protect the base from snoops, but it also endangered everyone who worked there.

Cleaning Up Area 51

In 1980, the government authorized a program to remove irradiated soil from around Groom Lake. Satellite photos confirm that crews removed massive amounts of dirt from the area. Surrounding cities reported increases in cancer rates and many have sued the government (with varying degrees of success), claiming the tests caused them to get sick.

Another hazard at Area 51 involved the disposal of classified technology and vehicles. In the 1980s, crews at Area 51 dug large, open pits and dumped toxic materials into them. They burned the materials using jet fuel and suffered exposure to chemicals and fumes. According to a lawsuit filed against several government officials, the workers requested safety equipment such as breathing masks, but were denied due to budgetary concerns. When they asked if they might bring their own equipment, their superiors told them that for security reasons they could not bring outside equipment into the base. Several civilian employees became sick from the exposure — two eventually died. Helen Frost, the widow of Area 51 employee Robert Frost, and several Groom Lake employees worked with attorney Jonathan Turley to file the lawsuit.

One interesting item from the lawsuit that has since caused a big stir in Area 51 circles is the submission of an unclassified security manual into evidence. Turley argued that the manual not only proved the base existed, it also proved the government was aware of the dangers of handling hazardous waste and acted with negligence toward the employees at Area 51. The government retroactively classified the security manual, and Judge Philip Pro didn’t allow it as evidence. You can still find the manual on the Internet. Some claim the manual to be a fake, though if this is the case it raises a question — why would the government declare a fake document to be classified information?

President Clinton signed an Executive Order exempting Area 51 from environmental regulation in September, 1995. This order is the most formal acknowledgement of the existence of Area 51 by the government. The order referred to Area 51 as “the Air Force’s operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada.” Judge Pro eventually dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that investigation into the claims constituted a breach of national security. Turley argued that this set a dangerous precedent in that the government could now hide crimes through the excuse of national security. The policy relieves the government of accountability to the people it represents. Further litigation may follow, particularly now that a similar unclassified safety manual has been pulled from a Web site for Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. The document clearly indicates the dangers of inhaling hazardous fumes, instructing emergency responders to use extreme caution and use proper safety equipment. The Web site has since removed the document with the explanation that the person who posted it did so in error. Some worry that emergency responders will now lack vital information when they go into dangerous situations.

Today, Area 51 allows the EPA to inspect the facility to ensure it meets environmental requirements. However, all reports are classified and can’t be published. Many argue that without publication of the results, the facility remains unaccountable. Clinton’s Executive Order permits the reports to remain sealed, despite the fact that the law requires all such reports be made available to the public. The President must renew the order each year, and so far that has been the case.

In the next section, we’ll look at the town of Rachel, Nevada, which has received more than its share of attention as the closest town to Area 51.

Living in the Shadow of Area 51

You might think that living close to a place like Area 51 could make you a little strange. A visit to Rachel, Nevada might just change your suspicion to certainty. The town is populated by less than 100 people, most of whom have a strong sense of independence and more than a touch of eccentricity. According to former Rachel part-time resident Glenn Campbell, Rachel’s documented history began on March 22, 1978 at 5:45 p.m. Not many towns can narrow down their origins so precisely. Campbell points out that on that date, power companies first supplied the Sand Springs Valley with electricity. Before this momentous occasion, only a few hardy farmers and a mining company occupied the valley.

In the 1970s, small numbers of people with a pioneering spirit and desire to live their lives free of interference began to settle the valley. One of those families was the Joneses, who became famous in their small community upon the birth of Rachel Jones, the first child born in the valley. The loose community felt the birth marked an important event in the town’s history, and so they named the town Rachel. The Joneses didn’t stick around much longer, and sadly a few years later Rachel passed away from a respiratory ailment.

little a 'le' inn
Photo courtesy of Cooper
The Little A ‘Le’ Inn in Rachel, Nevada

The town has a gas station (currently closed, the closest open gas station is 60 miles away), a bar called the Little A’Le’Inn (a collection of mobile homes organized into a motel) and the Rachel Senior Center Thrift Store. The Thrift Store is the subject of a mysterious process where clothing comes from the Tonopah Thrift Shop 100 miles away. Rachel’s store sends unsold clothing to thrift stores in Las Vegas, which in turn send unsold clothes to the Tonopah Thrift Shop. Believers are convinced this cycle will continue until either the Tonopah Thrift Shop or Rachel’s store closes.Rachel is home to several interesting characters, many of whom have pet theories about Area 51. A few work for the Air Force, though that’s about as much information as you’ll get from them. Pat and Joe Travis run the Little A’Le’Inn and have made a business out of selling t-shirts and videos about government conspiracies and aliens. Still, most of the people in Rachel will tell you they don’t think the UFOs are anything other than flares, UAVs or military aircraft on training missions.

Glenn Campbell established the Area 51 Research Center. He would often go to a lookout spot he named Freedom Ridge where he could legally view the facility from several miles away. Campbell wrote a newsletter called the Desert Rat, keeping people up to date on activities at the base. He campaigned against what he considered to be excessive government secrecy, arguing that the government was creating an environment of mistrust with the public. He also created a Web site that linked to dozens of news stories and timelines about the base. Although he no longer updates the site, it’s still available for you to explore. Campbell has since moved on from his focus on the secret base and no longer lives in Rachel.

