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A Splinter of Anonymous: Ghost Security Group

In the wake of the Paris attacks, the vigilante hacker group Anonymous has declared war on so-called Islamic State using the internet and claims to have shut thousands of Twitter accounts used by IS operatives. But a much smaller online group has also emerged, with quite a different strategy – and


British Leader Looks to Increase Attack Intensity Against ISIS

buckingham palace guards

Britain’s prime minister pledged Monday to seek backing from British lawmakers to expand airstrikes into Syria in response to French appeals for intensified attacks against the Islamic State following the Paris massacres.

But efforts by Prime Minister David Cameron to broaden Britain’s role beyond Iraq could face resistance from his political foes despite


Alleged: U.S. Taking Credit for Russian Attacks on ISIS?

mainstream media

The U.S. media can not seem to agree with itself if Russia is giving ISIS an airforce or if Russia pounds ISIS with the biggest bomber raid in decades. Such confusion occurs when propaganda fantasies collide with the observable reality.

To bridge such a divide requires some fudging.

So when the U.S. claims to act


“Reverse ATM” Hack Nets Criminals $4,000,000

Over the last year, criminals in Russia found a way to steal 252 million Rubles ($3.8 million) from five unnamed banks, using a novel technique called a “reverse ATM attack”, according to Russian digital intelligence firm Group-IB.

Russian Rubles

It exploited esoteric weaknesses in the international transfer system and involved compromised point-of-sale


Many “Red Flags” Missed Before Paris Attacks

Bomb threat at eiffel tower

There were multiple chances to stop the men who attacked Paris.

In January, Turkish authorities detained one of the suicide bombers at Turkey’s border and deported him to Belgium. Brahim Abdeslam, Turkish authorities told Belgian police at the time, had been “radicalized” and was suspected of wanting to join Islamic State in Syria,


China Now Decides to Kick Some ISIS Butt Also

russia china cooperation

President Xi Jinping has promised to fight terrorist activity after deaths of national Fan Jinghui and European Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad

China will join the war on ISIS after four of its citizens were killed by Islamist terror groups in two separate attacks this week.

The vow comes after More…

U.S. and Brits Jointly Developing Cyber Attack Offensive

buckingham palace guards

British spies are developing an offensive cyber capability to attack terrorists, hackers and rogue states, finance minister George Osborne said on Tuesday (17 November) after warning that Islamic State (Isis) militants wanted to launch deadly cyber-attacks of their own. Osborne said IS fighters were trying to develop the ability to attack Britains infrastructure such as


Putin Un-Leashes the “BlackJack” on ISIS


Even as president Vladimir Putin vowed revenge against the Islamic State (Isis) for its role in bringing down the Russian passenger plane in Egypt’s Sinai region, Moscow has announced the deployment of Tu-160, a Soviet-era bomber known as the “Blackjack.”

A Tu-160 heavy strategic bomber flies during the Victory Day parade above Red Square


Believe it: The Russian 23mm Space Cannon

Last month, a Russian military show, Voennaya Priemka, revealed one of the biggest secrets of the Soviet Union’s 1970s space program: the R-23M Space Cannon. A defensive weapon designed to counter the threat of American anti-satellite weapons, the R-23M was a 23-millimeter automatic cannon that could be fired in the vacuum of space.



Landing Planned for Europa


It is a nightmare glacier, tormented by the giant of our Solar System ever looming on its horizon.

Artists Rendition of Jupiter Seen From Europa

Jupiter showers its moon Europa with enough radiation to kill a human in just a few days. Europa must also contend with the massive planet’s powerful tidal forces. The


Germany Captures CIA Mole

Munich Germany – A German suspected triple agent charged with treason admitted Monday to spying for the CIA, telling a court he had done so out of dissatisfaction with his secret service job.

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s secret service headquarters

“No one trusted me with anything at the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). At the


Trump Comments on Hillary’s “Wig” and Mass Deportation


ISIS Openly Threatens Washington

isis soldiers

Washington was among the potential targets of future attacks cited in a video released Monday purportedly by Islamic State that warned of more strikes to follow last week’s violence in Paris. Among the images were those of numerous fighters said to be from Islamic State, vowing to strike again. The group


Irish Officials Backing Decriminalization of Cocaine, Heroin


Minister in charge of drug policy calls for move as part of ‘radical cultural shift’ in tackling Ireland’s narcotics crisis

Police officers in Ireland have backed a proposal from a government minister to make possession of heroin, cocaine or other opiates for personal use no longer an arrestable offence.

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, who is


French Now Employing Sole Aircraft Carrier to Fight ISIS


The only aircraft carrier in the French Navy’s fleet, the Charles de Gaulle, will leave for the Persian Gulf on November 18, to join the fight against Islamic State in the region, Paris has confirmed.

The French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. © Reuters

“The naval group will leave Toulon (a major French


Apparently China has “Reproduced” the U.S. F-35 From Stolen Plans

American experts have accused China of stealing the US design in its first indigenously developed fifth-generation fighter jet, which was displayed at Dubai Airshow on Sunday, raising doubts over the achievement of the country which has stolen a march over India in developing the aircraft.

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is trying


France Cranks it up a Notch After Homeland Terror Attack

French fighter planes have dropped 20 bombs on the Islamic State (IS) stronghold of Raqqa in northern Syria.

The bombers hit a jihadi recruitment center, training camp and arms depot run by the extremist group, according to the French defense ministry.

A spokesman described it as a “massive” attack and France’s biggest to date


Trump Comments on the “Strangeness” of Campaign

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked rival Ben Carson and coffee giant Starbucks at a rally in Springfield, Illinois, on Monday night. Trump referenced a claim made by Carson that he tried to stab a childhood friend, saying this was the only election where such behavior was rewarded in the polls. He later criticized


Great Britain’s Defense Secretary Denies Nuclear Weapons “Too Expensive”

buckingham palace guards

Britain’s defense secretary on Tuesday denied that the overall cost of replacing and maintaining Britain’s nuclear deterrent would reach 167 billion pounds ($252 billion), saying it would be less.

Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon (L) and Home Secretary Theresa May listen to Prime Minister David Cameron deliver his keynote address at the annual Conservative


U.S. to Pay Iraqi Families

ash carter

The Pentagon is preparing to repay the families of civilians killed during American airstrikes in Iraq. American airstrikes have allegedly killed hundreds of Iraqi and Syrian civilians, including at least 100 children, but the Pentagon has only admitted to a few Syrian civilian deaths and hasn’t publicly recognized any in Iraq.



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