DHS Domestic Spy Satellite Operation

DHS finalizing plans for domestic spy satellite program

Congress has not been updated since civil liberties concerns delayed satellite spying

A plan to dramatically widen US law enforcement agencies’ access to data from powerful spy satellites is moving toward implementation, as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff expects to finalize a charter for the program this week, according to a new report.

Chertoff insists the scheme to turn spy satellites — that were originally designed for foreign surveillance — on Americans is legal, although a House committee that would approve the program has not been updated on the program for three months.

“We still haven’t seen the legal framework we requested or the standard operation procedures on how the NAO will actually be run,” House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie G. Thompson tells the Wall Street Journal. Thompson was referring to the National Applications Office — a new DHS subset that would coordinate access to spy-satellite data for non-military domestic agencies, including law enforcement.

Civil liberties concerns delayed the program after lawmakers and outside activists wondered how the program would be structured to protect Americans from unconstitutional surveillance from the powerful satellites, which can see through cloud cover, trees and even concrete buildings.

The program’s charter remains unfinalized, but Chertoff said it will use clear language to explain legal restrictions on the data’s use. Warrants will be obtained when required before collecting satellite intelligence, and the program won’t use technology to intercept verbal communications, according to the Journal.

“One lesson I’ve learned is it’s not enough to say we know what we’re doing is going to be OK,” Chertoff told the paper in an interview. “We’ve got to really make it clear to the public that we’re doing this, but we’re not doing that.”

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  • Gary Algar

    i have been under satellite srveillance and they have tortured the hell out of me.i have had two suicide attempts do to there mental torture.anything that goes through my mind they are able to receive.which is what ever im seeing.or say i picture somthing in my head.they communicate with me and my ear drums have nothing to do with what im hearing.they are also able to see my dreams and often they manipulate them.if there is any type of organization that i could join to try and outlaw this technology i would love to join. thank you for your time,please respond!!!!!

    • chrysty

      Please hang in there. A great website to go to and a book to read is Dr. John Hall's website. Also his book is "A New Breed' – Barnes & Noble or order online. Just keep busy, play music if you have to, exercise and refocus what you are doing try to stay busy. It doesn't make it better just more tolerable for a while if you can do any of these things. Whoever is doing this to innocent people should get the death penalty and/or imprisonment for life. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am sure there are so many people out there that afraid to say anything. Please feel free to write.

    • Kunal gupta

      Hey man hope you are doing fine. I was reading about the same satellite that can read human mind and control them to check if there are people to know what it can do and I could communicate with them so I found this site. I also have been going through the same thing since 2 years now, USA has been keeping me under their surveillance too from last 2 years and trying to hurt me and my family. I have been observing the satellite very carefully and the things it can do. I was able to crack everything this satellite can do to humans and the world as well. If you are still interested in knowing more about this thing and do something together we could communicate and talk everything about it in details and form a team and do something to outlaw this thing. I am currently as well under their surveillance but they can’t do anything to stop me. I am genuinely interested in having a chat with you and see if we could do something about it. I recently visited isro to seek some help. I would like to discuss with you. Please reply. We could teach USA a lesson.

  • Ariel

    @ Gary Algar. Hi GAry, I am doing a debate about DHS, and i would like to learn more information about you experience and the other people who have been used in this experiment.

    • Chrysty

      I too have been a target going on about 2 years now. I reside in the Bufflao, New York area near Niagara Falls. It is true if you try to speak to people about this ie., my mother (who said it was just the stress of moving to a new area and/or my new job) Who is getting the approval to do such a thing to the American public. I would think this kind of stuff would be done to terrrorists or investigations of persons living in the US from foreign coutries who are being monitored.
      This is not legal. Who would be doing such a thing or who would have access illegally to perform these awful mind reading techniques on people. I have people speaking to me (sometime sounding like differnet persons but I think it's one operator behind a computer using diffferent computer voice altering programs) as I'm thinking a voice will sound and finish my thoughts? Sounds crazy even writing about it but if you're going through it you know what I'm talking about. I also have a dog and often wonder if they are not saying things to him, he at times appears agitated and does not act right.