The residents of Rachel seem to treat interest in their community with bemused patience. To them, sonic booms in the middle of the night and bright light shows are all normal, every day events. Just about everyone in the valley has had to replace a window cracked by a sonic boom or held a piece of airplane wreckage (Area 51’s history includes several spectacular crashes).

In the next section, we’ll look at a timeline for Area 51 from its founding to the present.A Brief History of Area 51

During World War II, the Army Air Corps (precursor to our modern Air Force) built several runways in Nevada, including a pair of small runways at Groom Lake. They named the spot the Army Air Corps Gunnery School. After the 1940s, the runways were abandoned.

In the early 1950s, the CIA entered a partnership with Lockheed to develop high altitude aircraft to use in surveillance missions. Kelly Johnson of Lockheed helmed the project. He formed a department of engineers and test pilots that eventually took on the name Skunk Works. The Skunk Works department was famous for being very secretive and nearly fanatical in the pursuit of their goals.

The CIA and Johnson both knew that secrecy was critical to their success, and so Johnson needed to find a location to develop and test secret aircraft. He wanted a location that was remote enough to avoid notice, yet still close enough to a major city so that supplying the facility would not be a monumental task. The site would need to be easily accessible by aircraft and out of the way of commercial and military flight paths. It would also need space to house a sizeable force of military and civilian employees.

In 1955, he traveled to Nevada with test pilot Tony LeVier and CIA representative Osmond Ritland to find a good place to use as a base of operations for test flights. Ritland trained at the Gunnery School and told Johnson about it. Johnson decided the location was ideal for their operations.

Four months later, crews completed the initial construction. U-2 test flights began and President Eisenhower signed an Executive Order restricting the airspace over Groom Lake. The CIA, the Atomic Energy Commission and Lockheed oversaw base operations. Eventually, control of the base would pass to the Department of Energy and the Air Force.

A Time Line of Events at Area 51

The following is a time line beginning soon after Area 51’s construction:

  • 1957 – The AEC distributes “Background Information on Nevada Nuclear Tests” to the press. The booklet describes a small base at Groom Lake called the Watertown Project. The booklet claimed the facility was part of a project to study weather.
  • 1961 – The restricted airspace expands upwards, but not outwards — it measures five by nine nautical miles in size, but extends up to space and is designated R-4808. A year later, the Department of the Air Force expands the space again, but this time the perimeter grows to 22 by 20 nautical miles. This forms the “Groom Box,” or just “the Box,” as it is known today. No flights, whether commercial or military, are allowed in the restricted space (except the test flights from the base itself).
  • 1962 – The first A-12 arrives at Groom Lake. The first test flight takes place two months after the aircraft’s arrival to the base. CIA pilots arrive at the base nearly a year later to begin flight training.
  • 1967 – The first Mig 21, a Soviet aircraft, arrives at Groom Lake. Officials name the testing program of Mig aircraft “Have Donut.” Some pilots begin to call the restricted air space above Groom Lake “Red Square.”
f117 stealth fighter
The F117-A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter
    • 1977 – Years before the public became aware of the Stealth Fighter, the first F117 prototype arrives at Area 51. It’s called the “Have Blue.” That same year, the United States Geological Survey takes an aerial photo of the base. The photo appears in numerous publications and is available until 1994, when the government withdraws it from release.
    • 1982 – The first flight of the vehicle known as “Tacit Blue” takes place at Groom Lake. Like the F-117A, Tacit Blue is a stealth vehicle.
    • 1984 – The base petitions for an additional 89,000 acres of land to increase the size of restricted space around the facility. Guards had previously discouraged the public from entering this area before it was officially withdrawn, raising concern and criticism from locals and tourists. The request is ratified by Congress three years later.
    • 1988 – A Soviet satellite photographs Area 51. “Popular Science” runs the photograph, giving most U.S. citizens their first chance to glimpse the secret base. That same year, Robert Frost, a civilian employee at Area 51, dies. An autopsy shows that his body contained high levels of dangerous chemicals like dioxin, trichloroethylene and dibenzofuran. His widow, Helen, files a lawsuit against several government officials, claiming her husband died as a result of exposure to dangerous chemicals.
    • 1989 – Robert Lazar appears on television and claims to have worked on reverse engineering alien technology at a site not far from Groom Lake.
    • 1995 – Area 51 acquires two locations popular with tourists and curious locals. Freedom Ridge and White Sides Peak. President Clinton signs an executive order exempting Area 51 from legislation and investigation in order to preserve national security.
    • 1996 – Nevada names Route 375, formerly known as the “loneliest highway in America,” the “Extraterrestrial Highway.” Skeptics around the world groan in unison.
    • 1997 – Area 51 is declassified, though all operations at the facility are still kept secret.
    • 2007 – It appears that crews are building a new hangar, much larger than the existing hangar. One Web site claims the hangar’s size to be 200 by 500 feet and 100 feet tall


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  • vlad

    wt interesting is wts 100 story's down in area 51
    the surface is just a cover,like thats a surprise -_-
    many nations aren't telling us what are they hiding.
    some day that truth will crawl out,sooner or later.

