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ISIS: Unprecedented Rise in Suicide Attacks

ISIS using suicide attacks on ‘industrial scale’

The advance of Iraqi forces into Mosul has been slowed by suicide car bomb attacks

Almost 300 Islamic State (IS) militants have killed themselves in suicide attacks in Mosul since Iraqi forces started an offensive to recapture the city in October, according to the jihadist group’s


WHO Urges Quick Development of Superbug Killers

Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

The World Health Organization (WHO) has urgently called for the creation of new drugs to tackle 12 superbugs which do not respond to antibiotics, warning that drug resistance is on the rise.

Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

The “priority pathogens” list released by the organization on Monday, catalogs 12 families of bacteria which


N. Korea Feared to Have 1000’s of Tons of Chemical and Biological Weapons


NORTH KOREA has “thousands of tons” of chemical weapons ready to strike as Kim Jong-un poses the “gravest threat to international peace and security”.

NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-un is feared to be stockpiling chemical weapons to attack the South South Korea’s foreign minister, Yun Byung-se, warned today Pyongyang has “thousands of


Indonesian maid ‘had kidney stolen in Qatar’


Sri Rabitah, 25, told the Indonesian press on Monday that she only realised what had happened earlier this year when she returned to her home island of Lombok and went to hospital complaining of constant back pain.

Sri Rabitah had her kidney Stolen!

Doctors told the young mother that one of her kidneys


63yr Old Sniper Takes Out 321 ISIS Members

Abu Tahseen

Abu Tahseen, a 63-year-old eagle-eyed Iraqi man, has proven to be quite a nuisance for the ISIS terrorist group as he has single-handedly wiped out 321 extremist fighters during various battles across the country.

Abu Tahseen, a 63-year-old eagle-eyed Iraqi Sniper

Abu Tahseen is a member of the ‘Popular Mobilization Units’ (PMU) and


Kim Jong-Un Ruthlessly Assassinates Half Brother

Two North Korean ministries orchestrated the plot to kill Kim Jong Nam on the orders of his half-brother, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, South Korea’s spy agency has said.

Lawmakers in Seoul, who were briefed by the country’s intelligence officials, said the North’s foreign ministry and ministry of national security had recruited


Cloud Pets Hacked, Held for Ransom

A company that sells “smart” teddy bears leaked 800,000 user account credentials—and then hackers locked it and held it for ransom.

A company that sells internet-connected teddy bears that allow kids and their far-away parents to exchange heartfelt messages left more than 800,000 customer credentials, as well as two million message recordings, totally


Swedish Telecom’s Refuse to Block Pirate Bay

Last week’s landmark ruling compelling a Swedish ISP to block The Pirate Bay won’t spread quickly, despite copyright holders’ wishes. Telecoms giant Telia says that the ruling does not apply to them, so connectivity to the site will continue unless a court orders otherwise. Copyright holders are assessing their options.

Last week after


Anti-Trump “Not my President” Marches Across America

Thirteen people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, after a small group protesting President Donald Trump clashed with the police.

The demonstrators, who did not have a permit, spilled out onto the streets outside the Federal Building and failed to heed the warnings of police in tactical gear.

The protest was just one


Heart Patient Denied Treatment Unless He Spied for Israel


A heart patient from Gaza has died after he refused an Israeli offer to spy on Palestinian in order to access treatment.

During the meeting, Ahmed was explicitly told that in order to have his operation, he would have to cooperate with the security forces and spy for Israel.

Seventeen-year-old Ahmed was born with


China Facing Worst Pandemic in a Century

China could be facing the worst bout of bird flu to hit the country in a century, with Avian Influenza A(H7N9) accounting for the deaths of 79 people in January from the 192 human cases reported so far.

Site in China being “de-contaminated” as a potential source of bird flu

The outbreak has been


Bill Gates Warns of Looming Bio-Terror Threat

The next deadly worldwide epidemic could happen at the hand of a terrorist, employing biotechnology for an attack, Bill Gates has warned at the Munich Security Conference. The Microsoft founder also compared the pandemic to nuclear war and climate change.

The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on


Aussies Forced to Take Shelter from Deadly 117 Degree Heat


In Sydney’s baking suburbs, fans have sold out – and fears about the effects of climate change are mounting Bathers cool off at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

Nahid is resting on a bench outside a Target clothing store, her groceries beside her. A cheery, middle-aged woman with a soft Egyptian accent,


Mexico May Cut Cooperation on Drug and Migration Interdiction if Trump goes Hog Wild on Trade

china mexico relations

If U.S. President Donald Trump attempts to impose unfavorable terms of trade, Mexico may retaliate by ceasing to co-operate on drug enforcement, migration control, security and intelligence, a Mexican cabinet minister told The Globe and Mail in one of his government’s most explicit warnings to date in the rhetorical battle with the new U.S.


Disastrous U.S. Yemen Raid Scrutinized

The US military has launched an investigation into the scale of civilian casualties in a botched special forces raid against a suspected al-Qaida base in Yemen, the first such mission to be approved by Donald Trump, as questions mount over the operation.

Navy Seals Conducting Beach Landing

After initially denying there had been any


Police Legally Force Pacemaker Data to Incriminate Alleged Arsonist

Police called pacemaker data an ‘excellent investigative tool’ that provided ‘key pieces of evidence’ to charge a man with arson and insurance fraud

If you are dependent upon an embedded medical device, should the device that helps keep you alive also be allowed to incriminate you in a crime? After all, the More…

Debate Over Copyright Bots Underway

“Notice-and-Stay-Down” Is Really “Filter-Everything”

The Proposal Is Unfair to Both Users and Media Platforms

There’s a debate happening right now over copyright bots, programs that social media websites use to scan users’ uploads for potential copyright infringement. A few powerful lobbyists want copyright law to require platforms that host third-party content to employ


U.S. Officially Puts Iran on Notice (Video)

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, said the United States was officially putting Iran on notice on Wednesday over its “destabilizing activity” after it test-fired a ballistic missile over the weekend.

“As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice,” Flynn told a White House briefing, without explaining exactly what that


Trump Proposed Intercepting Money Mexican Nationals Send Home

china mexico relations

Mexicans living abroad sent home almost $27 billion in 2016, the highest yearly figure on record.

This money sent home is called remittances, remittances rose 8.8 percent, from $24.78 billion in 2015 to 26.97 billion last year.

Mexico’s central bank said Wednesday almost all the money was sent to Mexico by electronic


Iranian Backed Attack on Saudi Ship Possibly Intended for U.S. Ship

The Iranian-backed suicide attack targeting a Saudi frigate off the coast of Yemen on Monday may have been meant for an American warship, two defense officials told Fox News.

Watch the latest video at

The incident in question occurred in the southern Red Sea and was carried out by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.


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