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How The Looming Government Shutdown May be the Most Important one of All (Video)

If the government shuts down at midnight Monday – as now seems likely – the effects on the US economy and political system could be profound. In fact, 2013 might be the most consequential shutdown ever, surpassing the impact of the Bill Clinton/Newt Gingrich standoffs of 1995 and 1996.

For one thing,


CIA Now Sending Weapons to Syrian Rebels Also Defined as Terrorists Under U.S. Law


Authorized by Congress, the CIA has started sending weapons to Syrian rebels. But under a legal definition of terrorism adopted by the U.S. government after the Sept. 11 attacks, those same rebel groups are considered terrorist organizations.

The designation could prevent some of the more than 2 million refugees who


What’s More Expensive, Tuition or incarceration?

New York is indeed an expensive place, but experts say that alone doesn’t explain a recent report that found the city’s annual cost per prison inmate was $167,731 last year — nearly as much as it costs to pay for four years of tuition at an Ivy League university.

They say a big


Brazilian Journalist Comes Face to Face with Police Tyranny at Yale

Claudia Trevisan had travelled to Yale University in the hope of securing an interview with the president of Brazil’s supreme court. Instead, she found herself writing a very different legal story. Soon after arriving on campus she was arrested, handcuffed and held in a cell for several hours.

Yale University Campus

In an interview


12 Year Old Suspended for Gun Keychain

COVENTRY, R.I. – A 12-year-old boy was suspended from a Coventry middle school after his parents said he brought a small gun key-chain to school.

Joseph Lyssikatos said the keychain was in his backpack at Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School on Thursday when it fell out. A classmate picked it up and started showing


Police Chief Calls to End Drug War


One of England’s most senior police officers has called for class-A drugs to be decriminalized and for the policy of outright prohibition to be radically revised.

In a dramatic move that will reignite the debate over the so-called war on drugs, Mike Barton, Durham’s chief constable, has suggested that the More…

Police Impersonator Arrested at Police Funeral

Colleagues were mourning the death of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officer Rod Bradway in Wayne Township, when they spotted Minh Van Nguyen wearing a police uniform and a fake badge.

Officers are investigating how Nguyen got hold of police equipment

The 38-year-old was carrying two handguns, a radio with a shoulder microphone, two


Speeding Ticket for $103,600: Finland Fines According to Income

A director of the Finnish telecommunications giant, Nokia, has received what is believed to be the most expensive speeding ticket ever.

Mr Vanjoki: Appealing against fine of 14 days’ income

Anssi Vanjoki, 44, has been ordered to pay a fine of 116,000 euros ($103,600) after being caught breaking the speed


Extreme Weather to Become More Common

Extreme weather events such as droughts and flooding will become more common as a result of the “unequivocal” warming of the climate, a major report has warned.


McCain Hires Analyst Who Lied About Her Education

Sen. John McCain has hired a controversial Syria analyst who recently was fired by one D.C. organization and resigned from another after it emerged that she inflated her academic credentials.


Elizabeth O’Bagy

The Republican senator’s office confirmed to Fox News that Elizabeth O’Bagy was hired as a legislative assistant, and


Extradited: Ex-U.S. Soldier Accused of Being a Contract Killer

His nickname was Rambo. He was a sergeant in the Army, and he trained soldiers to be snipers. But after leaving the military in 2004, the authorities say, he put his skills to work in a less honorable way: earning a living as a contract killer.

Joseph Hunter in custody in


War Time Interpreters Betrayed and Abandoned by U.S. and U.K.

Britain and the US have betrayed their troops’ Iraqi and Afghan interpreters

Janis Shinwari’s case is gaining international attention, but he’s far from the only interpreter promised a visa that never came.

US army soldier Matt Zeller with his Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari. Photo: From Matt Zeller


Sick Animals Jail Man for Attempting Suicide

A Norwegian man has been jailed for a month in Dubai for attempted suicide, after slashing one of his wrists with a bread knife during a heated argument with his wife.


The 31-year-old man, who had travelled to the emirate in July to visit his wife, who worked there, slashed his wrists in


Saudi Arabia: Lawyer Causes his Rape Victim Client to Get Increased Lashes by Insulting the Court

SAUDI lawyer Abd al-Rahman al-Lahim had the temerity to draw the world’s attention to the fact that a court had sentenced a 19-year-old rape victim to 90 lashes.

The resultant publicity so enraged the Saudi judiciary it has INCREASED the sentence imposed on the young woman to 200 lashes, plus six months in


Wanted Man Declares his Residence Embassy of Sovereign State – Gets Arrested Anyway

Calgary Police say they’ve arrested a man from a Parkdale home on outstanding warrants from Quebec, and that there are no other anticipated criminal charges at this point.

Mario Antonacci

Andreas Pirelli, also known as Mario Antonacci in Quebec, was arrested by police early Friday morning.

He was arrested on as many as nine


World Cup “Slaves” in Qatar Dying at Alarming Rate

World Cup construction ‘will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead’

Dozens of Nepalese migrant laborers have died in Qatar in recent weeks and thousands more are enduring appalling labour abuses, a Guardian investigation has found, raising serious questions about Qatar’s preparations to


Iran Hacks U.S. Navy Computers

US officials tell the Wall Street Journal that unclassified Navy computers have been hacked by a group either “working directly for Iran’s government [or] acting with the approval of Iranian leaders.”

Since the compromised machines were fairly low-level, there was no valuable or classified information at risk, but if the allegations


U.N. Investigating 7 More Chemical Attack Reports

UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria are investigating seven cases of alleged chemical weapons use, including three incidents around the capital Damascus. This comes following the chemical attack on August 21 in Ghouta.

A UN expert arrives to get into a vehicle before leaving a hotel in the Syrian capital Damascus on September 26,


Unbelievable Consequences if Risky Fukushima Cleanup Goes Bad

UPDATE: I spoke about this issue with Nicole Sandler on the Nicole Sandler Show. That discussion is here. Start the player, then advance to 26:54 to hear our segment. Thanks. ________

Does the planned November 2013 removal of the spent fuel rods stored at Fukushima’s heavily damaged Reactor 4 need a


Water Finally Discovered on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Just Found Water in Martian Soil

Just when you thought ol’ Curiosity was digging in for the winter, the little discovery machine came up with a doozy: It discovered water in Martian soil. NASA scientists just published five papers in Science detailing the


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