    • Gary E Parker jr


  • Y is it that this government is hiding secrets we will find out eventually there not fooling anyone one day they will release us the true and it will be to late but if the world knows what’s coming we can be prepared because its most likely not going to be peaceful no matter what happens we will be the ones to pay for the government being so stupid!!!!

  • Eminem For Life

    who actually wrote this article i need to know thx!

  • Government Member

    Man the government is stupid they have many great technology hiden from us but the more they hide the more we can lose the wars but if they were to actually show theses weapons or other devices they have created during the WW2 or beyond the pass there may be a chance we can win the wars better

  • Harrison Hallstrom

    They are using really high tech machines in order to run their facilities. No wonder that it became really famous.

    – Harrison Hallstrom

  • Roger Rog

    this guy is crazy;)
    maybe they just want us to think we are safe but then tell the aliens we are homicidal and then the aliens will definetely get rid of us. LOLOLOLOL

  • zayiawells

    area 51 is very interesting

    • chole phillips

      oh yeah ummm cuzzzz

    • scaredecat

      you wouldnt say that if you saw whats lurking below 51 come on get real where do you think technology has come from in last 30 years the japs erm nope have another guess ,give you a clue we were helped to make and understand this technology think about it. its sort of like one day a cave man woke up and said im going to make a wireless mobile phone today like yeahhhhhhhhhh rightttttttttttttttttttttt man is not clever enough to make a stand alone mobile then the data base system to send and make calls and so on and soon we have had help wether you believe or not .

  • David B.

    It is amazing to know the history, origin, and culture of a place. But the story about aliens? I really found it weird. I do not believe in aliens. I think the things people think are aliens are just products of their imagination and creativity.

    • james

      you won't be saying that if they get out which they will do we all know area 51 are hiding aliens its just nobody wants to accept that we are not
      tthe only form of life

      • Alexx

        There are many proves that there are various types of aliens even among us on earth.. the problem is, we all think about Earth as a "white people school", a planet only for humans.. the thing is, there are so many different spieces of beings on this planet, we can't even call it ours

    • Unearthly

      The universe is a massive endless place & you think we’re the only ones alive? It’s sad to see so many people so closed minded & up themselves… We are a tiny speck of sand in the universe amongst many many many other galaxies that NASA hasn’t even seen and/or explored yet since our current technology won’t allow us to do so. Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’, they explain a whole lot & it all makes sense & it’s mind blowing.

      • Thatman12700

        From my sources area 51; is a airbase not only to keep the unidentified unidentified but to keep the secret of socity under cival matters into witch all these investigation can noe be brought to a Holt but understand what has not been seen are unidentified will inhabited world massacre across the USA but if u use the brain and eye of science where do u get these ideas of airports where do u get the idea that the next human being mind can’t expanded to no it’s away to trap and bring aliens in as a station before the change acre its happening right in front of the USA ….

  • specter/jester

    i heard theres a cure for cancer located in…. cant tell

  • jester

    the so called men in black are real but we don't call them that…. its classified

    yall americans… I feel sorry. if only yall know what yalls government was doing to yall. yall are just a bunch of lab rats>

  • Dennis

    On a recent commercial flight, I think the aircraft passed east of Area 51 aprox. 5 to 10 miles at over 30,000 feet. Very powerful spot lights came on and went off…..4 lights as I remember. So powerful, I had to look away. Is this a warning system for pilots who wander too close?

  • Bill

    A writer named Zebulon Grey has a ebook at Amazon. It's sci fi. His bio says he worked at area 51 as a theoretical physicist for years.

  • 99ways2die

    Now it’s time to release the obvious and show us the science and pharmaceutical labs, the cybernetics labs, the robotics labs, the technology labs, the Nanotech. labs and all that other fun stuff that still can be denied because it can’t be seen.  Those jets are just the tip of the Iceberg of what goes on in there.  Just some thing so that WHEN (And they knew it would because Clinton signed the bill but he didn’t come up with it himself) “If it can be seen it can’t be denied” came out, it was just a taste or what goes on in that place.  Place is pretty much the harbinger of death and the ultimate NWO tool.  

  • john smith

    There is nothing going on at area 51, no secret projects- its just a nuclear landfill and a front for which trillions of dollars go for "top secret" projects…..literally nothing comes out of there

  • There are 2 kind of activities going on in Area 51, as Patrick Mariano explained in his book "Alien Invasion – Inside Area 51".
    The first is to test new, secret aircraft. We all know that.
    The second is happening underground where alien technology is being studied. Have you ever wondered why all of those nuclear underground experiment not too far from the site?
    There is always a reason….

  • durango57

    What would happen if there 500 or 1000 people enter at once the Area 51?! they are not able to stop them if they came from all sides! and if they would shoot only on one of them what would be happen with Area 51 and the American Government, it would bring an end to them both! so why the Area 51 guys and the Government tell the truth to the American citizen? don't they think we are not capable to handle the truth?
    The People aren't fool as they believe, why we should pay hundreds billions of Dollars we don't know what is happen about?

  • Alien

    Why you guys wana know Area 51 soo badly
    It's high teach n one thing there r no Alien in this world just remember one thing every thing is on net. No net no high teach

  • grogi

    What is really Area 51 maybe we will never find out. I have watched this video:
    and it shows what is Area 51. maybe is true maybe not but is interesting to watch it.