  • Another Target

    The post by Gary Algar is very familiar to me because the same thing is happening to me.  I have not been suicidal but I can attest to his descriptions of  the mind reading, dream viewing and manipulation.  The person doing this can see, hear and "think" everything I think, I also believe he can feel what I feel, as in if I pinch myself, the sensation is relayed back to him and he can feel it too.  There is more than that.  I think the person can also feel, or know, the emotions that I feel such as fear pleasure etc.  This person can also "project" feelings to me, such as fear.  This can go on for as long as he likes, days and weeks.  It doesn't matter where I go, I can be in a car or in a building or in another city, it is all the same.  I also receive "click" noises within my neck/ear/head area each time I swallow, this is mainly how he communicates.  This has been going on for almost two years.  I basically know who the person is that is doing this from a chat service, but it is unprovable.  One horrible part of this is that if you try to tell anyone what is happening to you, they will not believe you, even your family.  After I told my parents (they did no believe what I said it was) they wanted me to see a psychologist who started to give me medicine for mental illness, obviously that did no good and I had to lie that the stuff had stopped so I could stop seeing the doc and stop the medicine.  It's a lonely life and I don't know how this will end.  Each night the person will agitate me on my genitals and butt, not painful, but very very annoying when trying to go to sleep.  This also happens throughout the day after I insult him or for other reasons.  After I fall asleep he will some how tune into my subconscious self and have a "conversation" with me, probably without words, only thoughts – I also think he uses the "touching" sensation during this time for his own pleasure.  I usually know it has happened once I wake up and feel like I have been "crying", my breath is shaky and that is how I know.

  • Same goes for me

    I was put through months of what was described before.  I'm actually kind of scared since they still have the DHS on me, yet, no phys. ops.  I'm actually kind of scared to post this.  What the hell, my life can't get any worse  right?  They started out doing it without me knowing.  I can trace back the time do to my nasal congestion.  It's unlike any stopped up nose that you've ever felt.  You can still breath barely(I've had it for about 3 months now)  After they started being "active"  they had both my satellite t.v. and radio say and do whatever it wants.  Pretty freaky, but, that was just the beginning.  They drugged me, put me in a mental institution where the doctors convinced my family I had a phycotic breakdown?  In the facility they gave me some type of truth serom and made up "challenges."  I finally was let go and have been on medicine which I do not need ever since.  By the way, not only can they read you mind in every which way, but they can also see and hear you anywere.

  • pushp

    i have been under satellite srveillance (from jan 2009 to till date) and they have tortured the hell out of me.

    there mental torture.anything that goes through my mind they are able to receive.

    which is what ever im seeing.or say i picture somthing in my head.

    they communicate with me and my ear drums have nothing to do with what im hearing.

    they are also able to see my dreams and often they manipulate them.

    if there is any type of organization that i could join to try and outlaw this technology

    is there any organisation working from india .

  • chrysty

    It also makes you not want to be around people. You become isolated and become alone most of the time. I am not suicidal but have thought that just maybe if years more go by and you don't get used to it (which I still have not become accustomed to it) You feel like you can never be lett alone there is always someone there either waiting for how you are perceiving and looking at things and then are critiqued on your thought processes and given suggestions on what they think you should do or not do..it's a constant barage of forced thoughts and mind reading on your brain and becomes tiresome. In the beginning there were physical attacts to my body but they are minimal now I just hear them. P.S. I am mentally stable, definately would not go see a psychiatrist because I have read that you will be told you are not stable and put on medications, and it would go on your health records that you could be insane or most common term used is 'Schizophrenic". I heard/read that it's usually done to Single Woman who live alone and yes I fit that criterial. You are never left alone and are constantly being watched (I believe by saltellite)

  • chrysty

    I walk my dog a lot and notice about two of them around me in the sky & at times one of them is movng to whatever area I'm going or it appears as they are. I can't think of any where else it would be coming from but above. The best way to describe it ..it's like constantly hearing a light white noise fizzing like sound around your head no matter where you are.

  • Anon

    I have been both watched and transmitted to since becoming interested in the Christchurch earthquakes. I want to know how it is done using satellites, and how i can defend against it. I have also suffered a near death suicidal experience with the attacks that referenced many areas including god, satan, matrix and the church. Even to the effect that they would combine the thought transmission with the local radio station i happened to be listening to, it was also apparent to me that my friends were being controlled though they were not able to decipher that fact. It broke me after a severe attack lasting all night that resulted in me crashing a car. I was subsequently admitted to the mental hospital where i was subjected to more torture, after a week i realized that the only way out was to play ball, take the drugs and pretend I was a recovering mental case. They obviously thought I was a threat, but for a computer to make that assumption it was working on whos principles? The people who funded mind control research since 1950’s obviously have a vested interest – namely Rockefeller and Rothschild. Do people in the CIA understand who they work for or are they all totally brainwashed?

