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Iran: One Month From Nuke Says Expert

Tehran could be ready to construct a nuclear bomb in a month, according to U.S. nuclear expert David Albright, even as the Obama administration lobbies against congressional efforts to toughen sanctions against Iran, USA Today reported.

Iranian technicians at a uranium conversion facility just outside the city of Isfahan.

The Institute for


Can Warrantless Wiretap’s be Admitted as Evidence?

The Justice Department for the first time has notified a criminal defendant that evidence being used against him came from a warrantless wiretap, a move that is expected to set up a Supreme Court test of whether such eavesdropping is constitutional.

Prosecutors filed such a notice late Friday in


Police Increasingly Employing Body Cameras

A motorcyclist sped down Cutting Boulevard, then crashed into a sedan turning left from 29th Street. The rider flew over the handlebars and came to rest more than 40 feet away.

Police officer showing Body Camera

Richmond police Officer Phillip Sanchez arrived on scene to discover the man immobile, suffering massive injuries.

Moments earlier,


4 Children and Mother Stabbed to Death in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn apartment turned into a grisly scene of carnage Saturday night when a mother and her four children were stabbed to death, New York police said.

The stabbings took place in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York Fire Department spokesman Jim Long said. It was not immediately clear what led to


Obama: Aid to Child Soldier Militaries

This month the Obama administration agreed to provide military aid to three nations listed by the U.S. State Department as employing child soldiers after granting waivers to avoid a law prohibiting the aid. A determination authorized by President Obama stated that it was in the national interest of the United States to continue


Will Facebook Prohibit Posting About Protest at the Request of Police

Independent journalist Kenneth Lipp attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference this week in Philly. Among the disturbing things he learned there is that Facebook is apparently teaming up with the Chicago Police Department to block people from posting to the social media website. More disturbing still is that this was disclosed in


Cop Suspended “With Pay” After Driving Drunk, Crashing Cruiser

Prince George’s County police say an officer has been suspended from duty after he crashed his cruiser while under the influence of alcohol.

Police say Cpl. Rodney Lewis was off-duty and wasn’t acting in a law enforcement capacity at the time of the crash, which occurred early Friday morning on the Capital


S. Korea on Verge of Purchasing F-35’s

South Korea is nearing a decision to buy some Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) F-35 fighter jets, but may keep its options open for a limited purchase of Boeing Co’s (BA.N) F-15, sources familiar with the country’s fighter competition said on Wednesday.

South Korean officials could


Train Passenger Spies and Tweets on Ex-NSA Chief’s Conversation

Ex-NSA chief’s indiscreet off-the-record conversation gets live tweeted by passenger Former NSA boss Michael Hayden overheard briefing against Obama administration on a train from New York to Washington

Michael Hayden, director of the spy agency at the center of the Edward Snowden controversy from 1999-2005, was overheard by a liberal blogger on the Acela Express


Prison for an Empty Shell Casing?

In another example of how Washington D.C. police selectively enforce the city’s gun laws, Mark Witaschek, a successful financial adviser with no criminal record, is now facing two years in prison for possessing unregistered ammunition which included a brass casing after DC police raided his house looking for guns.

.270 Casing With Bullet



More Shenanigans: NSA Monitored Phone Calls of 35 World Leaders

The United States monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders according to classified documents leaked by fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden, Britain’s Guardian newspaper said on Thursday. Phone numbers were passed on to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) by an official in another government department, according to the documents, the Guardian said on its


CryptoLocker: Virus Encrypts your Files, Demands Ransom

trojan virus

CryptoLocker: A particularly pernicious virus

By Susan Bradley

Online attackers are using encryption to lock up our files and demand a ransom — and AV software probably won’t protect you.

Here are ways to defend yourself from CryptoLocker — pass this information along to friends, family, and business associates.


Police Shoot and Kill 13yr Old Boy in California

A Northern California community is anguished over the fatal shooting by a deputy of a popular, 13-year-old boy who had been carrying a pellet gun that looked like an assault rifle.

A Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy twice asked the boy, Andy Lopez, to drop the weapon, but instead he raised it in their direction, police


Pirates Kidnap U.S. Off-Ship Personnel in Nigeria

Armed pirates stormed a U.S. flagged ship off the coast of Nigeria early Wednesday morning, kidnapping the American Captain and Chief Engineer, U.S. officials confirmed to ABC News.

Pirates have stormed an oil supply vessel off southern Nigeria and kidnapped the ship’s captain and chief engineer.

The men are now on land,


Farthest Galaxy Yet Discovered

Scientists say they’ve found a galaxy that’s not just far, far, away — it’s the most distant from our own that’s been discovered yet. And it’s helping them gain insight about the universe as it existed a long time ago.

Astronomers say the galaxy, called z8_GND_5296, is the most remote one they can confirm with


Allies Losing Patience Over U.S. Spying

nsa email intercept

The diplomatic fallout from the documents harvested by the former N.S.A. contractor Edward J. Snowden intensified on Wednesday, with one of the United States’ closest allies, Germany, announcing that its leader had angrily called President Obama seeking reassurance that her cellphone was not the target of an American intelligence tap.



Pirate Bay Founder Makes Last Ditch Effort to Avoid Extradition

Gottfrid Svartholm, one of the founders of the high profile BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay, has written an open letter to the Swedish government pleading with officials not to extradite him to Denmark, where he is to stand trial for hacking charges.

Gottfrid Svartholm

Svartholm’s legal troubles began more than a year ago when


Solid Majority of Americans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

legalize marijuana

Public opinion on pot legalization appears to have crossed a major threshold: For the first time, a Gallup poll found that a solid majority of American adults supports making marijuana legal.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans say the drug should be legal, according to Gallup’s latest survey, compared with 39 percent who oppose legalization. The


Waste: Army’s $297 Million Dollar Spy Ship Cancelled

Near the height of the Afghanistan war, the Pentagon spent $297 million on a seven-story blimp-like aircraft — as long as a football field — that would hover over the war zone for weeks at a time, beaming back crucial intelligence.

The U.S. Army’s Long Endurance Multi–Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) awaits its maiden flight at


Apparently Gold Really Can Grow on Trees

Researchers have found a surprising marker for deep-buried gold: minuscule traces in the leaves of Eucalyptus trees.

Eucalyptus trees, a favourite of koalas, can send their roots deep into the ground in search of water in dry areas Photo: AFP

The unusual finding may prove a boon for prospectors in a time of dwindling


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