  • stephan

    i think that they are hiding some stuff in there base that we must know about

  • Jim

    Hmm area 51, Deigo Garcia soon to be a base in us base in Darwin Australia.

  • bob

    2 years ago i was on google maps fooling around and searched area 51 it revealed it two months ago i went on it had disappeared of the face of the earth but, I got the coordinates now it's back the gov. hid it from us why?????????


    we need you to reveal to us that alien technology

  • Jose pagan

    i am a ex worker there and I know everything from alien to new technologies that they are building. I know how you can get in easily without nobody knowing that you are there.

  • not ur business

    It’s time the government stops hiding area 51 from U.S. citizens. We Americans are idiotic to continue to pay our taxes towards something we aren’t allowed to know about. I don’t necessarily believe aliens are there just secret weapons and air craft. But there extreme secrecy has caused many to believe they’re hiding serious threats from us. Such as possibly dangerous extra terrestrials. Maybe there is aliens there who knows when they threaten to kill people on sight. Excuse the language but if Americans would stop being couch potatoes and get of their lazy asses and do something about it they could no longer hide it. Guess what America there are by far more of us than them. They need us. But we allow them to lie cause many of us apparently don’t care. Force them to tell us. We are the many they are the few. So stop asking what’s going on there and do something. If 10,000 people just walked in there what are they gonna do shoot us all. I don’t think so unless they’re Nazis. And if they did so it would only make the situation worse for them. Until Americans stop talking and do something we will never know.

    • dezohne

      I want to talk to you about this…. It’s important and I agree 101% with what you are saying. Is there any way I can contact you.

    • Unearthly

      Yes what you are saying is true but not everyone on Earth is very welcoming to the idea of finding out for sure about aliens. The government isn’t coming out to tell us all of this because they want to keep control. Imagine the world after they announce it to us, it’ll be chaos. I don’t believe all aliens are bad, yes there are some but not all. If they wanted to kill us all & harm us, there’s nothing stopping them from doing so, it would be as easy as stepping on a little ant. All religions would riot & wouldn’t know what to do with themselves as everything they believed in is now ruled out. Unstable violent people will want to hurt the aliens & kill them as unfortunately some people can’t handle the unknown & want to kill anything they don’t know. So yeah I would like the government to tell us all about them for once & for all but also I understand why they are keeping it under wraps. If you’ve done a little bit more research about it, the government has actually leaked it before, in a very subtle manner of course. They do this bit by bit to make us prepared. They let people exaggerate stories so then when they tell us the truth our reactions will just be like… “oh.. is that it? great!” kind of thing. Read on more about the story of Robert Lazar, they tell you about it 🙂

      • Jfk's final speech

        I totally agree with you. If they tell us the truth, the world will collapse. Religious shit make people kill each other, so imagine what could happen… We don’t even know how to deal with ourselves, there’s so much prejudice to people from our world, imagine with ” things ” from outerspace…..

  • This is something I would deffently love for soneone to brake dowb to me..I seen in on comment; someone said they no about everything from the aliens too how easy it is to get in the place..interesting wish you could open up and share some true stories. Is this true? Is it a project us as americans should worry about..I woil check this site latter on..would love to hear more from you….and why did you stop working there?

    • Chris

      Why do you all try to reverse engineer the technology that comes from Area 51. Look at the stealth bomber for example and trace the history of where it was developed. Who built and designed it. Every country has research and development especially in the aerospace division. It IS a matter of national security to keep our newest technology from other countries. If you could leak all of the technology from Area 51 would you? If you new that you would put our military members and their families in harms way, would you still do it? If you said yes than you are no better than the enemy!

  • charlie thomas

    just a message ,,,,this is real ,,I have seen crazy things ,,,Im rom Rorwell

  • Bart Zub

    We need to be able to walk into our own nation base to see what our government is up to.

  • I need your help with NASA and you and the president Obama to help me home to the mother ship ( please ) Thanks and safely alive in one piece and with no use of any kind of weapons or bombs against them.

    We need to keep radio wave signal’s to send and receive radio messages to them as we approach there mother ship and let me talk to them when we get a Clarance channel.

    We need to get a clear message to them that there is a handicap aboard the space craft in a wheelchair approaching there mother ship that is wheelchair bound that needs medical care in sick bay urgent care aboard there mother ship.

    Tell them the handicap in the wheelchair his name is John Banks how needs urgent medical care aboard there mother ship in sick bay urgent care and that John Banks wanted to come home to your mother ship to Ashtar Sheran’s living quarters on the upper decks aboard your mother ship.

    Please open your shuttle bay doors so we can land aboard your mother ship and drop off John Banks how is handicap and wheelchair bound and we need time to unload all John Banks luggage aboard the ship.
    as we will set John Banks luggage along the side walls in the shuttle bay out of the way So we can depart your mother ship after we unload all John Banks luggage onto your mother ship.

    John Banks has lots of luggage that needs to go with him to Ashstar living quarters.

    • John Banks has server back problems and in pain why he want to see the doctor in sick bay urgent car aboard your mother ship for treatment to make the pain go away.

