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Human Rights Violations in Russia has Exploded


Human rights had a bad year in Russia. An extremely bad year, in fact, according to the annual World Report from Human Right’s Watch (HRW).


“They have taken authoritarianism to a whole new level,” Rachel Denber, HRW’s deputy director for Europe and Central Asia tells Quartz. The group points to a range of


U.S. Appeasement of Iran is Enabling Assad

President Obama’s decision, now essentially official*, to appease Iran by doing nothing to help thwart the Assad regime has dire consequences for Syria.

Tens of thousands of Syrians will continue to be slaughtered, many of them by barrel bombs dropped by planes the U.S. could have stopped from flying.

Samatha ( “A Problem From


Chuck Hagel: U.S. May Eventually Need More Boots on the Ground in Iraq

Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in an interview on Friday the United States might eventually need to send non-combat ground troops to Iraq to help turn back Islamic State forces.

Chuck Hagel, Outgoing Secretary of Defense

Hagel, who announced his resignation under pressure in November, told CNN all options must be considered in


ISIS Fighters Confirm They Were Driven Out of Kobani by Relentless Air-Strikes

drone strike

Two purported ISIS fighters interviewed for a news agency working in ISIS-held territory have given the same reason for the militants’ retreat from the Syrian city of Kobani: the constant pummeling by coalition air-strikes.

ISIS Battling on the streets of Kobani just a few months prior. On Monday, Kurdish fighters declared that they had


U.S. General: Russian Drones Responsible for Heavy Casualties in Ukraine

ukraine russia crimea map

US has pledged to lead training exercises for Ukrainian troops to counter the Russian military.

Here’s a Geographical Reference for the Russia, Ukraine, Crimea Crisis

The commander of US forces in Europe Lieutenant General Ben Hodges has said that Russian-backed militant forces in east Ukraine are gaining significant advantages from the use


Singapore: Don’t Dare Use a Mobile Device While Driving

mobile apps

In an earlier version of this story, we said that it is illegal to use and hold a mobile device while driving, including when the car is stationary at a red light. This is wrong and we are sorry for the error. This law applies only to holding a mobile device when the vehicle


Stanford Researchers Have Reversed Alzheimer’s in Mice

Newly published research from Stanford University could help steer treatment of a disease that affects 36 million people worldwide: Alzheimer’s disease.

According to the Telegraph, Stanford University researchers have discovered the cause of dying nerve cells in the brain, particularly from Alzheimer’s disease. Cells that are designated to clean up harmful bacteria, viruses, and


Interbreeding Between Neanderthal and Human Uncovered


According to a study published Wednesday in Nature, the first interbreeding between humans and Neanderthals may have taken place in what is now Israel.

Scientists have discovered a 55,000-year-old modern human skull in a cave in western Galilee. (Israel Hershkovitz, Ofer Marder & Omry Barzilai)

Scientists report the discovery of


Ex Los Alamos Nuclear Scientist Busted for Attempting to Sell Secrets

A former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday, following a guilty plea and new revelations that he told an undercover FBI agent he could build 40 nuclear weapons for Venezuela in 10 years — and design a bomb targeted for New York City.

In audio recordings played


Facebook, Google and Twitter Referred to by France as Terrorist “Accomplices”

The French government is stepping up the pressure on Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. to help in the struggle against terrorist groups.

Social Media Landscape

President Francois Hollande said Tuesday in Paris the government will present a draft law next month that makes Internet operators “accomplices” of hate-speech offenses if they host extremist messages.


Trojan Exposed as NSA Tool

trojan virus

Source Code Similarities: Experts Unmask ‘Regin’ Trojan as NSA Tool

A comparison of malware codes: Regin is on the left; QWERTY, published by SPIEGEL, is on the right.


Earlier this month, SPIEGEL International published an article based on the trove of documents made available


Planet with Immense Ring System Discovered


Astronomers say they have discovered a planet with a gigantic ring system that is 200 times larger than that around Saturn.

Artist´s concept of J1407

It is the first such structure detected around a planet beyond our Solar System.

The researchers say there are probably more than 30 rings, each measuring tens


Putin Accused of Murder by Poison

Details of the defector Alexander Litvinenko’s gruesome death in 2006 finally get aired in a public hearing. Thousands of innocents were put at risk.

Alexander Litvinenko

Vladimir Putin was today accused of running Russia like a reckless mob boss, ordering an international act of nuclear terrorism that risked thousands of lives as part of


Workers Busted Mistreating Elderly


A hidden camera inside a long-term care room at the Kipnes Centre for Veterans in Edmonton has captured more disturbing footage.

On Monday, CBC News shared hidden camera footage showing a male patient pulling 89-year-old Eileen Adamson out of her bed at the home run by CapitalCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of


CIA Agent Found Guilty on All Counts

jeff sterling

A jury found CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling is guilty of all charges against him, according to RT’s Manuel Rapalo at the Virginia courthouse. The government accused Sterling of illegally revealing classified information about a mission.

Jeff Sterling Found Guilty on all Spying Related Charges

BREAKING: #CIA whistleblower Jeffrey #Sterling found guilty on


Russian Spy Taken Down by FBI

FBI Seal

Federal agents on Monday arrested an alleged Russian spy in New York accused of trying to collect economic intelligence and recruit US sources while working for a Russian bank, officials said.

US prosecutors named the alleged covert intelligence agent as Evgeny Buryakov, 39. He was to appear before US Judge Sarah Netburn in a


An Image Important to Remember, Easy to Forget

power grab

Power to the people


Beagle II Lander Finally Shows up on Mars


Christmas, 2003, was bittersweet for Mars scientists. Because one gift they desperately wanted never arrived.

location of Beagle 2 on Mars

The British-built spacecraft Beagle 2 was scheduled to land on the red planet, radio home the good news and begin a search for life. Instead, mission controllers heard nothing. They finally


ISIS Jihadi’s Returning to Sweden get Rewarded

isis soldiers

Jihadists returning to Örebro Municipality in sweden will get psychological help.

Alleged ISIS Terrorists

And not only that: Tvärsnytt now reveals that the municipality council are discussing giving them jobs.

– It gives a very inverted signal, Peter Santesson, opinion Director at Demoskop, says to the Swedish newspaper Expressen.


U.S. Creates Astounding Level of Special Operation Bases Around the World

Special Operation Troops

In the dead of night, they swept in aboard V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft. Landing in a remote region of one of the most volatile countries on the planet, they raided a village and soon found themselves in a life-or-death firefight.

US Special Operation Troops Dropped in Hot Zone by Chinook

It was the second


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