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Kim Jong Un Has Executed 15 Senior Officials

kim jong un

SEOUL, South Korea: North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un ordered the execution of 15 senior officials this year, including several who complained about the young leader’s policies, South Korea’s intelligence agency said Wednesday.

Undated Photo of Kim Jong Un Inspecting a newly built orphanage

Those executed included two vice minister-level officials, the Yonhap news agency


Indonesia Met with Fierce Resistance to Scheduled Execution of Nine


Nine drug traffickers held emotional farewell meetings with their families at an Indonesian prison on Tuesday, after Jakarta rejected last-ditch pleas from around the world for clemency and ordered their mass execution to proceed within hours.

This is the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo who refuses to stay these ridiculous executions.

“I won’t see him


F-35: More Issues Surface for America’s Costliest Weapon System

F-35 engines from United Technologies Corp. are proving so unreliable that U.S. plans to increase production of the fighter jet may be slowed, according to congressional auditors. Data from flight tests evaluated by the Government Accountability Office show the reliability of engines from the company’s Pratt & Whitney unit


North Korea Threatens Nuclear Missile Attack on U.S. (Again)

North Korea threatened on Monday to target the United States with its nuclear weapons, saying its front-line targets include the Pacific Ocean, not just South Korea.

This photo is from a past DG article from the last time the North Koreans threatened an attack against the U.S., here sits the mighty Kim Jong Un


First Craft Borne View of Pluto

The New Horizons probe, which is bearing down on Pluto, has captured its first colour image of the distant dwarf planet.

The picture, just released by the US space agency, shows a reddish world accompanied by its biggest moon, Charon.

New Horizons is set to barrel past Pluto on 14


Japan Overtakes China as Top Holder of U.S. Debt

Izumo warship

Japan overtook China in February as the top foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities, a position Japan last held in August 2008.

Elmo’s Nat’l Debt Teaching Tool

In its monthly report on bond holdings, the Treasury Department said Wednesday total foreign holdings of Treasury debt dipped 0.9 percent in February to $6.16 trillion, down


China Fudging U.S. Efforts to Wage Economic War on Venezuela

China is counterbalancing the US’ efforts to bring Venezuela to its knees: Beijing will lend Caracas around $10 billion while the country teeters on the brink of bankruptcy.

While the United States is waging an “economic war” against Venezuela and its President Nicolas Maduro, China is likely to obliterate Washington’s plans to bring the


Guatemalans Seek Compensation for U.S. STD Medical Experiments

woman body slammed

Remember the Tuskegee syphilis experiment from the 1930s?

Scientists studied poor African-Americans in Alabama who’d contracted the venereal disease but didn’t tell them they had the disease or do anything to cure them.

A lawsuit filed this week alleges Johns Hopkins University and the Rockefeller Foundation helped conduct a similar


U.S. Geologist Released After 8 Years in Chinese Prison

Human Rights group says US geologist released from Chinese prison after 8 years of ‘terrible ordeal’

Xue Feng in 1993. Xue, a Chinese-born US citizen, was first detained in November 2007

A Chinese-born American geologist was released from prison in China after serving more than eight years on charges of procuring state secrets, a


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