      And then send home to Ashtar living quarters with medications from the doctor for Ashtar to handle for John banks.

  • The word car is spell wrong it should be care.
    please make a note.

  • We should be told what happens there because government runs on trust

  • james braselton

    hi there this is the master chief spartan 117 i need your help men in black i need too autherize a time jump back too december 2013

  • samuel

    Hello my name is Samuel I’m from chapa middle school in Kyle TX I a couple of questions for you
    1. are there aliens in area 51 or is it just a hoax, and if there are aliens what do they do to them?
    2. Have you been to area 51 if you have how was it?
    3. If you were to have classified information about stuff in area 51 what would they do to you?
    4. If there are aliens how type are there?
    5. Why was area 51 built, and for what reason?
    6. Does area 51 hold the most classified stuff in the world?
    7. was the lunar space program actual fake, and made in area 51?
    8. are there aliens going to invade u or do we co-exist with them, and what did the government do to co-exist with these aliens
    9. is there a government that controls space, and if you attack someone Innocent will you be executed,and how would they execute you(i believe this space government is called the cancel five)
    10. are we so low in technology that we don’t even look desired able to aliens.,or is the government hiding technology that allows us to travel among the stars

    • Unearthly

      To the comment above me ^^^^ @samuel.
      1. I believe there are aliens on area51. We humans don’t do anything to them, we work along side them but of course they would be above us (as in they’re the boss).
      2. Security on Area51 is impeccable. You’d be lucky to even get a few meters away from it, there’s motion detectors everywhere & guards & camera’s. Once they spot you, they’ll be on you like a hawk within seconds.
      The only stories you’ll get from Area51 are from the elderly who used to work there & have nothing else to lose by spilling the truth about the place, or current employee’s who will most likely not tell you anything or much anyway (or the truth).
      3. If you were to somehow find something out, they’ll find you. Give you a warning. Stories suggest that the ‘Men in Black’ (not Will Smith or anything to do with that movie!!) 2 men who are large, wear all black, look pretty identical & drive an unmarked car will come pay you a visit. They’ll pretty much tell you to shut up or they’ll make you close your mouth by making you disappear (kill you) or if you’ve already leaked the classified information, they’ll make sure to discredit you & humiliate you so no one believes you.
      4. There’s many types of aliens.. for example, the greys (the most common type we talk about), nordics & the reptilians.
      5. Read back on the story above & it tells you there why it was made.
      6. It would definitely hold the most classified information along with the White House, The Pentagon etc. (pretty much any government building like that would have highly classified information).
      7. I personally don’t know whether it was fake or not, speculation says it may have been because of how it was filmed & just the small things you would notice nowadays that seem off.
      8. In 1954, President Eisenhower made a treaty (deal) with the aliens called ‘The Graeda Treaty’. Where the aliens were free to abduct animals & humans in return for them helping the military/government with advanced technology. The treaty however has been long broken. It is believed that the US government currently works along side some aliens.
      9. I don’t think there is a government that controls space per say… It has been said though that the grey aliens are just slaves/minions to a higher up alien race. Be careful to not confuse some alien race stories & rules with just some Star Trek fanatic or something.
      10. Our current technology does not allow us to go any further than what we’ve already gathered from space. The universe is a grand never ending space that we’ve most likely only explored 10% of it. The aliens are said to be interested in us for genetic reasons & also Earth has some minerals that are important to them to sustain life & their aircraft. Other than that, yes you could say we are very much undesirable to them & rather just an experiment in their eyes. We are interesting yes, but there’s millions of other planets, galaxies & life out there that we do not know or discovered yet. We’re not Alpha.

  • Really?

    Before I say anything else I would firstly like to mention that I do not believe that there are no extraterrestrial species out there, after all there are many planets out there and so to believe that not even one of them has life in it would be pretty stupid and closed minded. However some of you guys and other people out there that are completely certain that they are studying and experimenting on aliens in Area 51 need to calm the hell down. How do you know that they are? How do you know that they are not? In fact how do you even know anything about what goes on there. All we can do is assume, but so far there is no fact. No one but the people who work there or are simply on the inside of it all actually know what is going on there, so to those people who say things like “There are aliens in Area 51”, “They are reverse-engineering the space ships” and so on, until you can provide some hard proof and not just your assumptions, beliefs and simply, your opinions, don’t try to make them out as if they are facts. Because at the end of the day, we don’t know anything that they don’t want us to.

  • there already is a cure for cancer, many people will not believe me because they are in the dark. The government, FDA, im not exactly sure who, but someone is hiding it, why you ask? because they are in it for the bloody money! They are only in it for there billion dollar companies selling chemo-therapy to people who who think thats their last chance. Well it isnt chemo may help, it may save your life, but in the long run you just may pay with your health. BTW its extremely possible to get cancer from GMO’s

    live safe,

    God Bless America

  • Awesome site content. If only all information We’ve came across turned out to be just as good. Keep up the nice work.

  • MIke

    Anyone ever wonder what goes on in secret with the soul. I believe heaven and hell play a big part in everything that happens on the planet. That even the military gets there orders from superior beings. I also believe area51 and the pentagon our in my head along with the soul. When I lay in bed a night I hear talking in my mind. You can call me crazy, but there is a lot going on that we don’t know or understand yet. Maybe we are not meant to understand yet.

