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5 Stupendous Examples of Government Waste

government waste

Every year the federal government loses tens of billions of dollars to waste, fraud and abuse. Unfortunately, 2014 was no exception.


Huge Government Waste Abounds

Federal auditors issued plenty of scathing reports this year flagging programs and projects that were inefficient or wasteful. They also identified numerous costly instances of wrongdoing by federal


Uncontacted Peruvian Indians Raid Remote Amazon Village

Authorities in Peru have decided to evacuate a remote Amazon community after it was raided by members of an un-contacted indigenous tribe.

Mashco Piro Indians in the Amazon

About 200 Mashco-Piro Indians armed with bows and arrows arrived at Monte Salvador looking for food.

They are said to have killed domestic animals


Ukraine: Gold Replaced With Lead

Ukraine opened a criminal probe after several gold bars at the central bank’s storage in the southern city of Odessa turned to be painted lead.

“The management of the central bank’s branch in Odessa asked us to investigate fraud by their employee,” Volodymyr Shablienko, head of the Odessa police’s press office, said by phone


Facebook Buckles to Putin Demands

vlad putin

Russian authorities ordered Facebook to shut down an event page created by supporters of Vladimir Putin’s biggest rival Alexei Navalny.

Navalny supporters are planning a rally on the day he is scheduled to hear his verdict in a controversial embezzlement case that could put him behind bars for up to ten years. Russia’s general


ISIS Apparently Heading Towards Israel

The war against ISIS is taking a dangerous, perhaps inevitable turn. The terror organization has been keen to expand to southern Syria and the Syrian capital of Damascus. Now it says it has recruited three Syrian rebel groups operating in the south of the country in an area bordering the Israeli occupied Golan


ISIS Sex Slaves Commit Suicide


Baghdad (AFP) – Women and girls from Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority forced into sexual slavery by the Islamic State jihadist group have committed suicide or tried to, Amnesty International said on Tuesday.

Displaced Iraqi families from the Yazidi community cross the Iraqi-Syrian border at the Fishkhabur crossing, in northern Iraq, on August 13,


Wikileaks Outs C.I.A.’s Trvelling Spy Guide

WikiLeaks has released two CIA documents offering tips to help spies maintain their cover while using false documents as they cross international borders.

The two documents, dating from 2011 and 2012, are marked classified and “NOFORN,” which means they were not meant to be shared with allied intelligence agencies, WikiLeaks said.



N. Korea’s Internet May Currently be Under Attack

Internet connectivity between North Korea and the outside world, though never robust to begin with, is currently suffering one of its worst outages in recent memory, suggesting that the country may be enduring a mass cyber attack a few days after President Obama warned the US would launch a “proportional response” to


500 Terror Prisoners Slated to be Executed Within Weeks

pakistan afghanistan border

Some 500 terror-related convicts are due to be executed in the coming weeks, according to Pakistan’s officials. There are an estimated 3,000 convicted terrorists in the country, and all could be put to death after the recent attack at a Peshawar school.

People hold funeral prayers for the victims of the Taliban attack on


N. Korea Threatens Attack Over “Interview” Accusations

obama at podium

North Korea has warned that its 1.2 million-member army is ready to use all types of warfare against the US.

North Korea is warning of strikes against the White House, Pentagon and “the whole US mainland, that cesspool of terrorism”.

It has also accused President Barack Obama of “recklessly” spreading rumours of a Pyongyang-orchestrated cyberattack


Apparently Putin Has Been Garnering Intelligence From Remote Viewers


Speaking to reporters in Moscow on Thursday, Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, claimed that economic sanctions were not primarily a response to the annexation of Crimea but part of a long-running plot by Western powers to weaken his nation and steal its natural resources.

As evidence, Mr. Putin cited first what he called “direct


UK Oil Industry Crying the Blues From Their Fairytale Land

ocean oil platform

The UK’s oil industry is in “crisis” as prices drop, a senior industry leader has told the BBC. I have to say however that if the oil industry weren’t so spoiled by being accustomed to being completely awash in cash and were able to accept profit margins of a corporation that lives in the same


Premiere of “The Interview” Canceled Over Threats

LOS ANGELES — Sony Pictures Entertainment, the F.B.I., theater owners and competing film studios scrambled on Tuesday to deal with a threat of terrorism against movie theaters that show Sony’s “The Interview,” a raunchy comedy about the assassination of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

Trailer of Movie:


Obama to Normalize Trade with Cuba

cuban cigars

President Barack Obama plans to talk today about the next steps in U.S.-Cuba relations, strained by a decades-long embargo, after Cuba released prisoner Alan Gross.

Does this mean we will now be able to buy those coveted cuban cigars?

Senator Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat close to Obama, said in a


Finland Forex Avoiding Russian Rouble


Effects of the Russia rouble’s nosedive will undoubtedly be felt in Finland. One Finnish expert says the only thing that will save Russia’s economy now would be decisive leadership from President Vladimir Putin. FOREX Finland announced on Tuesday evening that it has stopped buying roubles.

Forex Finland has temporarily stopped buying Russian roubles from


Congress Pushes More Sanctions on Russia

obama putin

The U.S. Congress has sent President Barack Obama legislation setting out tougher sanctions to punish Russia for its intervention in Ukraine, while giving him leeway in applying most of the provisions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits a memorial in the Turkish capital of Ankara, on Dec. 1, 2014.

The Senate gave final approval by


In Retaliation, Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government Emails

Swedish government email accounts have been hacked by the Anonymous hacktivist group, in response to last week’s seizure of The Pirate Bay servers by Swedish police.

The group also claimed to have hacked into the government email accounts of Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

BREAKING: Emails from Swedish government were hacked


The Fluoride Deception (Video)


Those who bother to delve into the science behind water fluoridation will inevitably come to see that there’s an abysmal lack of evidence supporting this routine practice, and an awful lot of evidence stacked against it.

Water fluoridation began in 1945. Today, the United States adds fluoride to more than two-thirds of the municipal


The ISIS Guide to Female Slaves

A new manual, allegedly published by the Islamic State’s official publishing house (the Al-Himma Library), provides graphic details on how to properly beat, rape, and fail to impregnate female slaves, offered in a question-and-answer format to curious jihadis.

Muslim woman in burqa

Translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, the institute


Palestinian Terrorist Attacks 4 Children with Acid

Young girls were sitting in the back of their family’s car, with their backpacks and a Hello Kitty notebook, when a Palestinian attacker tossed acid at them Friday, Israeli authorities said.

The Jewish family, including four girls, stopped to pick up an Israeli hitchhiker near a Jerusalem checkpoint, The Israel Defense Forces


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