    • sam

      yes they do I’m a victim too from a third world country were I believe they started testing it , in 1986 I know a person who lived near by reported the same thing as you do here gays, I don’t know anything about him now cause he has left to Canada to get mental help thinking he is sick .

  • Anon

    Might walk into MI5/MI6 in London and explain everything to them, see what they say.

    Its extremely irritating and im fed up with it. i would describe it as a halo and sometimes mask type effect around your head. If you move your head really fast you can also feel the beam take a few ms to reposition. It is however very good at hypothesizing a trajectory if you’re in a plane or car for example.

  • laurie

    I want to talk about this so badly,but don’t completely believe most of what I’ve been tol til today I didn’t believe this government conspiracy theory .Only because when I tried to commit suicide and ended up in the mental hospital I asked almost everyone that was in there also if they were experiencing the same hell ride hearing voices having their minds read feeling or more like knowing if I was being touched.They all seemed to agree they were going through it too.I thought these people are crazy but I did feel some kind of connection to a few or more it all makes sence now what else could be doing these things.i really thought I was possibly mentally ill but not ever believing completely now on mess that don’t do shit I’m wondering what I could have to offer besides being a lab rat of some kind for going on 4 years to my knowledge.im wondering now that I’m thinking this what’s in store for me now after 4attempts of suicide psychiatrists blaming everyone around me for being involved in some way I duuno just thinking out loud I guess….

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  • Marge

    I have been feeling these things talked about like the touching. Strange noises also. Like what ever your a afraid of they use it against you. To make it worse. These people are sick and evil. I had a drug and alcohol problem for many years and didn’t notice strange things. I when I got sober June 30 2009 is when I started felling and hearing things that weren’t there. I read the book John Fleming A new Breed. Very good book. I recommend it highly. Please let me know what could be done about. Always where ever I live I look up and see satellites love my houses. I moved about 4 or 5 times. They can also put thoughts in your head.

  • Hi, I have had conversations with “voices” with no real idea at who these people were (cuz yeah are people not some fancy hallucinatory spirit or anything at least for me) yet I can usually picture the speaker’s face – at least his mimics and it’s surroundings. The guy invariably works in some sort of facility (I believe secret undergroud bases probably) with some equippment with him merely a mic and headphones and he’s in front of a computer.

    Two days ago in the evening the voices started again – I positively was in a state of altered consciousness either induced by alcohol/lack of resisting or by some sort of external factor – you know what it means to resist this, it is exhausting. Now I was talking with them (I haven’t made them friends) and at some point I was pissed and didn’t want to talk anymore and said I was going to play my favorite video game which is a Massively Online Role Playing Game (persistant worls with thousands of player interacting). At this point I wasn’t sure if they could “read my sight” and see which game I was playing but I had the feeling they could – in order to eventually meet me in-game.

    Sure enough I was curious if they would come to some kind of in-game meeting and at this point I was hanging in some popular place in the game, noticed someone staring at me and we positively had our second part of the conversation!!!!! Now how in the world can anyone disprove this ?

    I asked the guy “what are you plotting” (bear in mind we didn’t have any kind of introduction or preamble to the topics we were talking about as far as in-game is concerned) and he said “A new world order.”. Then I laughed and asked who’s going to be your president and he said Donald Trump is going to the next president. Then he continued and identidied himself as being part of Anonymous then I said I don’t believe in Anonymous and I think they’re just a paid black ops gov. program and he said “If you say so.”

    He finished by giving me a website (hackthissite.org) I think it’s some kind of bait at making me think I can be “cool” and be a “hacker” and be one of them. I checked the website and there’s no kind of material in there related to the kind of information we talked about – only just some computer hacking stuff.

    Thanks for reading me – if you want to get in touch please contact me to my private email or answer here and I will reply. I am not sure I can post my email here but the admin surely knows it. Thanks.

    • I really try to get used to and like new UI changes, but the styling on this is not appealing. The spacing is what bothers me most, the white is fine. I actually like the idea of the &qc;&ouompacttquot; / "cozy" setting, haha.Maybe some flag to disable the new style? =/

  • Hi mark.. Did you take a photo if 4 of us beside the team car before the lap began? In the buenisss park car park ? We all had planet x jerseys on? Thanks Ruth

  • The link from twitter took me to the refer a friend sweepstakes, but then I seen the other link to enter and put you refer me! Ends on my Birthday! Good Luck to all!

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