    • The Chosen Ones

      Mike I have info that i really dont want to say but you aren’t crazy We Are The Chosen Ones and know the truth and you are right for the most part

  • I often look on the Area 51 websites. I am glad that you’ve offered these to the public now.

    I remember a thing on TV a few years back about a type of cloning institute situation in France.

    Do you know about the French situation that was moved out to the state of Nevada?

    Do you know of the address of this French place? I heard it was moved out by Area 51 in Nevada.

    Do you know about any paperback books on the studies in Dearborn (or Dearborne), Michigan, in the 1950s?

    The closest address I get is Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT), 11100 Santa Monica Boulevard, #850, Los Angeles, California 90025.

    Send anything you have to Susan Gail Burgardt, Post Office Box 21471, Wichita, Kansas 67208-7471 or Susan Gail Burgardt, 1303 South Oliver Street, CBU 1867, Slot 5, Wichita, Kansas 67218.

    I know this information might be exclusive or limited.

    I won’t change this address so I can at least hear something. Okay?

  • hackerboy

    you just give me access to anonymous router i will give the all account of reaserch going there.

  • rh

    Does anybody know what these buildings, etc. are in area 51…google map location…36°47’05.4″N 115°26’47.7″W

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  • love aliens this site is awesome!!!!! thanks

  • Loyal Wiens

    The A-12 was NOT a prototype for the SR-71. The A-12 was the single seat model developed for the CIA. It flew many missions before the two seat SR-71 was finished for the Air Force.

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  • Ajinkya Karade

    Runway!!! There is a reason behind the runway constructed at these angle. Every country have its runway constructed specifically so that it is easy to reach at a particular site. Looking at the barriers and the runway width, barriers are small so the aircraft inside should be small. But if the aircraft’s are small why so long runway. May be other big planes land their but to park them where are big barriers?. If some secret operations or inventions are taking place there, many of the researchers and scientists may be working their. How can I get job their?. Underground construction can be unrevealed with some devices. Many shows on area 51 are telecasted but every story is different (confusing). Theirs nothing to hide. Korea showed their talent inventing Hydrogen bomb. They did it but they know it is not made for wars. One last thing, H bomb can be used for big comets which will can clash on earth. Me and my silly questions!! Area 51 makes me think alot

    • Ajinkya Karade

      Ok one more thing, electricity? Where is the energy source? No solar panels. Ummmm…..! May be very long cable connection or …..! To provide electricity to this big area it needs unbelievable structure which is underground? Really? If underground maybe it can be detected by some magnetic field detector from satellite. If we wanna reveal this satellites must install some magnetic field identifier.

  • Pedrl

    I don’t care what people say or don’t say. There’s so many people out there who say they’ve seen UFOs and disc shaped crafts or even ‘alien crafts’ out there that they have to be real. For years if enough people from all around the world say they’ve seen something, but the people have no contact with eachother and if they completely don’t believe in this crap but end up changing their opinion and saying they’ve seen something, then its out there somewhere. There’s no use in hiding it anymore, I think after all history and everything about this we’ve been through, we need to not say they don’t exist but we as a human race deserve to be exposed to it. Not immediately but slowly to ensure were alright in the end and not freaked out. Yes it could change history and it could alter some beliefs in religion and other stuff but I think its up to the people to have the right to believe what we want freely. If I found out aliens existed, or if I was shown a craft or I found a craft, I wouldn’t need to be told to keep a secret. I’d shut my mouth about it and keep it in my head until I died because I know there’s some things some people want to see and kKNOW if they’re real or not but they could not be ready for that kind of information. I think there’s many people out there like me who have questions and would spend the rest of their lives wondering and wishing they knew the truth, just so in their own heads they can be at ease.
    Me honestly if I found out there was aliens or at least UFO crafts out there that the government has but aren’t showing the world because they think the world isn’t ready, most of the quesons I think about UFOs and all this crap would be answered and like I said, I’d keep it to myself. I’d just like to know before I die I can answer these questions and find out the truth so that way someday when I do die I’ll know the truth and I won’t help people conspire on what could be. I wouldn’t go tell the world because the world isn’t ready but I would pass the knowledge on to my kids when I was old and dying but I’d use it in old time story form, the way old people tell stories to their young. Its up to them to laugh at it, to look at it as they do Santa claus or even take it in to KNOW that I know the truth but then that’s where it would end. It would end up being another story from an old man who said inconclusive story, which would just be a story. No proof, no evidence, just his word added to the rest of the worlds stories which give no actual physical exposure to anything.
    But on a personal note, I was watching the xfiles and I was laughing when moulder was taken into the base in the beginning episodes, and they erased his memory. If I was him, the second I saw the proof, I’d pack up, go home and never speak a word of it again. I think that’s what the world needs. Not proof to show the world, but proof to show ourselves. Even if the world thinks were crazy or stupid for believing, it’s not up to others. Its up to ourselves to get one bit of proof in front of us to settle our minds and then we’re fine. My uncle used to work in the area 51 base and he was a bus driver years ago before they flew people in. He said he saw things but never once described anything to us and never gave us details. He said he was sworn into secrecy and he saw enough to satostfy himself and answer his own questions and that was good enough. That’s what I want. The two things I need most before I die: to witness a ghost and to witness a UFO. I’d love one chance to see them, and that’s that. I don’t need proof or photos or anything. I’d just like to settle my questions and at least know for myself to assure myself of certain things.

    • The Chosen ONes

      I know why they are here and I know the truth I’m going to help change the world when the time comes,remember my name and please help us because we have spoken to god and have learned the truth of why they are here and other things too.

  • Ajinkya Karade

    Pedrl. Your uncle is damn lucky but I realised that its of no ise to comment or thoughts here. I need people who can reply to my questions. Otherwise I hve to find it. How cn k het job in area 51 #Darkgovernment reply meeeee

  • One day sooner or later these someone will find out something about this, maybe get into Area 51 and something will happen to them. Perhaps they will get into Area 51 and never be seen again. The government will make up some dumb exscuse and then years and years later they will tell the truth. They can’t keep everything from us. They just can’t.

  • Conundrum

    I have a hypothesis that both MgB2 and YBCO aka 1-2-3 were actually developed in the mid 1970’s and used along with closed circuit tube based cryocoolers on the Aurora, so they could extract oxygen from the hypersonic airflow for the PWDE drive using intense magnetic fields.
    It works a bit like a Bussard collector, but the fields extend hundreds of feet from each leading edge.

    The “Element 115” actually refers to a formula later used to replace 1-2-3, based on bismuth, tantalum and copper. Lazar only got part of the formula which explains the inconsistency.
    The formula is actually BiTaCu5O11+ and superconducts at more than 180K although for most applications it is run at 77K as slush hydrogen/LN2 is used both as a fuel and coolant.
    Other folks have theorized that 115 could mean 115In which is a known nuclear ferromagnet.

  • Orlando Briscoe here,it don’t make no sense how federal go vs conceal ever thing even history that theirs no life form in space I know and entire fruits of Islam know of all government secrets jus Google their corruption scandals Chris Christie,Bush,obamas,Michele,Clinton’s,trump,Condoleezza rice, gov plans as well as illuminates is to kill us all out here and to destroy us mentally and physically,we all must come together expose this and stop it immediately,before its too late,human populations declining please dawns expose this to educate the world

  • Christopher Calderon

    Are you hiring? I need a job, I don’t care about what happens, I don’t have a life and I want to do something, security or whatever….I’m not married or anything, I just want a important job…..

  • rohit

    hi my name is rohit
    i want know about area 51
    what was happening in that place any thing wroung or right we can share to me.
    if ur intersted call me
    one last question is
    which year started area 51

  • mel

    i am doing a school research paper, and i need article verification that this is a reliable source. who wrote this article, and where is the works cited?
    thank you

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  • Stop calling them aliens. I have been doing my research the real aliens are us. Ive been to every web and so far what ive been seeing is things i didnt want to know things i havent heard of. Just look at earth. theres species that don’t need water to live and theres other life we just arnt looking at it right look at the stars. and some animals can live in super hot places. We are the aliens. Area 51 is just a restricted area. No passing.
    My house has the same rules do not pass without my permission. So leave area 51 alone.
    The truth lies among us the truth is what we see. We are the truth. We are the universe. We are classified. We are unknown to the other planets. we cannot save earth. we are one. aliens.

  • Has anyone ever wandered why $20 trillion dollars have gone down the drain because of Obama? Or for that, the presidents in the past however many years? Like seriously? They are spending so much money, and think we will not notice in the long run…Our money. We owe Chinese so much money, they have threatened to come to the US and teach our children Mandarin because of all our debt we owe to them. This country has officially gone retarded. As much as i hate to say it, its completely true, and it cannot be denied

  • DaEmph

    If they have so-called advanced technology…why aren’t they using it to fight ISIS?

  • james braselton

    master chief you git the stories welrong the ilimint are christan there not old old illiumnti there under new givement new leadsere we dont wabt kill any bodey my wife lisa ann dicimilo is human with my baby soartan 5

  • Aliens aren’t real, are you people really this fucking dumb. If they were real we would know about them by now. If you believe in them I’m sorry but your fucked up in them head and need to go to the mental hospital

    • F***er in charge of your f***ing f***s

      Actually dumbass, EXTRATERRESTRIALS are real. Humans are certainly not the only living beings in this universe, and there are most likely other life out there. Also, who said that there were aliens in Area 51? That’s just a conspiracy theory. We don’t actually know for sure. So why don’t you just shut the fuck up.

  • Barbara Jean

    Dear Nerds….. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve seen it I’ve been their… I was the one they studied on all these years, I’m the one they like to call a myth… If you are looking for me I am in Miami, Florida… I will be back to get my ship very soon… My name is not ricky i just needed something to fill it in, my real name is kikiwakasaq something yall just couldn’t find out… so where ever you are come get me I’ll be waiting in one of these hotels in Miami……

  • Clandestine Terrorism Emergency


    My name is Emmanuel Jovon Hampton and my social security number is: 251-83-7577 and I am reporting an international cyber terrorist attack, illegal military drone, satellite, and “rogue” cell tower activity, eavesdropping, citizens abduction/ hostage situation, hack and breach issue, technological homosexual lynching, ETC. This terrorist activity began in Nashville, Tennessee, United States Of America in 2013. Here is the address where the terrorist activity began:

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    HELP! I have been trying to reach President Vladimir Putin about terrorism happening in the United States and I need to leave this country with Jonathan Mark Inman! EMERGENCY!

    President Barack Obama does not have a social security card and is not a valid United States citizen. Can you contact NATO or anyone to help us!?!?!?! Also the United States Military are creating fake identifications for family members and whomever they want, even children! Please help!

    There are “Christian” faith sleeper cell terrorists in The United States Of America using rogue cell towers and phones!!!!!!!

    For more information please visit my Twitter page:

    Twitter: @EjaeWild

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  • so anyways can I get my id back Vanessa in Greeley co elvin moss

  • Zerotech

    Ok seriously reverse engineering our technology is not that difficult to see a time line of invention circuit boards capacitors lcd they are all stepping stones that can be achieved quite simply once each material has become readily available and cost effective I am sure other life forms do exist but who cares it’s no different then meeting someone from the other side of the earth they are strange but still a life form most tech we have has been developed 20 years before it was released to public so I say good job for the secrecy otherwise we would have been overrun by another country by now wait til electrochromatic tech becomes available it’s just cameras and fibre optics used to make something invisible simple process. Wake up people the future happened 20 years ago your just the lowest on the totem pole and the last to find out. If you have to kill to keep your country ahead of your enemy than don’t hesitate I would do it without hesitation or moral complication.

  • Hello anyone, i really liked this post! And i like this area.. So I have one bog about this thinks, and i wrote a post about the Area 51. If you want to read more about, check here..

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  • D. M. E.

    I am the original source for your new D. J. Field ship.
    I want my money, and credit for my work.
    Play tine is over Maelstrom wants the NASA pretenders head give him up to the FBI.
    I am a strong enough savant to take you all down.
    I already have the Russians on the hook. 🙁
    Maelstrom is not happy with you Missile Shield contract thieves at all.

  • Yeah me to I already have all the answers I need about area 51 and I’m only 14

    • Hannah

      Hi Terry, or who ever is in there. I don’t even know why i’m here in this website, perhaps i’m just desperate but I don’t care. I don’t live in America or in the U.K, so if my english sucks I’m sorry. I’m currently looking for someone that has some answers or knowledge about this sort of stuff, ’cause I’m chasing this story that I accidentally discovered and later I became a part of. So if you can help me, just tell me how can I reach you.

      • The Chosen Ones

        I can help you and how you can reach me is by email and I wish you the best of luck and if you want more knowledge ask me we know the truth of most things not all though we know about nasa area 51 and the government and secret societies so any info you email me and write down this code#^@$& if you want my email its

  • Why would a country build a fighter jetter ….which is highly advenced …..which is also invesible from the radar …. Its not like these world war …or they are preparing for it because they will cause it….

    Why did they build the B2….
    Why are they hidding what they are doing
    We know its the privacy of the country …but your hidding it from your people
    Why do the people you protect. Want to know whats going on there ….

  • There is no secret we already know what’s going on.. There’s nothing no one can do to stop , the secrecy. And if there is stuff kept from us it’s for a reason.. One day we will all work together as a team. But today is not that day.. But I’m pretty shore there not doing anything to harm us because if they where it would’ve been happend..


  • The Chosen Ones

    Hello we are The Chosen Ones we have spoken to god or other higher beings and we know the truth and are here to change the world so please be patient we dont know the truth about everything but about a lot of things when the time comes you will see us and you will know who you are if you are chosen and I would like it if you all help chosen or not and you can become chosen also but even if you dont want to you can still help.

  • james braselton

    master chief here disclouser september 12 at 8 am my wedding at 12 pm discloser plamtary evacation 9:30 am

  • It’s a shame that Stanford McKrause wasn’t there. McKrause was involved in secret testing in Area 51, and has also been associated with the group Majestic12. But he died in 2013, he didn’t reveal anything while alive and the information he had has only just come to light. He must have been so closely involved with everything that he was kept closely monitored.

  • Colby

    How do we know that none of this is just a lie to try to cover up the use and proof that alien spacecraft exist. While the government can be very tricky. They can’t always fool us. The trick is to know what to look for when reading. Many people claim to have seen alien spacecraft but most cases happen to be just airplanes. This is a common misconception because when a person sees something that is unknown to them their brain goes through a number of possibilities of what the object could be. Depending on what the person has seen in movies and read in their time on earth, their brain will choose that it is an unknown alien spacecraft just because they haven’t seen it before. The only reason why I believe that there is something at Area 51 is be I know that the probability of aliens can actually be quite common. The universe is infinitely expanding and in its expansion we couldn’t have been the only race to evolve into what we are today. Back in the bible times and before that, the ancient Egyptions build the pyramids. Now I know what your thinking, it’s been scientifically proven that the Egyptions used tools to build them. But the weird thing is that everything they build lined up perfectly with major events in history and sometimes with stars even when telescopes weren’t invented in that time. They even have alien like symbols written into the hyrogliphics on the walls. So what’s the deal with that. I would really like to know if anyone else knows actual websites on what is true and what isn’t. It would be a big help to me. If anyone knows where to look it would be awesome if you would let me know!

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